Oldest Living Disposable Razor Tells All

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The other day was the 150th anniversary of the first picture of Abraham Lincoln with a beard. The New York Times thought that this was news that matters. Apparently, the Lincoln Regime was the start of an era of bearded politicians. This was an era before disposable razors, when shaving meant a trip to the barber shop.

The Times article links to an essay by Allan Gurganus ( two L’s, tow a’s) about a visit to the Shiloh battlefield. (Apparently, Mr. Gurganus has a beard ) It seems his great grandfathers had fought there, one for the union and one for the rebels. The essay has little about Lincoln, or beards, except for unflattering comparisons to Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush. Abe Lincoln did not dye his hair.

“Consider our recent actor of a President. One study found that during his eighth and last year in office, his most often repeated sentences were ‘Nobody told me’ and ‘I don’t remember’. Chuckling, he left mere telling and remembering (any leader’s holiest function) to unworthy others. And, how popular he was! Friends, if memory serves, I think we have lost something. We have become a nation of amnesiacs, frequent flyers bent on endlessly upgrading to first class. Lincoln remembers. And therefore is remembered: Picasso owned a large collection of Lincolnalia and told Gertrude Stein that Lincoln was ‘le Quixote USA’. Marilyn Monroe pronounced Lincoln ‘the sexiest man in American history’ and claimed she married Arthur Miller because of his Lincolnly length and raw-boned face. “

These observations were made nearly twenty years ago. It can be assumed that Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama are not improvements. And all three are clean shaven, even if some say that Laura Bush was a beard.

PG has read two books by Mr. Gurganus, who was the BFF of the late Doug Marlette. At roughly the same time as the Shiloh visit, PG made it through 800 pages of Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All: A Novel. At the time, he was riding the train downtown to a job with lots of free time. There was time to slowly read a long story, and contemplate the details. At about page 500, the TV miniseries came on, which cast another light on the tale.

A central character in this story is Castalia, who was the cook for Veteran Will Marsden ( played by Donald Sutherland in the tv show). Cicely Tyson played Castalia, who went from slave to employee. She was not fond of the lady Mr. Marsden married.

As it turns out, Castalia is a small town in North Carolina. Another Castalia story is in today’s Kikoshouse. This tales involves Timothy Leary and Hermann Hesse.
“Out of its ashes rose Leary’s next ego trip, an organization called Castalia that was to set up shop on a tropical island a la Huxley’s Island, a utopian counterpoint to Brave New World where a drug he called soma was used for enlightenment…The name Castalia came from Hermann Hesse’s Glass Bead Game. The IFIF crowd was convinced that the German author was a psychedelic adept from an earlier age who had succeeded where Huxley had failed in that his books were accounts of the internal drama of the psyche.”
The other book by Mr. Gurganus to pass before PG’s eyes is Plays Well with Others. Like the essay about the Shiloh battlefield, PWWO starts off strong and draggggs. This may be because of the subject.

PWWO is the story of a young man who moves to New York, seeking fame, fortune, and good times. He falls in with an artsy crowd, and seems to be doing well. Then AIDS appears, and takes out his friends, one after the other. While writing this book was probably a good way for Mr. Gurganus to put this horrific experience behind him, it is not always worth the effort it takes to read.

One of the themes of PWWO is the pineapple, a symbol of hospitality. One of the fallen friends had a four poster bed, with a pineapple carved on top of the four posts. It was said to be a hospitable place. While PG was reading this book, he drove past a crackhouse/hotel every day. One day, he noticed a drawing of a pineapple in the hotel’s sign.

Pictures for this journey are from The Library of Congress.

Arlo Guthrie And Ralph Reed

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PG is a slack writer. This does not mean that he writes about slack (a contradiction), but that he often has an idea for a post, and then never follows through. His desktop is cluttered with files, each containing the start of a post. The concept today is to take a few of these, write a bit about each, through some pictures in, and call it a day.The pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

The first snipoid is about Ralph Reed . Mr. Reed is a professional Christian, the youthful looking head of publicity groups. At one time he was the big dog at something called the Christian Coalition. He left that to start his own consulting company.

