Atlanta On Fire

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Around this time 146 years ago, Atlanta was on fire. General Sherman was preparing for his March to the sea, and wanted to destroy anything of value in the city. The fire is reported as being on 11-15 of November, depending on what source you use.

The November fire was the second great fire in Atlanta that year. On September 2, the city was conquered by the Union Army. The fleeing Confederates blew up a munitions depot, and set a large part of the city on fire. This is the fire Scarlet O’Hara flees in “Gone With The Wind”.

After a series of bloody battles, the city was shelled by Yankee forces for forty days. There were many civilian casualties. General Sherman was tired of the war, angry at Atlanta, and ready for action. This is despite the fact that many in Atlanta were opposed to secession.

Click here to hear a lecture by Marc Wortman at the Atlanta History Center. Mr Wortman is the author of “The Bonfire: The Siege and Burning of Atlanta”. The hour of talk is fascinating. The pictures, with one exception, are from Shorpy. The 1864 map is from a collection of images at Georgia State University. This is a repost .




Cocaine Problems

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There is a doozie of a story about cocaine in thestranger.(HT to dangerousminds) There are few good things to say about the current situation, and even fewer “good guys”. The producers, the smugglers, the money lenders, the police, and the consumer all have bloody hands.

The focus of the story is a substance called Levamisole, an agent used to cut the drug. Levamisole is not detectable by the “bleach test”, and looks like pure coke. The original use of Levamisole is deworming livestock. Ingestion by humans can cause immune system problems.

There are tests available to detect Lavamisole. However, the test kits are considered drug paraphernalia. It seems like the government would rather poison cocaine users than help them obtain a pure product.

The three part series needs to be read in its entirety to get the whole story. Part two is especially horrific. It tells the story of “Diego”, as he works in the coca fields and factories. Also interesting is the way the cocaine trade has evolved over the years. The big cartels, which imported through the Caribbean, have been broken up. They have been replaced by thousands of smaller producers, which import through Mexico. With the vast amounts of money involved, the product cannot be stopped.

One sentence in particular stands out.
“The big problem for the narco-capitalists in Colombia, Corva explains, wasn’t so much how to get the drugs north as how to get the cash back south.” NAFTA and banking deregulation has made the flow of money south much easier. So much of the currency that America is borrowing to fuel our economy winds up in South America. ( China, a source of much of the capital in our borrow and spend economy, reportedly produces much of the Lavamisole. )
PG has never been fond of cocaine. He has known others who are, and has seen some horrible behavior as a result. The US government appears to be making the situation worse, and possibly profiting from the cocaine trade.

What Sport Were You Born To Play?

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The facebook friend posted something about being born to play a sport. Since PG was not born to play facebook applications, he took a trip to Google City. In one fourth of a second, there were 448k options. TV football doesn’t start for 45 minutes, so many this can be knocked quickly. Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

Quizilla has product to advertise, and a four question multiple choice quiz. “Where do you like to shop?–Shopping? I just wear whats clean//What is you favorite tv channel?–Why watch tv, i can be outside//What would it take to make you wear a skirt?–To go where? I’m always home. //How fast do you think you could run a mile?–Depends, in the off season I get out of shape. ” The answer…Jock. “Boy or girl, you love to be outdoors all of the time running around with teammates and friends. You like to be comfortable and you don’t really people have to say about what you do beacause you are ready for any sport.” The Doubletree Hotel has another ad on the final page.

Quizazz goes for five questions. multiple choice. Apparently, would be jocks don’t go for long written tests. ” What is your favorite color?–All dark colors// What is your perfect kind of guy?–I like the guys that I have been friends with for a really long time//What do you and your friends do one the weekend?– Do our homework…we are dorks!//Do you think quiz is dumb?–Kinda//Where do you think chocolate milk comes from?–IDK” The answer box is located between ads for Moviefone and Jeep. “Football You were born to play football! :)

ROFLquiz gets a bit cybertricky. PG has to click a box, to not “follow” the quiz creator. “What do you like to do on saturday afternoons?–reading a book//How would you describe yourself?–smart, willing//How do you handle pain?–Ugh, another sprained ankle//” and so on for six more questions. The answers do not copy, so the result will have to suffice. Except, to get the answer you have to log onto Twitter, a sport that PG does not not enjoy.

