Constitutional Amendments

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 31, 2010

Part of the fun on election day is the constitutional amendments. Georgia always seems to toss in a few. Never mind that the US Constitution has been amended 17 times after the Bill of Rights.
A lot of people, PG included, don’t give a lot of thought to these amendments. After slogging through the elected offices, a voter is confronted with a list of amendments. These tend to be written in obscure language, hoping the confused voter will say yes.

The helpful State of Georgia has published a document, “PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS AND STATE-WIDE REFERENDUM QUESTION GENERAL ELECTION NOVEMBER 2, 2010” Maybe we should look at the referendum question first. House Bill No. 482 S h a l l t h e A c t b e a p p r o v e d w h i c h grants an exemption from state ad valorem taxation for inventory of a business?” PG doesn’t understand this, and sees a broke state trying to give away money it doesn’t have. NO.

Amendment 1 allows legislation to permit something to do with competitive bidding for state contracts. PG cannot make heads or tails of this one, and suspects crookedness. NO

Amendment 2 allows for a $10 per vehicle tag tax to go to funding trauma care centers in the state. This seems like a good idea, especially if you fall under a bus in Unadilla. The fact that something this important needs this much effort to get passed tells you a lot about the sorry state of governance in these tea party times. YES

Amendment 3 deals with multi year contracts for transportation projects. There is a lot of mumbo jumbo here, and the smell of pork rising from the oven. NO

Amendment 4 allows the state to enact multi year contracts to improve energy efficiency. There is pork and mumbo jumbo here, but energy efficiency is a good thing. YES

Amendment 5 deals with Industrial area zoning in Chatham County and Jeff Davis County. Good Grief. Will this affect The Lady Chablis? YES.

Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. HT to the blogfordemocracy.

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