This was the first time Mr. Reed and PG became connected. There is an office space on Presidential Drive, just down the road from the round hotel. PG ran bluelines in this space, until circumstances moved him into a midtown workplace. After the blueprint company moved out, a company called Century Strategies moved into this space. Century Strategies was the consulting firm that Mr. Reed started after leaving the Christian Coalition. While PG does not know whether Mr. Reed actually used this office, it gives him a warm feeling to think that he has shared a commode with this celebrity.

Later, Ralph Reed caused another problem for PG. In 2006, Mr. Reed ran for Lieutenant Governor of Georgia. He lost to Casey Cagle, whose shoelaces become untied. When the Republican Primary was held that year, PG felt obliged to help put an early stop to Mr. Reed’s elected ambitions.

The problem lies in the primary system. In Georgia, you must choose either Democrat or Republican, and in the inevitable runoff vote in the same party. To help Mr. Reed spend more time with his family, PG needed to vote Republican. There was a race on the Democratic side which was important.

Hank Johnson was running against Cynthia McKinney. While PG used to like Miss McKinney, after a while the joke grew old. She needed to retire. While Mr. Johnson won the runoff, PG would have liked to help. The bottom line is, Ralph Reed cost PG his last chance to vote against Cynthia McKinney.

The second part of this entertainment is about Arlo Guthrie . Last week was thanksgiving, which is connected to Mr. Guthrie. Unlike the turkey, or tofurkey, Mr. Guthrie has gone on to have a flourishing career. It seems probable that he will not come down with Huntington’s Disease, which claimed his father Woody Guthrie.

The video that goes with this text was the first time PG saw Arlo Guthrie. This was broadcast January 21, 1970. PG was an unhip fifteen year old, who had not heard Alice’s Restaurant, seen the movie, or been to Woodstock. He did see the Johnny Cash show this night, or at least the part where Arlo Guthrie did the motorcycle song.

To quote the digital facility PG is borrowing from:
” Born Arlo Davy Guthrie on July 10, 1947, in New York, NY; son of Woody (a folksinger) and Marjorie Mazia (a dancer; maiden name, Greenblatt) Guthrie; married Jacklyn Hyde, October 9, 1969; children: Abraham, Cathyalicia, Annie Hays, Sarah Lee.” Abraham and Sarah Lee play in Arlo’s touring band.
The Alice’s Restaurant Masacree is a part of Americana now. There are two bits of knowledge, that are as true as anything told to a Persian king. When trying to dispose of some garbage, and finding the city dump closed, Arlo found some litter by the roadside, and made a value judgment…One big pile of garbage is better than two little piles.

The second is about the draft, and the business of choosing people to fight our wars. There is a regulation today that says that Gays and Lesbians are not supposed to be soldiers and sailors. In the tale of the thanksgiving dinner, it was litterbugs. ( There was also a draft, and a a different war. Lots of Americans were coming home in boxes.) The bottom line is, Mr. Guthrie is confused about not being considered moral enough to kill people, because he was a litterbug.

A few years into his career, Arlo Guthrie had a hit record called “City of New Orleans”. It was about a train, and said “Good Morning America”. “City of New Orleans” was written by Steve Goodman, who is no longer with us. Mr. Goodman also wrote the perfect country and western song .

PG heard a story about Steve Goodman.
“The songwriter is Steve Goodman. He gave a show at the Last Resort in Athens GA, that a friend of PG attended. Mr. Goodman tells a story about performing on a train, during a series of concerts supporting Hubert Humphrey. It seems like Mr. Goodman had to use the restroom on the train. Now, in those days, the trains did not use holding tanks, but just ejected the matter by the tracks as they rode by. Mr. Goodman was told, do not flush the commode while the train is in the station. Mr. Goodman forgot the instructions. Mr. Humphrey said ” I am going to give the people of this country what they deserve”, Mr. Goodman flushed the commode, and sprayed the crowd. PG is not sure if he believes this, but it is a good story.”

