Peachtree Creek Trails

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on January 30, 2011

PG saw a notice on Facebook about a new trail by Peachtree Creek. . There was going to be something going on Sunday afternoon, and at 1:00 pm he was at the starting place.

The first part of the day was a trail clean up. The “meadow trail” is a loop, off Lindbergh Drive, just before you go under the freeway. Plastic bags were handed out, and the people walked down the trail until it reached Peachtree Creek. This area was prone to floods, and garbage was in the trees as much as ten feet above the water. PG filled a couple of bags, and walked back to the start to get more.

There were two ladies looking at plans. One introduced herself to PG, giving the name of her friend. She then introduced the real owner of that name, and told PG her name. PG is bad with names, and cannot remember either one. The first lady encouraged PG to take a break from cleaning up and walk down the other side of the path, which loops back around to join the cleanup.

PG walked down the right side of the loop, until it went under the the freeway. The underside of the big road was populated with huge chunks of granite, which is not easy to walk on. PG made it past one set of highway, and turned around.

This neighborhood is highway happy. The first big road…the one PG walked under…is now known as the Spring-Buford connector. It is the original I85, and is now used as an access road. The regular I85 passes by, in it’s twelve lane glory. A bit south, by the site of the second trail, is the place where highway 400 joins I85. The land for the meadow trail is owned by the Georgia Department of Transportation, and was possibly intended for an extension of highway 400 south of I85. That road was a center of controversy, and was never built.

Walking back on the loop, PG easily filled a bag with garbage. When he got to the start of the cleanup, the lady said she was leading a hike on a trail nearby. PG followed her to the trail head of hike number two. They were joined by some people, and led by two patient dogs. The trail starts across the creek from the end of Faulkner Drive, a warehouse road off Cheshire Bridge. In a warehouse, about 100 yards from the trail head, volunteers were painting decorations for the Intergalactic Love Affair.

The trail is on an access road the City built to facilitate an expansion of the sewer system. There were some silt fences, which blocked the view of the creek. The path was in fairly good shape, although what will happen when plants start growing is anyone’s guess.

After a little while, the path went under the three branches of freeway. When the big I85 was built, PG remembers the rows of concrete beams. rising out of the ground like cement lollipop sticks. Now this path goes underneath this, including an empty space with impressive grafitti. One of the paintings was a self portrait, of a graffiti artist. PG stayed behind to photograph the spraypaint, and missed the commentary on the trail. One section had a thin shaft of light landing on the ground, below the painting, which was an excellent way to light the pictures.

The trail came to an abrupt halt, across the creek from apartments off Lindbergh Drive. This is near the confluence, where the south fork of Peachtree Creek meets the north fork. The meadow trail is off the north fork; trail number two is on the south fork. To the right, Highway 400 roars into I85.

The trail head, across from Faulkner Drive, is not intended to be the end of the trail. There is a wildlife refuge on the other side of Cheshire Bridge road. There are two alternatives to joining the sections. One is to build a bridge over the creek, and take the path on the concrete of Faulkner Drive. The second is to buy land easements from people by the creek, and extend the path on the north side of the creek. The plan is to have the neighborhood vote on how to proceed.

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  1. Sally Sears said, on January 31, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    The creek becomes the silver thread stitching together the landscape, your words and your art. Wow, you really captured an entire season in your trip. Thanks for noticing how beautiful the light is. How wonderful to see your litter collection as the springboard for seeing the loops the highway the lollipop concrete.
    The photo/impression of Angel Poventud dazzles in that green shirt against the trees. And Harriet Hoskyns Abrahall marches in red white and blue like an American flag.
    Proud to share the hike with you! Sally

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