Dry Weather Beltline

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 28, 2010

PG was not sure he wanted to hike sunday. When he woke up, his left foot was sore. Sometimes, you need to take a chance, and sunday it turned out all right.

The walk in question was on the Atlanta beltline (spell check suggestions: beastliness, Beltane) site, between the Inman (spell check suggestion: Inmate ) Park Marta station and the West End station. PG did this hike in July of 2009. That day, the weather was a mix of blast furnace heat, and thunderstorms. With his wet jeans rubbing against his legs, and the sun fixin to take him out, PG was miserable. Today, the weather was sunny, with the starting temperature 39 degrees. The outer jacket came off during the first mile of the walk.

There were 12 people ( estimated), four dogs, and one bicycle. With that many canines, some conflict can be expected. A couple of the four legged critters did not see eye to eye, and had to be pulled apart a few times. A couple of miles into the hike, the lady with two dogs decided to call it quits. After this, there were few dogfights.

By coincidence, the lady with two dogs left when the beltline crossed Boulevard. There is a house near there, with a bunch of cages in the back yard. The story is that the cages are where a man raises roosters, with the intention of using them in cockfights. Mike Vick was playing football in Chicago.

The MC for the walk was, as always, Angel. There was a chance that he would be called into work today. He took his bicycle with him on the hike, even the parts with a consistent layer of broken glass. The tires seemed to be in good shape when we got to West End.

There was a story about the origin of the beltline railroad lines. Atlanta was founded as a railroad town, and in the 19th century had four major lines intersecting downtown. With all those trains, there began to be traffic jams. A series of bypass routes were built, to help trains get around the congestion. This was the original plan for I285, before it became a traffic nightmare of its own. It could be said that the beltline railroad tracks was the original perimeter.

Walks like this always seem to go faster the second time you do them. A few construction projects…notably the Stanton Park…showed remarkable progress. The high point of the south end hike remains the tunnel under McDonough Boulevard, near Carver High School. Another colorful section is under I75/85, which one participant calls the World Series of Graffiti.

There is talk of a one day hike to do all 22 miles of the beltline. This will be in the spring. There is also talk about another hike Tuesday morning. This will start at the West End Marta station, and end at the Bankhead (spell check suggestions: Lunkhead, Blackhead) station.

Some friends of PG and Angel did a 13 miles hike in North Georgia, on Sunday. When he was approaching West End, PG decided that six miles on flat land was enough.

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