Quizfarmtakes the intellectual approach. There are 39 statements, with the five options of agree and disagree. PG suspects this was written by a jock, with statements like “You know what digging, spiking, and “free” mean ” and “You’re pretty good at delayed steals “. The answer…”You should play football- its the most popular high school and college sport, and creates a ton of school spirit.” There is an ad for a TV show, “The biggest loser”.

The bottom of the google page has a link to Testriffic . They advertise State Farm Insurance. There are 12 multiple choice questions, The answer is “Cross Country Running/Skiing..You like to run/ski period. Relyiance on yourself and going at your own speed is what you enjoy in life. You don’t have to rely on someone else pulling their load but yourself. You like to hear the crowd cheer as you cross the finish nline and love being the star. “

US-China Smackdown

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This videos says a few things that you don’t hear in the USA. Truth be known, even PG doesn’t understand a lot of this. The concept of “currency manipulation” is mysterious. And, what is this “US is the consumer of last resort” business?

This video is in English. If it is allowed in China, what would it be saying? BHO does not speak Chinese. Mr. Hu does not speak English. For that matter, what variety of Chinese does he speak?

There are several different spoken languages in China, but they are all based on the same written language. English has thousands of words, based on 26 letters. China has thousands of pictograms, which are combined into a lot of phrases. There is no exact translation of the two languages.

The United States Dollar is an act of faith. One dollar equals one hundred cents worth of US goods and services. When those goods are produced abroad, and sold to the United States ( in dollars) on credit, it can get mighty confusing. PG is not an economist, just a slacker with internet access. While all this is vital to his way of life, he understands just a tiny slice of it.

This video was brought to PG through a site called palestinianpundit. The corprate media in the US does not tell you the complete story. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Designed For The Dump

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Milliard Fillmore’s Bathtub had a cheerful post the other day about planned obsolescence, or as one lady describes it, Designed for the dump. It seems like most electronic gizmos these days are designed to be used until the next christma$ season, then disposed of. When they get tossed, they frequently go to a small town in China, where they become a toxic calamity.

The auteur of these cartoon videos has a series available at Story of Stuff . It should be noted that if you go to the site, you will be confronted with the evil known as AUTO START PLAYER . You are warned. There is a certain irony in telling this tale, about the downside of technology, using an obnoxious feature of this wizardism.

There are four videos available so far. They discuss cap and trade, cosmetics, electronics,and bottled water. The solutions presented are not always practical ( Best Buy is NOT taking back your old TV set). Some of the others…like skepticism  about drinking water claims… should be taken to heart. Even if you don’t change your lifestyle, the videos are fun to watch…on your new electronic device, with an expected use life of eighteen months.

Unqualified Offerings offers a history of Veteran’s Day. It seems as though Armistice day was originally a bittersweet celebration of the hope for peace. There used to be church services on the Sunday before the eleventh, to pray for peace.

The name was changed to Veteran’s Day in 1954. (This was roughly the time when “Under G-d” was added to the Pledge of Allegiance.) An effort was made to have the fourth monday of October serve as Veteran’s Day, but this did not work. ( The closeness to Halloween might be a factor.) The holiday was moved back to the eleventh, and became the sort of holiday that people observe at work and school.

Veteran’s Day can be tough for pacifists. The Veteran’s, who sacrificed to win our wars, should be appreciated. However, the fact that we fight these wars is destructive. The benefits these wars bring are seldom worth the cost.
The last statement refers to our recent adventures in Babylon. Obviously, America would not want to be ruled by Nazi Germany, although that was not probable. While the world may be better with Mr. Hussein, is it worth a trillion dollars, a wrecked economy, 100k dead Iraqis, and 4000 Americans ?

The Last World War One Veteran

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Today is veteran’s day. It began as Armistice Day. On this day in 1918, World War I ended. On the eleventh hour, of the eleventh day, of the eleventh month, the cease fire took effect.

World War I was a ghastly bloodbath. Millions of people died. No one is quite sure what it was about. The effects of “The Great War” are with us today.

