Catholic Spam

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 18, 2010

The inbox had a comment, for moderation, of a recent post about Condoleezza Rice. The comment had the sound of spam… “Awesome post here.It’s very nice and interesting.Will you post in future regarding Church Mass Times?Keep sharing!”. The source?  Churchmasstimes. Catholic spam!

The post about Miss Rice (“We didn’t worry about weapons of mass destruction, particularly, in the hands of Russians.”) attracted two more bits of spam, which were caught by WordPress. One was from afghanhoundtraining , from a post about “Puppy House Training – Get All Information You Need to Pull Through – Find Your Training Lifelines”.

The other bit of obvious spam is from world spinner, with a feature on the ever popular Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Above a flattering picture of Mr. A is an animated ad for Ford automobiles. The comment was “Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing…” This same comment was left for “quotes about quotes” .

Getting back to Churchmasstimes, PG is impressed that a fuddy duddy institution like the Catholic Church would use spam to promote itself. CMT is an interactive device, where you enter a zip code in a field for the mass nearest you. ( To a Baptist, mass refers to the lady standing up in the pew in front of you.) The home page shows the mass times for St. John in El Dorado KS.

PG entered his zip code in the appropriate facility, and four possibilities came up on the first page. With names like “Our Lady of the Assumption” and “Immaculate Heart of Mary”, you are not being directed to a grocery store. “Immaculate Heart of Mary” is down the street from the Baptist church PG grew up in. It had the obnoxious habit of ending their sunday mass at the same time as the Baptist service, causing traffic headaches on Briarcliff Road.

In the corner of the home page is a sepia picture of a pregnant woman, with the slogan “Do you believe that life begins at conception? Click here to take the survey”. It just wouldn’t be Catholic if you don’t whine about abortion. PG has written about abortion . He is horrified by abortion, and grossed out by the rhetoric of the Catholic Church. If Catholics would devote the same attention to contraception, and adoption, that the expend on anti abortion noise, they would save more babies.

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