Dry Weather Beltline

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PG was not sure he wanted to hike sunday. When he woke up, his left foot was sore. Sometimes, you need to take a chance, and sunday it turned out all right.

The walk in question was on the Atlanta beltline (spell check suggestions: beastliness, Beltane) site, between the Inman (spell check suggestion: Inmate ) Park Marta station and the West End station. PG did this hike in July of 2009. That day, the weather was a mix of blast furnace heat, and thunderstorms. With his wet jeans rubbing against his legs, and the sun fixin to take him out, PG was miserable. Today, the weather was sunny, with the starting temperature 39 degrees. The outer jacket came off during the first mile of the walk.

There were 12 people ( estimated), four dogs, and one bicycle. With that many canines, some conflict can be expected. A couple of the four legged critters did not see eye to eye, and had to be pulled apart a few times. A couple of miles into the hike, the lady with two dogs decided to call it quits. After this, there were few dogfights.

By coincidence, the lady with two dogs left when the beltline crossed Boulevard. There is a house near there, with a bunch of cages in the back yard. The story is that the cages are where a man raises roosters, with the intention of using them in cockfights. Mike Vick was playing football in Chicago.

The MC for the walk was, as always, Angel. There was a chance that he would be called into work today. He took his bicycle with him on the hike, even the parts with a consistent layer of broken glass. The tires seemed to be in good shape when we got to West End.

There was a story about the origin of the beltline railroad lines. Atlanta was founded as a railroad town, and in the 19th century had four major lines intersecting downtown. With all those trains, there began to be traffic jams. A series of bypass routes were built, to help trains get around the congestion. This was the original plan for I285, before it became a traffic nightmare of its own. It could be said that the beltline railroad tracks was the original perimeter.

Walks like this always seem to go faster the second time you do them. A few construction projects…notably the Stanton Park…showed remarkable progress. The high point of the south end hike remains the tunnel under McDonough Boulevard, near Carver High School. Another colorful section is under I75/85, which one participant calls the World Series of Graffiti.

There is talk of a one day hike to do all 22 miles of the beltline. This will be in the spring. There is also talk about another hike Tuesday morning. This will start at the West End Marta station, and end at the Bankhead (spell check suggestions: Lunkhead, Blackhead) station.

Some friends of PG and Angel did a 13 miles hike in North Georgia, on Sunday. When he was approaching West End, PG decided that six miles on flat land was enough.

The Earth Is Cooking

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This is a repost. In the past year, very little has been done to reduce carbon pollution. A “conservative republican” majority was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. What little chance of action there was of American action to reduce carbon pollution has probably been lost.

In other oil addiction news, a horrendous accident in the Gulf of Mexico spilled untold amounts of crude oil into the water. While the leak has reportedly been capped, the level of damage to the ecosystem will never be known. The USA continues to be involved in military action that is motivated, at least in part, by a need to maintain a supply of oil. In addition to the damage to the atmosphere, the economic dependence on oil is extracting a heavy price.

The jubilation over “climategate”seems to have faded. While some scientists may have made mistakes, the overall problem of maintaining a usable atmosphere, in an industrial age, continues.

By now, many of you have heard about “climategate”. It seems like someone hacked into a computer at an English research institute, and found some emails. A few of the emails have been released, and people say curious things. With years of correspondence to go through, only a part of which has been released, there is lots of room for mischief. If the hackers are smart enough to steal those emails, they are also smart enough to fake a few.

