Unintended Consequences

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 25, 2010

The innertubes turned up a couple of good quotes. The first one is from a page about Georgia History. The other is from Lawrence of Cyberia. The pictures are from The Library of Congress

October 25, 1885 By a margin of just over 200 votes, voters of Atlanta and Fulton County approved a referendum providing for prohibition. [For a background to Georgia’s prohibition movement in the 1880s, click here .] The vote to prohibite the sale of alcoholic beverages would result in one unintended–but very important–consequence. At the time, a French wine named Vin Mariani was popular in America. The Bordeaux wine was distinct because it was treated with coca leaves. This inspired Atlanata druggist John S. Pemberton in 1884 to capitalize on the craze by developing what he initially called Pemberton’s French Wine Coca. However, with prohibition now in effect in Atlanta and Fulton County, Pemberton turned his attention to developing a non-alcoholic, cola version of his French Wine Coca. He decided to call the new beverage Coca-Cola, which he then promoted widely as the ideal temperance beverage. Atlanta’s experiment with prohibition only lasted two years, after which Pemberton returned to producing his French Wine Coca. But it was his carbonated cola drink that would become the most popular soft drink in the world.

The theory that the Jews are to come into Palestine and oust the Moslem cultivators by ‘equitable purchase’ or other means is in violation of principles of sound policy, and would, if accepted, arouse violent outbreaks against the Jewish minority. It would, moreover, arouse fierce Moslem hostility and fanaticism against the Western powers that permitted it. The effect of this hostility would be felt all through the Middle East, and would cause trouble in Syria, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and India. To this might be ascribed by future historians the outbreak of a great war between the white and the brown races, a war into which America would without doubt be drawn.

Zionist Aspirations in Palestine , by H. Anstruther Mackay (Military Governor of Ramleh, Palestine); The Atlantic Monthly, July 1920.

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