My Top Ten Words Of 2010

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 18, 2010

This “meme” was popping up on Facebook, like kudzu in a vacant lot. My top ten words of 2010 . When you click on the link, you get a hideous request to distribute your basic human information to hackers in Belarus. PG chose to enter the phrase in a google search, which may possibly be just a damaging to his privacy. This search yields 193 million results in 0.19 seconds. What follows is the top ten, top ten words of the year. Pictures are from The Library of Congress.

The grand marshall of this parade is the ever fabulous JoeMyG-d. This is a knockoff of a story at The Global Language Monitor regarding the most used words in the worldwide English language media. The number one word this year is spillcam, followed by vuvulezla. Among the top ten phrases of the year almost over is Lady Gaga, Man up, and teachable moment. In an update, the New Oxford American Dictionary has anointed refudiate as the 2010 word of the year.

Trying harder at number two is Cari Kamm . The blond Kamm has a picture, and strongly worded copyright statement on her sidebar. Her most used word of the year rhymes with dove.

The third result is from Linkedin , which was not born in a log cabin. The theme here is “10 most overused buzzwords in your LinkedIn profile” (redundancy alert). The m.o.b. this year is these profiles is extensive experience. A line goes from this word, to a dot over Peoria, IL.

Number four is from Runner’s World, where the number one word is miles. Number five is from associatedcontent , with another feature on refudiate. The bottom line is more name recognition for the P woman. She is living proof, there is no bad publicity. This page has an ad for a book by Keith Olberman, who needs to lose those glasses.

Lemondrop tells the tale of the The Global Language Monitor .
“Oy. We kind of hate these. First, “refudiate“… is not so much a word as the opposite of one. “Spillcam” just serves as a reminder of that time when the entire Gulf Coast got ruined. “Vuvuzela” represents just about the most annoying sound in the history of sports. … Let’s all work extra hard to make 2011 a banner year for Top Words, by bringing back phrases like “free puppies” and “banner year.””
Yoursonglyrics must have paid google for it’s placement on this list. The page is a collection of lyrics from current songs, with no indication of what is the most popular in 2010. One of the songs featured is “Yeah3x” by Chris Brown, another teflon celebrity.

For number eight, the Washington Post regurgitates the report of The Global Language Monitor. Elyrics has an auto start ad for “Avatar”on dvd. Below that is a list of the top twenty five songs.

If you are tired of reading this, here is number ten. It is about a popular word game, Scrabble . The highest scoring word (without double or triple tiles) is muzjiks. The word refers to Russian peasants. It cops 29 natural points.

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