It is said that the German Kaiser was horrible, and had to be defeated. He was replaced by communism and the third reich. In the middle east, the Ottoman empire collapsed, and the British and French took over the territories. The British drew boundaries between Iran and Iraq, and administered a mandate over Palestine. The French tried to get revenge on the Germans. The Germans then had to get back at the French. World War II was the result. ( Please don’t take this as gospel truth. This is vastly over simplified.)

Apparently, there is one United States veteran of World War I who is still alive. Frank Buckles lives in Charles Town, WV. On February 1, 2010, he celebrated his 109th birthday.

Mr. Buckles lied about his age to join the army. He was an ambulance driver in France, and after the Armistice escorted German POWs home. In 1942, he worked for an American shipping company in Manila, and was captured by the Japanese. He spent the next three years as a prisoner. Mr. Buckles was married in 1953, and bought a farm in West Virginia. “I never got in a hurry.”

The picture of Mr. Buckles is from Wikipedia. All other pictures are from The Library of Congress.

Toco Hill

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Back to empathy for a minute. The word always takes PG back to an auditorium in Clarkston GA in 1971. PG was in his first quarter at Dekalb College. Today,the institution is known as Georgia Perimeter College. One of the selling points of college has always been the outside speakers that were brought to campus. This day, the subject was abortion.

A note on set and setting is appropriate. In 1971, New York state had legalized the abortion procedure. Roe vs. Wade was in the pipeline that would lead to the Supreme Court. That ruling would not be issued for another fifteen months. In the meantime, abortion was illegal in 49 states, including Georgia. The debate about abortions was not as politicized as today. The nomenclature of pro-choice, and pro-life, had not entered the vocabulary.

The Vietnam war was still being fought, although with fewer Americans in combat. The withdrawal of US forces took most of the steam out of the anti war movement. The modern spectacle of a person supporting a war, while claiming to be pro life, did not happen.

PG walked into the auditorium and found a seat. The lady began her presentation. After a few minutes of talk, she said something about a woman who was artificially inseminated, and the house lights were dimmed. A black and white film of an abortion was shown. It was noted when the fetus went into the vacuum cleaner attachment. The house lights were brought back up. They should have remained dim, as the woman was not kind on the eyes.

The closing part of her presentation was a song she wrote. She sang acapella. The song was written out of empathy with the not to be born baby. The song was titled ” My mother My grave”.

PG left the auditorium, and went to world history class.

The section above is a repost. The section below was written for today. Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

It started when PG found a picture of Toco Hill shopping center in 1961. He sent a copy to a friend who lives near there, and she replied “Amazing photo. North Druid Hills Rd. looks like the outer reaches of suburbia. Times sure have changed.”

PG ( who has too much free time) re-replied “Toco Hills was suburbia, though maybe not the outer reaches. Mom and Dad got married in 1951. They got an apartment on Skyland Drive, near Buford Hiway and Clairmont road. At the time, Buford hiway was a two lane road. ( The widening took place in the early seventies, after I got my license and got to suffer.) Mom had choir practice at her church on Peachtree and Fourth. ( The phrase Midtown was not heard until the eighties.) Dad would go get her, and bring her home. Their was a farmer who would go to the restaurants, and pick up leftovers to feed to his pigs. Dad’s car was usually stuck behind him. In the summer this was not pleasant.”

This got PG to wondering about Toco Hills, specifically, why do they call that area “Toco Hills”. (The shopping center uses the singular.)A visit to Google City showed something called Toco Hills NORC . It says, regarding the area, “Toco Hills is what we call a NORC, an acronym for Naturally Occurring Retirement Community. Toco Hills is a community where the majority of older adults have decided to remain in their homes as long as possible”.

PG then found a neighborhood organization called the Toco Hills Alliance , located in a church. He made a phone call, and talked to a lady working there. She did not know the origin of the name Toco Hills. She did know that her children had gone to elementary school across the street from shopping center. The neighbors had fought the plans to build a shopping center across the street from a school.