PG is not a scientist, and these reports makes his head spin. There is a suspicion that a lot of the people making noise now don’t understand the science, but are creating a turmoil to support already held views. It should be noted that there are big money interests who would like to see talk about global warming go away, so they can work without interference. These interests have lots of money to buy off journalists, who then produce prose like this:
“AGW (anthropogenic global warming) is about raising taxes; increasing state control; about a few canny hucksters who’ve leapt on the bandwagon fleecing us rotten with their taxpayer subsidised windfarms and their carbon-trading; about the sour, anti-capitalist impulses of sandal-wearing vegans and lapsed Communists who loathe the idea of freedom and a functioning market economy.”
The discussion has leaped out of the frying pan of science, and into the fire of politics. There is an international conference in Copenhagen soon, and the timing of “climategate” is curious.

Two words stand out in this discussion, believe and prove. PG wonders if they are appropriate. AGW is not really a matter of believe or not believe. Since the industrial revolution, man has made an enormous change in the balance of the atmosphere. This ecosystem has evolved to where it is over billions of years, either by accident or intelligent design. Man has made profound changes in the last two hundred years. As Chamblee54 crunched the numbers last July:

The atmosphere on planet earth is a marvel, quite possibly unique in the universe. It supports a wide range of life forms, from amoebas to Bruno. This blanket of gas evolved over a period of billions of years. Man has changed it more in the last two hundred years than nature did in four billion before that.

Those numbers don’t mean too much like that, so lets put them into another form. Comparing 200 years to four billion years just takes a calculator. That is like comparing one minute to 38 years. What G-d created ( or nature evolved, or however you explain it), what took 38 years to create, industrial man has nearly ruined in one minute.

In the interest of showing how we got our numbers, here is the breakdown. Divide 4 billion by 200 and you get 20 million. Divide 20 million by 1440 ( the number of minutes in a day) gives us 13888 days. Dividing 13888 days by 365 gives us 38 years. Even if the earth is less than four billion years old, the fact remains that industrial man has destroyed in almost no time what took a long time to create.

The second weasel word in the current blabberfest is prove. There is a difference between prove and indicate. If they emails are genuine, they would indicate that some scientists in England cooked the books on their research. As to the larger issue of what industrial man is doing to planet earth, they prove nothing.

Thanksgiving Pictures

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PG does not want to bore you with talk about gratitude. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Sing About John Lennon

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PG is stalled at page 738 of The Lives of John Lennon . He got a beatup paperback copy at booknook for 25 cents, which works out to .0338 cents per page. This does not factor in the parts that were skipped over. This volume was written by Albert Goldman, who likes to go off on tributaries.

Mr. Goldman has written several other biographies. The one that PG read was Ladies and Gentlemen, Lenny Bruce . This was over 700 pages of drugs, backstabbing, drugs, comedy, drugs, sex, and more drugs. Mr. Bruce was not a very nice man. Mr. Goldman does not put lipstick on the hog.

Much the same could be said for John Lennon. According to this account, John was Brian Epstein’s rough trade boytoy. He did mountains of heroin, LSD, marijuana, alcohol, and breakfast sausages. He told Yoko she could sing. ( Yoko’s singing is also compared to a stomach pump after a suicide attempt.)

John Lennon had a tough beginning. His mother abandoned him, and he was raised by an aunt. His father disappeared, only to show up after John was a superstar. After playing in a band with Paul and George for a few years, John became incredibly popular. His comment that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus may have been the truth.

It was thirty years ago that John went to Strawberry Fields forever. Albert Goldman left the building in 1994. Yoko survives. Pictures for this evening are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

Merry Christmas Or Else

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When you live in the USA you hear christmas carols. It is a part of the season. Many people enjoy them, but some do not. To some, Jesus Worship religion, and Jesus, are sources of unhappiness. The birth of Jesus is nothing to celebrate.

The melodies of christmas carols do sound pretty, and sometimes the singing is pleasant. Many people simply don’t pay attention to the lyrics. When they do, they might be in for a surprise.

If you find discomfort in these lyrics, don’t expect anyone to care. Jesus worshipers think they are right, and everyone else is wrong. Those on the fence tell you to ignore it. There are reasons why so many find the holiday season to be torture.

