What Rocky Horror Show Character Is PG?

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 29, 2010

PG saw an FB comment about “which Rocky Horror Show Character are you”. Uncle Google had a variety of tests for this purpose. The youthink quiz has 13 multiple choice questions. It said that PG was Columbia, a groupie. The liveliest question was number 8. PG lives in a neighborhood with a lot of ethnic eateries, which may have influenced his choice. “Which of these are you most likely to do?Catch the bouquet at a wedding//Run out of the room, after realizing that tonights dinner, was the remains of your lover//Build a man, with blonde hair and a tan….who`s good for realieving your….tension//Act like a low-down punk//Shoot your master with a laser.”

The next step was quizilla , which advertises Domino’s pizza. You are given the chance to buy 4 tickets to a hockey match, along with 4 chick fil a value paks, for $85. They told PG he was Brad Majors. This is the character the crowds scream ASSHOLE at every time he speaks. 147 people were classed as old BM, which is 4% of the total.

Do you really want to go on with this? Quizfarm has Lactose free milk to sell, and another quiz to take. QF uses the tried and true method of making statements, and asking if you agree or disagree, strongly or mildly. One of these statements is “9. Has someone said something hurtful about your vagina?” Number nine, number nine. There are 100 statements to go through here, which is too many. The result here is that PG is Janet Weiss…”You’re Janet Weiss A Heroine, a Slut You wanna be dirty”.

OK Cupid is the next star to walk on the red carpet. It is back to multiple choice, with no references to the soundtrack. Once again, PG is Columbia. “You are Columbia. You are free with your affection and adoration and you’re probably the most romantic and old fashioned of your friends. You may be hurt easily because of your willingness to put all your “emotional eggs” in one basket. Then along comes someone who takes advantage of your selfless and humble nature, Also, you have a high awareness of “right and wrong” with strong beliefs. Parents probably love you.”

Quibblo has an ad from the Publisher’s Clearing House. Above the ad for Bloomberg Business, there is a bonus question…”We’re sending one lucky member to see Lady Gaga LIVE in Los Angeles. Should we send YOU?” This facility says that PG is Rocky…”You are a quiet strong slave.”

Gotoquiz is the purple stripe of this rainbow. Question seven gets into the spirit… How do you dance? I tap!//I sort of run around and look scary//Swing baby!//Strut my stuff!//Fluid but meaningful movements//Kick my legs from my wheelchair. On this parade, PG is compared to Frank-N-Furter. “Blast off! You’re a super sexual, monster building, cherry popping, cannibalistic bastard! Woot!” Pictures for this entertainment are from The Library of Congress

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