The lady at the THA recommended a construction company, and PG gave them a call. It turns out an old timer at the company knew the story. It seems like a man was in Brazil, doing construction projects during World War Two. He had a housekeeper, who was a Brazilian Indian. Whenever he would put in a bid on a job, the housekeeper would say “toco”. It seems that toco is a Brazilian Indian word for “more luck than you can imagine.”

Four Lions

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There is a comedy about jihad terror called “Four Lions”. The auteur is a Englishman named Chris Morris. He is in the middle of a publicity blitz . These interviews are very good for background noise while editing pictures from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library” . Some of these images illustrate tonight’s entertainment.

At the end of the WFMU podcast, Mr. Morris comments about learning to love the idiot. The would be jihad cell in “Four Lions” is not very bright. They buy lots of bomb making supplies from the same store, only the man uses a different voice every time he goes in. This is supposed to help.

There is another story about a group of would be bombers who went to Pakistan to learn how to make bombs, and then forgot what they learned. They called their headquarters from London, and asked for a refresher course in bomb making. Or the Canadien terrorists who were going to kill the Prime Minister, but did not know who he was.

There is a story at the 13:00 mark of the dangerousminds interview. The story is possibly not true, but is fun to tell. A terrorist tries to blow up a saudi prince. He sneaks the explosive into the meeting by making it into a suppository. He miscalculated the explosion dynamics. When he hit the detonate button, he shot himself ten feet into the air.

This fits in in with recent tales of the underwear bomber, and other terror klutzes. It makes one wonder how a complicated scheme like 911 was ever pulled off.

Believe Your Way To Hell

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This is a repost. It appeared at this facility one year ago. In that time, TwentyTwoWords has abandoned any pretense of enforcing the 22 word rule. It is a fine blog nonetheless, and will reward your visit with entertaining content. The business of taking and editing pictures at Chamblee54 continues. New tricks are learned all the time, and sometimes even remembered to use again. In addition, historic pictures are borrowed from The Library of Congress and ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

The post here is about life after death and belief. Originally, the comment was going to be about gaining life after death through belief in Jesus, but the comment was over the 22 word limit. To get to the limit, the reference to Jesus was taken out. Did this substantially alter the meaning of the statement? Is it the matter of belief that counts, or does it have to be a specific belief about Jesus? And why should this matter to living people?

PG feels the pain that Jesus has caused him on a daily basis. He is not likely to change his mind about this religion, no matter how many people talk about it. It is unlikely that very many Jesus worshipers have changed their mind either…questioning your beliefs is the opposite of “faith”, and many are scared of going to hell if they have the wrong opinions. Somehow, this is not how PG wants to live.

PG left a comment at TwentyTwoWords in August, and thought about it later. Today, after he got back from the river, he set out to find the thread. Looking for a comment at a popular blog can be an act of faith, with no guarantee of results. PG was lucky, and found his comment fairly quickly.

TwentyTwoWords is a regular stop for PG. The idea is to say what you need to say in 22 words or less. The owner of the blog does not enforce this rule, and few commenters practice it.

The opening serve of this thread was
“Do difficult times make you more or less empathetic? For me the answer is both. Some struggles I’ve faced make me more understanding of others. But sometimes I feel like: “I got over it; why can’t you?” (36 words). The comments took on the colors of Jesus Worship, which is to be expected at TwentyTwoWords.
The first Chamblee54 entry was comment number 7.
“I feel that way about life after death obsessed Jesus Worshipers. Is there an etymological link between arrogant and air head?”
Christen replied
“Speaking of life after death, I’m just starting Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven and very convinced on the importance of being much more focused on our life after death. What did you mean by that, Chamblee?”
chamblee54 says:
“I feel the emphasis placed on life after death is mistaken. I disagree with the Jesus worship beliefs on life after death.”
christen says:
“Thanks for the reply, chamblee. I think I’m either inexperienced in “the emphasis placed on life after death” debate/issue (?) and “Jesus worship beliefs” or just don’t understand what you’re saying. Either way, I know I can’t wait to be in that place with that person !”
At this point, PG saw the dialog spinning off topic. This was his fault, to a degree, and he felt a responsibility to bring it back into line. The suspicion was that Christen was a Jesus Worshiper, who had never questioned a set of beliefs handed to her. A key portion of this was the life after death issue, which to PG is a fundamental flaw with Jesus Worship Religion. ( PG disagrees with the concept of attaining life after death through holding certain beliefs about Jesus. PG also disagrees with the emphasis place on life after death in Jesus Worship.)