Once, PG was in a group of people singing christmas carols in a VA hospital. This is an event with the best of intentions…to bring a bit of cheer to people in a hospital. The trouble started when PG paid attention to some of the lyrics .
“G-d rest ye merry, gentlemen//Let nothing you dismay//Remember, Christ, our Saviour//Was born on Christmas day//To save us all from Satan’s power//When we were gone astray .”
One, Jesus was probably born in the springtime. The date near the Winter solstice was chosen for political reasons. Two, a lot of us do not consider him to be “our savior”. Three, what is this business about “Satan’s power”?Four, maybe we are doing things right, and don’t need a man made “savior” to keep us from going astray. Yea, these lyrics really lead to “tidings of comfort and joy”. More like discomfort and misery, which is what Jesus means to PG.

In the last few years, the Jesus worshipers are getting more aggressive about wanting the winter holidays to be all about them. The largely secular christmas seasons of years past were fine and dandy. The church people talk about Jesus, the merchants sell presents, some eat and drink too much, and a good time is had by all. Now, with the war on christmas, it is yet another excuse for people to argue. Peace on earth, and goodwill towards men, are obsolete.

With this in mind, a facebook friend posted a video by Annie Lennox singing, what else, “G-d rest yea merry gentlemen” The following dialog resulted. You get three guesses which comment was by PG.

—I like the thought, but couldn’t listen to it. That song is among the worst for obnoxious religious lyrics.

— Luther, unfortunately, almost all the good carols are written for the christian holiday. There are hardly enough good secular carols to even make a CD. I’ve always wondered why Neo-pagans don’t write better music. Dogmatic zeal inspires a certain drama and energy I suppose. I’ve learned enjoy, without believing.

—Yes. Typically when one uses the phrase “Christmas carols” you may be sure the songs are about Christmas. Luther and Bruce…tough toenails!

Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Two Score And Seven Years Ago

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This is a double repost . Two score and seven years ago, America changed. Like 911, we will never know the complete story. Like 911, we soon found ourselves in a hopeless war.

When PG typed in the title of this segment, he was reminded what day this was. This was the day John Kennedy went to the oval office in the sky. The legend is that Marilyn Monroe greeted him. It was forty five years ago.

The bullets hit Mr.Kennedy at 12:30. He arrived at the hospital at 12:37. He had a faint heartbeat on arrival, but quickly succumbed to his wound.

In Georgia, PG was nine years old. He was in Miss Mckenzie’s fourth grade class. There was going to be an assembly soon, and the class was going to perform. There was a rehearsal in the cafetorium, and some of the kids were acting up. They went back to the class, and PG thought they were going to be chewed out about the misbehavior in the cafetorium. Instead, Miss Mckenzie came into the room, and told the kids that President Kennedy had been shot during a parade in Dallas Texas. She did not say anything about his condition. One kid cheered the news.

School let out at the regular time, and PG walked home. His mother and brother were crying. He was told that the president had died. The cub scouts meeting that afternoon was canceled.

Later that night, a plane arrived in Washington. The tv cameras showed a gruesome looking man walk up to a microphone. He was introduced as President Lyndon Johnson. This may have been the worst moment of that day.

PG woke up, and saw rain and fog. On a day like this in November, there is nothing like a football game. Today the Falcons will play the Giants in New York. Jimmy Hoffa is tailgating.

The Falcons won their first game in New York, in 1966. The Giants were having a bad year. The coach was a man named Allie Sherman, and the crowd in the original Yankee Stadium waved handkerchiefs and sang ” Goodbye Allie”.

At this time 46 years ago, a parade was lining up in Dallas. President Kennedy was shot in that parade. The theories started soon after, and have never been satisfied. Many people had  a motive.

Another mystery is the role of J. Edgar Hoover. Many speculate that Mr. Hoover knew of a plan to kill Kennedy.The FBI could have stopped the killing, but allowed it to happen. This would be the case even if Oswald acted alone. It is reasonable to assume that the FBI had Mr. Oswald under surveillance, and knew that he was working in a building on the parade route.

