Relationship Evangelism

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 26, 2010

PG stumbled onto an amazing piece of work christmas day. The post is titled “Relationship Evangelism”. The concept is creating a friendship with someone, so that you can convert them to Jesus worship. This is not a new strategy, and is more user friendly than convert or die.

This is not to say that RE is an ethical matter. There is this quote to consider:
” So if you’re a Christian, keen to fulfil your part in the Great Commission, how exactly do you implement this strategy? Well, first you need to overcome any scruples about duplicity. After all, this approach means that you will be presenting yourself as ‘trustworthy friend’, and yet — thanks to your hidden agenda —you are anything but. “
The post about RE does not specify where you meet your friend. Obviously, it is not church. That leaves the other sources of friends…work, school, neighborhoods, bars, and others. In some of these, there is no other activity to get in the way of your proselytizing. However, some of these institutions have purposes, and you may be working against these goals if you mix business with Jesus. If you meet someone at work, and try to leverage that relationship into an evangelical opportunity, then having a profitable business can come in second place.

Ok, so you get to be friends with someone you play softball with. He thinks you are his pal because you enjoy his company. The next step is to sneak references to religion into your conversation. To quote from the text:
“As your ‘friend’, a non-believer will be happy to listen to — and possibly even come to share — your views about all sorts of things, including: real estate trends, the joys of bringing up children, a recent movie you saw, and Jesus being the Son of God. Ideally, they won’t even see that last one coming — until it’s too late! ““For example, you may want to drop in the occasional ‘God-talk’, preferably in the most innocuous, casual fashion: “Oh yeah, that restaurant is near our church.” “This time with you has been such a blessing.””I was just praying the other day . . . .”This approach is so subtle that the non-believer is unlikely to stop the flow of conversation.”
The tract does stop to consider the ethics of this. “It’s worth noting that evangelicals do have ways of justifying the strategies above… Why? Because they really do care about non-believers. They don’t want them to go to Hell. ” It is the catch 22 of Jesus worship…the scheme for life after death. This justifies all the rudeness, deceit, and disrespect of evangelism…if you don’t agree with us, you are going to go to hell.

This does not speak well for Jesus. After a lifetime of this approach to religion, PG wishes to never hear the word Jesus again. This is not going to happen. Jesus worshipers do not respect those who do not agree with their religion, and seldom miss an opportunity to shove Jesus in the face of non believers. This is one result of having a scheme for life after death as the focus of your religion.

Pictures for this entertainment are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

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  1. Michael said, on December 26, 2010 at 7:29 am

    The whole idea proves one thing, and I won’t apologize for saying it: the worship of Jesus in ANY form is nothing short of being a member of a destructive cult.

    • chamblee54 said, on December 26, 2010 at 11:24 am

      I might prefer to say indicates instead of proves. This is a more accurate phrase.
      The first commandment says to have no other G-d before you. This does not include the so called son of G-d ( or a book compiled by a Catholic committee, which some call the word of G-d). When you violate this rule you create problems.

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