The answer PG came up with was
“This is starting to get off topic. I suspect you have never questioned the concept of acquiring life after death through beliefs.” That clocks in at precisely 22 words. The original comment was about acquiring life after death through belief in Jesus.
To bring the comment under the 22 word limit, PG decided to eliminate the reference to Jesus. And there was a realization that the fundamental meaning of the comment was not changed. If the status of one’s soul post mortem can be changed by a belief during life…a highly suspect concept to PG…does it really matter what the belief is?

In The Details

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One of the phrases that makes more and more sense to PG is “G-d is in the details”, as well as the alternate, “The devil is in the details”.The Moonies teach that G-d is the personality of the cosmos, the difference between a human being and $4.98 worth of chemicals. If you suspect that G-d is a form of knowledge, the dna of life, then this view stands up. If you suspect that G-d and the Devil are closely related, you may find having two sayings to be redundant. If you believe in the G-d of the Bible, and that the Bible is the word of G-d, you might choose to differ.

A visit to Google City yields some alternate views. Thinkexist credits the quote (using G-d) to an architect, Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. He is also credited with saying “I don’t want to be interesting. I want to be good.” and “less is more”. The page with this information has an ad for Life cereal bars from the Quaker company.

A blogger named John D. Cook has a post on GIITD ( which is similar to G-d. Perhaps that is what the dash really stands for.) His starter paragraph says a mouthful:
“Some say “The devil is in the details,” meaning solutions break down when you examine them closely enough. Some say “God is in the details,” meaning opportunities for discovery and creativity come from digging into the details. Both are true, but the latter is more interesting.” Mr. Mies is deceased, so he cannot comment about his preference for goodness.
Mr. Cook has a mercifully brief post on the subject. The last paragraph is about statistics, which he maintains is dull on the surface but gains excitement with knowledge. PG suspects that the boring reputation of statistics is a ruse. The creative accountants and bureaucrats want you to be intimidated by all those numbers, so you will not look closely at their lies.

A British facility called ThePhraseFinder takes a look at the Satanic form, The Devil is in the details. ( The ad here is for Groupon, and shows three overloaded hamburgers with the saying, “See Today’s Deal”.) Here, the Devil version is a degeneration on GIITD. Here the phrase is attributed to Gustave Flaubert, who said “Le bon Dieu est dans le detail”. Michelangelo, Mr. Mies, and art historian Aby Warburg. The sixteenth edition of Bartlett’s “Familiar Quotations” credits someone named anonymous.

At this point, it is time for a details war story. In the first draft of this post, PG referred to someone named Mr. van der Rohe. This began to seem odd, so a trip to Wikipedia village was made. It seems as though the famous architect was called “Mies” by friends and colleagues, after his surname. It would seem appropriate to refer to him as Mr. Mies.

Pictures for today’s entertainment are from The Library of Congress. These photographs of students from the Ottoman Empire were taken between 1880 and 1893. Many were by the photo firm of Sebah & Joaillier, Phot., Constantinople.

What Drunk Author Are You

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The Facebook friend took a test to see “What drunk author are you?” His answer was Edgar Allan Poe. ( The FB man spelled it Allen. There seems to be a consensus for two Ls.) While Mr. Poe was a talented writer, he did not have a healthy lifestyle. Getting back to WDAAA (writers don’t attend alcoholics anonymous), PG decided to consult the firm of Google Associates.

The first choice was indeed a quiz. AOL answers has one self evaluating question, what drunk author are you quiz? PG is short of imagination, so he is going to borrow an anonymous writer from the early 20th century. He reported that Shoeless Joe Jackson was leaving a courtroom, and some kid looked at him and said “say it ain’t so, Joe”. In the days before video cameras, reporters took a bit more license. For this bit of creativity, PG claims the legacy of this anonymous drunk.