The Most Dangerous City In America

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Some concoction called the cqpress has released a report with the racy title City Crime Rankings 2010-2011 . Since PG doesn’t want to pay $70.00 for the complete report, he will be content with what is reported. If you want to nitpick about the methodology, buy the book.

A bottom line chart is available. It shows 400 cities, with the most dangerous at 001 and the safest at 400. Before we review the chart, it is noteworthy the cities that were not considered. They include Chicago IL, 7 other Illinois cities, and 3 towns from Minnesota.

According to this chart, the most dangerous city in America is St. Louis, MO. Last years winner, Camden NJ, is number 002. Number 400, the safest town in America, is Colonie NY.

The top rated southern town is 010 Birmingham AL. Atlanta GA is 025. Other winning Georgia towns include 038 Macon, 056 Albany, 078 Columbus, 104 Savannah, 168 Athens, and 241 Sandy Springs.

The big time cities had a mixed record. 269 New York NY, 158 Los Angeles CA, 045 Houston TX, 030 Philadelphia PA, 130 San Francisco CA. The top fifteen includes 003 Detroit MI, 007 Cleveland OH, 011 Baltimore MD, and 013 New Orleans LA. Remember, the higher the score, the more crime.

The fine print tells a bit about how the numbers were crunched.
“Includes murder, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. A negative score (in parentheses) indicates a composite crime number below the national rate, a positive number is above the national rate.” The parentheses were introduced at 236 Raleigh NC. All cities below Raleigh had a crime rate less than the national average.
Apparently, this score is based on the number of reported crimes per capita. This would tend to work against cities like Atlanta, where the city has a small percentage of the metro area population. A study like this is an opportunity for statistical mischief.

Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

Seven Score And Seven Years Ago

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Yesterday is the 147th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address . To paraphrase the first sentence, this was seven score and seven years ago.

A few months before this, a viscous battle had been fought near Gettysburg, PA. It is widely considered the turning point of the War, the moment when the Union took the upper hand. It came at a horrible price, and a cemetery was built to hold this price.

The ceremony to dedicate the cemetery was held November 19, 1863. The headline speaker was Senator Edward Everett. The President was an afterthought. After it was over, Mr. Everett reportedly told the President that he said more in two minutes than he did in two hours.

The speech by Mr. Lincoln is an American classic. Schoolchildren are forced to memorize it. There are a few legends, many of which are not true. According to The Lincoln Museum , the speech was written on White House stationary, not the back of an envelope. The train ride would have been too bumpy to write. There is also confusion about what happened to the original text.

HT to Millard Fillmore’s Bathtub. Pictures are from The Library of Congress
. Measured in pixels, the picture of George Custer is 720×666.

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any
nation, so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this. But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate, we can not consecrate, we can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us—that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

Real Men Have Opinions

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This is a repost in honor of International Mens Day. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.
There is a post at listserve today about the ten items you should never discuss on the internet. PG is going to take this as a challenge, and try to say something rude about all ten. Today is International Mens Day, and we all know that real men have lots of opinions.

01 Religion On the day PG was born, his father called the church choir director, at 6am, to sign PG up. The choir director, a gentleman named Ray Smathers, went back to sleep. PG thinks that Mr. Smathers had the right idea.

02 Origins of Man Gorillas and chimpanzees are embarrassed by people.

03 Politics A man is drowning fifty feet offshore. A democrat throws seventy five feet of rope, and then doesn’t tie it to anything. A republican throws twenty five feet of rope, and says that swimming to the rope will build character.

04 The Holocaust What Hitler did sixty five years ago does not justify dropping white phosphorous on children in Gaza today.

05 Gun Control A prominent politician in Georgia recently took some pills, and called his mother. The prominent politician said he was killing himself. If the prominent politician had used a gun, he would have succeeded.

