Post A Day 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 28, 2011

The folks at WordPress have a new site, called Daily Post . No, this is not Wilbur’s kid brother. We don’t know if DP talks to horses or not.

The idea is to encourage people to post something everyday. This was the concept behind NaBloPoMo. This is a good idea, with a flawed execution. The name sounds very much like NAMBLA. The mailing list is the hotel california…once you get on it, you never leave. PG blogged every day for November 2008, said it was a good time, but there is more to life.

So now WordPress is doing the same thing, and PG is signing up. Do we see a disconnect here? Maybe. PG knows deep down that there will be days when he doesn’t get a post on the innertubes. Occaisonally, PG goes out of town, sometimes to places the internet does not reach. He sometimes gets work, and doesn’t feel up to writing stuff when he gets home. On the other hand, maybe someone else can be encouraged or supported by the effort here.

Here is the comment to Daily Post:
I didn’t learn about this until today. I have missed three days so far this year, but had more than one post on several other days. I was in something called nablopomo a couple of years ago. It was gimmicky, and sounded like nambla. I would hope that the WordPress version is better.
The more I write, the more I find to write about. If you keep the quantity up, the quality takes care of itself. Like Grandpa Walton said to John Boy, you are not a writer when you say you are writer. You are a writer when someone else says you are a writer.

The theme of chamblee54 is pretty pictures and ugly opinions. The pictures have little to do with the text. I got a telephone message today from a friend who said he enjoyed pictures of dogs and children, when I am writing about horrible subjects. Maybe I can post some inspiring text, and have horrible pictures to go with it.

I am glad to have this site as a source of ideas. There are always going to be days when I can’t think of anything to say, and there is nothing good to repeat. ( I make frequent use of my archive. The best way to do reposts is on the same day as the original.)

And so it goes. I can’t promise I will have something up every day, but I will on most days.  chamblee54

The world is full of things to write about, some of them entertaining and/0r educational. There is no shortages of pictures. The historic databases are formidable, and new pictures are just a click away. Or, pictures can be repeated. Pictures for this effort are from The Library of Congress

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