Cat Furniture Part One

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 22, 2011

The other day, PG went for a walk, and wound up at the Chamblee library. This is common. The library is on a route that PG likes to walk, and usually pops up about the time PG is looking for an inconspicuous place to go pee. While he is in the building, there is a shelf with popular books on it, and a cabinet of cds.

Wandering through the rows of shelves, PG wound up in the V section, and took a look at Kurt Vonnegut . There was a copy of “Cat’s Cradle” behind a salmon cover, with a large, pointy V taking up the majority of the cover. It was not the original cover, but a reissue, put out by a bookmonger trying to squeeze a few more eggs out of a productive goose.

PG was not sure if he had read “Cat’s Cradle”, or if that was even a relevant concern. Re reading an old favorite can be fun. This was a book with lots of short chapters, and then PG stumbled upon chapter 42, “Bicycles for Afghanistan”. This seemed a stroke of synchronicity, for in 1963, Afghanistan was a mistake on a geography test. Today, it is the scene of a ridiculous war, with America spending 8 times the national GDP on a war. We want to kill them there, before they kill us here. Mr. Vonnegut smoked his last cigarette in 2007, when the booboo in Babylon stole the glory from the Afghanistan plan. At that moment, PG decided to take the book home.

In November of 2008, PG wrote 58k words as a participant in nanowrimo. The novel was an unreadable mess, and has listlessly used memory ever since. One of the gimmicks in that book was a re reading of “Trout Fishing In America”, with a reaction to the text written down. Maybe this is the answer to the recent infestation of writers block? And with 127 short chapters, a poetic reaction to each one would provide plenty of text to put between pictures. Dude, make like a rodent, and gopher it. Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

1-the day the world ended. The author is named John. He was almost called Jonah, or whale indigestion. He is going to write about the day the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. This day was 8 years and nine months before PG first saw the light of day. The role of gravity in the descent of the instrument from the Enola Gay to the H city is a little pondered fact of history. If Isaac Newton had not been beaned by an apple, would Hiroshima be a forgotten Asian town today?

2- nice nice very nice A subplot of CC is a philosophy called Bokononism. We are not in Karass anymore. This is one of those touches of Vonnegutian satire. He probably is making a statement about Jesus worship, a self inflicted torture on the weak and lame. Why a chapter about satiric religion would be called nice is a mystery.

3-folly This is some bokonian philosophy, about a woman who hires an architect to design a doghouse. It is well known that philosophy is the disease, for that which it is supposed to be the cure.

4-a tentative tangling of tendrilsThis is about karass, which is a group of people with some sort of connection. Kind of like the Synchronicity set, which is longer, tougher to spell, but easier to make plural. In english, we make things plural by adding an s to the end. No one is sure how to pluralize words already ending in s. Getting back to John’s karass, three of the members are children of a man named Felix Hoenikker. ( Mr. V did not foresee the modern meaning of Ho, and the way Hoenikker might be considered racist. )( Between 1976 and 1989, the boss man in East Germany was Erich Honecker). Mr. Hoenikker was a scientist working on the bomb, and John wanted to talk to his children about what he did on August 6, 1944.

5- letter from a pre-med This is a letter from Newt Hoenikker, the youngest of the three Hoenikker children. He tells about August 6, 1945, and gives the origin of “Cat’s Cradle”. That was then. In 1963 when this book was copyrighted, Newt Gingrich was an undergraduate at Emory University. (an emoroid). Newt will probably never be President, which is just as well.

6- bug fights This is another tale of the Hoenikker family. The middle son, Frank, was on the run from the law when the book starts. Working him into the narrative will provide a measure of suspense for this so far plotless book.

7-The Illustrious Hoenikkers Here is where we learn that Newt is four feet tall, and that Frank is wanted by several law enforcement devices. When this book was written, Newt Gingrich was married to his first wife. She was his high school geometry teacher, but she waited until he was 19 to marry him. She got cancer about the time that Newt wanted a divorce, which he told her about while she was in the hospital. That is part of the legend. It is one of those things that is none of your business, but you get mad hearing about it. This is like the time PG was working with a Professional Jesus Worshiper, who took a company truck home one night, and brought it back the next day reeking of vomit. None of your business, but for that person to act self righteous later is just a bad joke.

8-Newt’s thing with Zinka Newt Hoenikker married a Ukrainian midget. ( In 1963, no one thought midget was an offensive word. In those days the polite expression for African American was Negro. Language is a versatile instrument.) Zinka was 43 yo, to Newt’s estimated age of 19. This is in keeping with the Gingrich connection, with one key exception. Zinka decided, after one week of marriage, that Americans were too materialistic. Such a woman would not make a good Republican wife.

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      Can you comment in color?

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    What does this blog have to do with cat beds? If I may ask.

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