06 Abortion PG has never had an abortion.

07 Race Relations PG does not like people who do not like PG.

08 Jesus Christ What Jesus worshipers call Jesus is a man made spirit, that has little in common with the historic figure. We know little about the man in Palestine two thousand years ago. The spirit called Jesus is a source of misery to PG.

09 Homosexuality If you have to ask, do you really need to know?

10 The Middle East If there was no oil there, would anyone care?

Meeting Of The Mindless

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What lies below is edited from a nanowrimo text. PG is not trying to write a novel in one month this year, but likes to borrow from the resource. Parts of this message have already been posted. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.
Yesterday, after exploring east atlanta, PG and Uzi went to dinner. They alternate between Piccadilly and S&S , and this was a Piccadilly week. PG always thinks of the antique store called Pick a Dilly. That might describe some of the clientele at this place.
Uzi was telling a story about Lenny. Lenny was a friend of Uzi who had checked out of the hotel a few years ago. Lenny was inclined towards a philosophical view of things, and Uzi was telling about how he tried to write all these down. The only trouble was…well, one of the troubles was…that Lenny never did understand the concept of the tab key, and would type the quote, the source, and any other information into one cell of a database. PG had time on his hands, and offered to try and straighten out the mess.
“Man has two antagonists, himself and the exterior world. A bare assertion is not necessarily the naked truth . People we don’t know are only characters in the human comedy, we are the tragedians. “AH
PG suspects that this would be Aldous Huxley. Mr. Huxley was a favorite of Lenny. In the quote website that PG found later, there were hundreds of quotes from Mr. Huxley. Aldous Huxley made one crucial mistake. Or maybe it wasn’t. He died on November 22, 1963. That is the day that John Kennedy rode past the grassy knoll into eternity. If the goal of Aldous Huxley was to exit stage right as quietly as possible, then that was the day to do it.
America is a mistake , a giant mistake ! Sigmund Freud
How many a dispute could have been deflated into a single paragraph if the disputants had dared to define their terms .” Aristotle
Fascism should more properly be called corporatism , since it is the merger of state and corporate power .” Benito Mussolini Mr. Mussolini was an underrated dictator. His fashion sense was unmatched. He was not troubled with false modesty. He made the trains run on time.
When some political or ecclesiastical pamphlet , or novel , or poem is making a great commotion you should remember that he who writes for fools always finds a large public .” Arthur Schopenhauer Mr. Schopenhauer worked in an era when the written word was the only game in town. Publishing books was still a cumbersome novelty. What he would make of today’s medium-is-the-message carnival can only be imagined.
Illusion – a false perception or conception of what one sees , where one is …. delusion – persistent belief not substantiated by sensory evidence . Life’s illusions are the most beautiful things in it . ” Balzac PG is not wired for languages, and does well to read english. He also suspects tampering by the translator .
Many a man has fallen in love with a girl in a light so dim he would not have chosen a suit by it .” Maurice Chevalier When PG heard this quote, it spoke of buying a car. Perhaps this is an essential difference between the French and the Americans.
There nearly always is method in madness . It’s what drives men mad , being methodical .” G K Chesterton One wonders if Mr. Chesterton knew many methodists.
Controversy equalizes fools and wise men—and the fools know it .” O.W.Homes
You should never wrestle with a pig. You will only get dirty, and the pig will enjoy it.” PG was all set to give credit for this to Mark Twain, who would have accepted it. However, he decided to look in Google. It is credited to several people, including George Bernard Shaw.
An alternative quote was “Never teach a pig to sing”. It wastes your time, and it annoys the pig.” This does not consider the number of famous vocalists who develop weight problems.
Pearls before swine” . This is from a speech that Jesus made. It was also a one line triumph for Dorothy Parker. Miss Parker entered a room before another lady, who said “age before beauty”. Miss Parker turned around and said, “Pearls before Swine”.
Men always fall for frigid women because they put on the best show .” Fanny Brice Barbra Streisand won an oscar with a character based on her.