New Years Clean Up

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 1, 2011

It is new years day. The desktop is littered with word documents, where a post was started and allowed to languish. One use of this rainy day is to recycle a few of these thoughts.

Mike Vick has been through some changes. He was the most exciting athlete of his graduating class. (perhaps not the best phrase to use in this case). Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons, he took the birds to the NFC championship, and signed a nine digit contract. The next step was prison and disgrace, a convicted dogfighter. ( This is a field day for hypocrites, as carnivores became champions for animal rights.) Falcons owner Rankin Blank did what he had to do, and released Mr. Vick from his contract. The Philadelphia Eagles gave the man a second chance, and Mike Vick is now having a spectacular year. As long as the Eagles don’t play the Falcons in the post season, PG wishes Mike Vick well.

It seems as though the Judge who accepted Mr. Vick’s guilty plea placed him on probation, after he was released from Federal Prison. A condition of his probation was that he could not buy, sell, or own a dog. Now, Mr. Vick is telling a sob story about wanting a dog for his daughter.
“Vick said in his interview with the Grio that his daughters miss having a dog, and that the hardest thing for him is “telling them that we can’t have one because of my actions.”
This is a high profile case, and lots of people are talking about it. Should Mike Vick be allowed to own a dog? Should Eddie Long be allowed to Preach? Should the faceless moneymongers at Goldman Sachs be allowed to play with our economy? The list goes on and on.

One of the delights of the internet is liveapartmentfire . LAF is the product of a TV reporter, who likes to tell tales out of school. A recent post discusses his habit of writing stories that rhyme. He did a few before the invention of rhymezone, an internet tool for creating rhymes. (With ads from yellowbook360, beyond yellow) The comments should not surprise anyone.

to be the first commenter//on this seventh day of winter//to make known my feelings//above the squawks and squealings//with a video to embed//like a luncheon spread//rising up out of the fog//into a coffice written blog// chamblee54

Doug’s rhythmic post//sure pleases me the most//nearly as much as buttered toast//on a frozen Monday.///He casts tweets to the wire//blogs at Live Apartment Fire//reports, comments, raises ire,//often brings the fun-nay//.As for me, oblivious of parameters,//Something’s way wrong with my pentameter//And when it comes to rhyme,//I’ll take Kuralt, Osgood, and Newman anytime.//jcburns

BloggingheadsTV put up a year in review diavlog this week. One of the chatters, Conor Friedersdorf, moonlights for Andrew Sullivan , and had this to say:
“In what must be one of the gloomiest Bloggingheads yet recorded, Michael Brendan Dougherty and I discussed the big stories of 2010. The clip above is our lament about the three ongoing wars that the United States is waging and the alarming erosions of civil liberties that have characterized the presidencies of George W. Bush and Barack Obama.We discuss the film The Social Network , the meritocratic elite, and the commodification of friendship here.”
The word commodification ( spell check suggestion:humidification)has crept into the national conversation recently, and has PG asking a rude question. It deals with pronunciation, and how this affects meaning. Is this word pronounced kuh-mod-uh-fahy, where you make a commodity of friendship? Or is this phrase pronounced kuh-mohd-uh-fahy, where you make a commode out of friendship? Is there really a difference between the two concepts?

Getting back to the diavlog, one of the themes was the erosion of civil liberties by our government, and how BHO has not been any different from the Presidents before him. PG contributed a comment.

This was a great dv. I was going to write something for my blog, but realized that this was worth paying attention to. One rule of multi tasking is that you don’t write things while listening to conversations involving thoughts. I switched gears, and got some serious work done on visual photos.
One of my concerns about the election of BHO was that he was a glib politician, telling people what they wanted to hear. Once he was in office, the new boss would turn out to be the old boss. BHO would exploit the erosion of liberties that previous adminstrations had effected.
With regards to liberties and war, this has been the case. The idea that a government would say out loud that it has the right to kill citizens that it labels “terrorist” is appalling.
Somewhere in this dv…and I don’t feel like going through the whole thing to find a dingalink, get over it Bob…one of the actors said that even if BHO doesn’t follow through on this newly proclaimed power to label and eliminate, that the next POTUS could take the precedent and become the tyrant we have feared. ( In the case of the P woman, it would be a tyrantess.)
The Greenwald-wired dustup doesn’t seem to be getting much attention, but should. There are too many fishy things about that story. I have long suspected that Bradley Manning is taking the fall for many others. It would be interesting for this affair to go to trial, and see exactly what the evidence is against Mr. Manning. If the only thing the government has is logs of IM conversations…which can be easily faked…then it would seem the government does not have a case. It might even be that Private Manning is innocent, or be found innocent in a trial.
And what was a private doing with access to all of that data? Mr. Friedersdorf suggests sanctions for over classifying information. When you have too many items classified, then you have too many people with access to this data. chamblee54

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  1. […] New Years Clean Up “ Chamblee54 By chamblee54 I have long suspected that Bradley Manning is taking the fall for many others. It would be interesting for this affair to go to trial, and see exactly what the evidence is against Mr. Manning. If the only thing the government has is … […]

  2. gary Simmons said, on January 3, 2011 at 10:08 am


    In the paragraph that you ask the question about Vick an the others. I would like to wade in with a firm, NO. He should have thought about his daughter when he did what he did.

    This country seems to have to judicial systems. One for the ones with and one for the ones without.

    I pass a prison each morning on my way to work. I often wonder how much smaller the place would be if all the pot smokers and bad check writers had bracelets on and were out working to pay back their victim or was simple being monitored as to where their location might be.

    Who knows maybe just maybe my taxes wouldn’t be so high.

    I am almost sure you couldn’t find a pot smoker in the place that could afford a good lawyer.

    My rant for the day. Thanks for allowing me to share.


    • chamblee54 said, on January 3, 2011 at 11:43 am

      If the pot smoker got a paycheck, then he would be paying his victim.

  3. Talllady said, on January 7, 2011 at 9:20 pm

    To Gary Simmons,
    Michael Vick has done his time so you should not be the one to have the say as to whether he should own a dog. I’m sure that you have done things in your life that you
    would like to put in the past and be forgiven of also. I’m so glad that you and the judgemental others do not have the ultimate say in people lives. Thank GOD for who HE is and forgives us All not matter how great or small our sins.
    I don’t agree with animal cruelty or any other crime either, but people who are quick to judge others, need to look in the mirror. I’m sure that you can find plenty of self convictions. Question is can you face you? Would you like to be reminded of your past?Michael Vick has paid for his crime so please Move On! Looks like he has already!!!

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