The next answer is from the scandal mongering Gawker. Their story is What Drunk Boulder, Colorado Author Tried Stealing His Own Book? Suspects include Jon Krakauer and Jello Biafra.

The Gawker story was inspired by a story in the New York Times called Steal These Books. No, this is not about Hollywood plots or creative bookkeeping on royalty statements. It is about five finger discounts at your local bookseller. This quote grabs your attention:
“Although there’s no hard statistical evidence on most-stolen titles, The Telegraph of London reported last year that Jeffrey Eugenides’s novel “The Virgin Suicides” was said to be “the most shoplifted book of modern times.” Eugenides had heard this for many years. “I just assumed that the book appealed to the young and sticky-fingered to a certain extent,” he told me, with some amusement. Years ago, Eugenides was at a literary conference with Paul Auster, another top choice among literary thieves. “Paul and I argued about whose book was stolen more,” Eugenides said. “He claimed he was stolen a lot, I claimed I was stolen a lot. Back and forth. It was one of those deep intellectual conversations.”
These days, every body and every subject has a blog. DrunkWriterTalk tries to fill this need for the 86 proof Hemingway. The most recent post is “We all need a little honesty“. Oscar Wilde had something to say about a little honesty, and it was correct.

Yes, this post is going downhill in a hurry, and you are still reading it. The next stop on this downward spiral is Things to do in Chicago When you are Drunk! This feature sinks to giving advice, like “don’t try to save your marriage with orgies!” and “don’t get drunk and buy drugs by yourself in the hood when you are white!.”

A facility called Wikinut chimes in with Writing While Inebriated (or, How to Be a Drunk-Writer) . This feature has a coupon for a product called Nylabone, a chewable merchandise that is designed for dogs. The headlines include “Keep alcohol on hand, Pour yourself a drink and minimize distractions, Allow inspiration to kick in ” and “Ignore the naysayers“.

The bottom of page one on google is the seminal FB quiz. In the best Zuckerman tradition, it asks you to agree to access information and post it on your wall. PG does not like to do this. He also drinking 22 years ago, and would make a lousy drunk author.

The pictures for this entertainment are from The Library of Congress. These images are a primitive form of photography known as Daguerreotypes. Most of the images shown today are unknown people, and were taken between 1840 and 1860.

The Vodka Was Preaching

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This is a repost This is too funny – I still have tears in my eyes! Finally, a chain letter that I don’t mind forwarding. It’s funny (don’t break chain)

A new priest at his first mass was so nervous he could hardly speak. After mass he asked the monsignor how he had done. The monsignor replied, ‘When I am worried about getting nervous on the pulpit, I put a glass of vodka next to the water glass. If I start to get nervous, I take a sip.’

So next Sunday he took the monsignor’s advice. At the beginning of the sermon, he got nervous and took a drink. He proceeded to talk up a storm. Upon his return to his office after the mass, he found the following note on the door:

1) Sip the vodka, don’t gulp. 2) There are 10 commandments, not 12. 3) There are 12 disciples, not 10. 4) Jesus was consecrated, not constipated. 5) Jacob wagered his donkey, he did not bet his ass. 6) We do not refer to Jesus Christ as the late J.C. 7) The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not referred to as Daddy, Junior and the spook. 8 ) David slew Goliath; he did not kick the shit out of him. 9) When David was hit by a rock and was knocked off his donkey, don’t say he was stoned off his ass. 10)We do not refer to the cross as the ‘Big T.’ 11)When Jesus broke the bread at the last supper he said, ‘Take this and eat it for it is my body.’He did not say ‘Eat me’. 12)The Virgin Mary is not called ‘Mary with the Cherry. 13)The recommended grace before a meal is not: Rub-A-Dub-Dub thanks for the grub, Yeah God.. 14) There will be a taffy pulling contest at St. Peter’s, not a peter pulling contest at St. Taffy’s.

The Origination of this letter is unknown, but it brings good luck to everyone who passes it on. The one who breaks the chain will have bad luck. Do not keep this letter. Do not send money just forward it to five of your friends to whom you wish good luck and a great laugh..You will see that something good happens to you four days from now if the chain is not broken….