Comment Sixty Six Point Six

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 28, 2010

The following is a comment, left earlier today at a blog where PG is banned from commenting. There were 66 comments ahead of it, and the idea of being comment 66.6 was too much temptation to resist. It was deleted within an hour.

Pyromaniacs is a Jesus Worship blog. The post in question is about problems with the church today, and what can be done to fix these problems. The last two sentences of the post are
“If you will do that rather than sort of huffily object to this movie, you will suddenly be doing something more important than apologetics: you will be preaching the Gospel to all living things, and making disciples of them.That would be something new to try for all of us. I wonder if you’re up to it?”
PG lives in the Jesus happy United States of America. Officially we have religious freedom. However, the culture is dominated by Jesus. PG has heard the Jesus facilitated scheme for life after death at least a thousand times. He does not agree with it. Hearing it a thousand and one times, from someone who shouts at you and insults you, is not going to make him change his mind.

” Preaching the Gospel to all living things” is what the man says. All living things include pine trees, copperheads, and pigeons. Screaming at PG about going to hell is likely to have the same effect on pond scum, which is also a living thing.

So, PG saw 66 comments in the thread, and decided to make 66.6. A few more things followed.

Comment sixty six point six.
If you want to tell people about Jesus, then do so in a way they will understand.
You should earn his trust before you start to talk. (Both Jesus and the man you preach to.)
You should understand that things that motivate you might not motivate him.
You should try to create good will, both for Jesus and yourself.
Think of Jesus as your product. Sell yourself first, your company second, and your product third.
Not everyone agrees with you that the Bible is the word of G-d. Nor does everyone agree with your other ideas about G-d. Not everyone agrees with your ideas about Life after death. Not everyone is as excited about Life after death as you are.
What you say does not become more true just because you say it louder. Nor are people more inclined to listen to your message when you insult them.

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