Two Score And Seven Years Ago

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 22, 2010

This is a double repost . Two score and seven years ago, America changed. Like 911, we will never know the complete story. Like 911, we soon found ourselves in a hopeless war.

When PG typed in the title of this segment, he was reminded what day this was. This was the day John Kennedy went to the oval office in the sky. The legend is that Marilyn Monroe greeted him. It was forty five years ago.

The bullets hit Mr.Kennedy at 12:30. He arrived at the hospital at 12:37. He had a faint heartbeat on arrival, but quickly succumbed to his wound.

In Georgia, PG was nine years old. He was in Miss Mckenzie’s fourth grade class. There was going to be an assembly soon, and the class was going to perform. There was a rehearsal in the cafetorium, and some of the kids were acting up. They went back to the class, and PG thought they were going to be chewed out about the misbehavior in the cafetorium. Instead, Miss Mckenzie came into the room, and told the kids that President Kennedy had been shot during a parade in Dallas Texas. She did not say anything about his condition. One kid cheered the news.

School let out at the regular time, and PG walked home. His mother and brother were crying. He was told that the president had died. The cub scouts meeting that afternoon was canceled.

Later that night, a plane arrived in Washington. The tv cameras showed a gruesome looking man walk up to a microphone. He was introduced as President Lyndon Johnson. This may have been the worst moment of that day.

PG woke up, and saw rain and fog. On a day like this in November, there is nothing like a football game. Today the Falcons will play the Giants in New York. Jimmy Hoffa is tailgating.

The Falcons won their first game in New York, in 1966. The Giants were having a bad year. The coach was a man named Allie Sherman, and the crowd in the original Yankee Stadium waved handkerchiefs and sang ” Goodbye Allie”.

At this time 46 years ago, a parade was lining up in Dallas. President Kennedy was shot in that parade. The theories started soon after, and have never been satisfied. Many people had  a motive.

Another mystery is the role of J. Edgar Hoover. Many speculate that Mr. Hoover knew of a plan to kill Kennedy.The FBI could have stopped the killing, but allowed it to happen. This would be the case even if Oswald acted alone. It is reasonable to assume that the FBI had Mr. Oswald under surveillance, and knew that he was working in a building on the parade route.

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