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It is 3:08 pm, December 8, 2010. Yesterday was Pearl Harbor day, one of those days where you remember where you were when you heard it. PG was minus 12 on Pearl Harbor Day, and does not remember very much. The other two remember days would be when John Kennedy was killed, and 911. PG was in fourth grade for Kennedy, and in a workplace that seemed like kindergarten on 911.

PG is putting together a tribute to BHTV ( not to be confused for the BH Surfers) has been the soundtrack for many evenings of photo mischief this past year. (HT to Andrew Sullivan ) After a while, PG started to collect screen shots of the diavlogs.

In August, PG started to distort these screen shots, and post them in the comments. This lasted only a few days, until a picture of Dave Weigel with green bumps on his face appeared. The picture was taken down, as were the ones to follow. PG did not set himself on fire. This comment notwithstanding, Mr. Weigel seems to be doing alright.

Bloggingheads TV is a website. It has diavlogs, where two people discuss stuff on camera. The dvs last about an hour, and are shot at the participant’s place. The audio and video quality varies wildly, with some dvs being totally unlistenable. There are a few regular features, like Friday’s “The week in blog”, and “Science Saturday”. The Science dvs feature these two old men, who say “Oh really” a lot.

This facility is roughly five years old. The first yakkers to appear were Bob Wright and Mickey Kaus. They still cut shows, and yell at each other a lot. Bob is somewhat of a bigshot at BHTV, and appears often, frequently rolling his eyes.

PG listened to a rather bizarre dv this afternoon, while working on the pictures. One of the participants was Bob Wright, the other a man, with a strange name, from something called the Singularity Institute . The objective of the S.I. is to create a form of artificial intelligence which will allow mankind to survive, or something like that. At one point, the discussed creating a G-d , except that G-d is a controversial concept.

The veteran listener to BHTV learns a few things quickly. The server at BHTV gets overloaded, and sometimes the talk grinds to a halt. The answer is to download an MP3 of the diavlog, and listen to it. You can get an MP4 if you want to look at it, but the grim truth is that most of the talkers here are too ugly to look at. You are better off listening, while you multitask. There are exceptions to this, and some viewers have different standards of pulchritude. You might wonder if Ann Althouse is having a bad peroxide day.

If you listen, and think of clever things to say, you might wind up in the comment section. There are usually some amusing flame wars going on, which is discouraged by the management, but tough to stop. You should not be upset if no one reacts to your comment. It is also helpful to quote from the dv, with something called a dingalink. This is a link to a specific bit of dialog, that you might want to comment about. On the home page, there is usually a selection of dingalinks, some of which were supplied by Chamblee54.

There are two ways to create a dingalink. There are some buttons on the viewer window, which you can figure out how to use. The second way was explained in a comment one time.

It Was getting late, and if I had any sense I would go to sleep. Then I saw a commenter court, and decided to stay up anyway. The good news is, I got a handful of pictures processed, which will make nice illustrations for a future blog post.

When you talk about dingalinks,(spell check suggestions :dialings ,dinginess, singalongs ,dingbats) you might mention an easier way to produce them. First, you write down the times when your quote begins and ends, and the diavlog number. It is a good idea to add a few seconds more on both ends.

Then, go to the Bloggingheads logo at the top of the screen. ( This is if the diavlog is still going on, and you don’t want to interrupt it. ) Right click on the logo, and tell the resulting new window to open in a new tab. Go to the side of the window, where they have quotes from previous diavlogs displayed. Click on one of these, with the sound cut off.

You now have the code for dingalinks. In the place for the number of the diavlog, paste in the number of the new diavlog. In the place of the times for the quote, paste in the times of the new quote. You have now created a dingalink, without having to learn how the wonderful box works. You can have lots of fun with dingalinks.

Just because you click on a diavlog and listen, there is no guarantee that it will be interesting. Some are horribly dull, and some have too much shouting. Some people argue too much, and others are too quick to agree. You pay your money and you take your chances.

One of the stars is Glenn Loury. An African American teaching at an Ivy League university, Mr. Loury goes off on highly entertaining rants. ( It will be interesting to see how PG feels when he disagrees with Mr. Loury on one of these rants.) On at least one occasion, Mr. Loury was speaking softly, so that you leaned into the speaker to hear him, and suddenly ramp up the volume in a nanosecond.

In a recent diavlog, Glenn Greenwald explained why he is living in Brazil. It seems as though his bf if from Brazil, and the American government will not give him a residence visa. Brazil will allow Mr. Greenwald to stay there permanently, so he commutes by Skype from Rio de Janeiro.

There are other chatters with fun things to say, and a few that make PG angry. However, it is getting late, and he is tired of worrying about all this. It is time to finish the text, and post the matter.

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