Slack To The Basics

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 11, 2010

Sometimes, being slack pays off. PG saw a sign for a yard sale, one street over. The hours listed were 9-1. PG made the effort to get out of the house by 12:40, and walked up the path to the street.

The sign did not give an address for the sale. The path is in the middle of the road, across from the school. The sale was either to the right, or to the left. It is a bit of radical wisdom that, when in doubt, you should go left. In best retro fashion, PG went right.

There was an obsolete computer monitor in front of a pile of trash. PG walked over to this pile, and saw a box of VHS tapes. He started to look through.

Before long, he had a collection. “The Jungle Book”, “The Godfather Part Two”, “The Godfather Part Three”, ( an offer PG could not refuse), “American Pie” ( the uncensored version you cannot see in theaters), and “Chariots of Fire”. There were books too…a college literature text, an Edgar Allen Poe collection, a book of ghost stories, “Catcher in the Rye” (printed in 1991, with a vintage cover.) Thirty years and three days ago, Mr. Chapman (an Atlanta native) added a layer to the legend of that book. The girls in that story always knew what time it was.

The owner of the house came out for a visit. He said the sale started earlier than he thought, and that he learned a few things. PG has done yard sales, and knows that the eager buyers are there at 7:30 am. You sell more before 9:30 am than you do the rest of the day.

PG went home, and turned on the TV. The tube is a 1987 model, which looks like a computer monitor weighing 100 pounds. The sound recently died on this set. Fortunately, the digital adapter can route the sound through the computer. Now, if you click on the button that says PHONO (spell check suggestion:PHONY), you can hear the tv.

Somehow, the cable going in the back of the TV fell out. The TV had a mass of noise, and PG thought that maybe, just maybe, it was due for a date at the county landfill. A reattachment of the cable, turn the power on the VCR, insert “The Jungle Book” ( which plays without a hitch, unlike many yardsale videos), and we have an hour or so of entertainment.

Pictures for today’s entertainment are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

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