Cat Furniture Part Five

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This is a rendering of Cat’s Cradle. Parts one, two, three, and four are previously published. Pictures of C.S.A. soldiers are from The Library of Congress.

61-what a corporal is worth The currency on San Lorenzo is denominated in corporals. Given the state of the economy, this might be a form of corporal punishment. We learn in this chapter that Bokonism is illegal in San Lorenzo, and that practitioners of the cult may find themselves impaled on the hook. This is the method of capital punishment here, to have the victim pierced by a large fishing hook. They do not shoot the victims up with sedatives, purchased from sleazy British companies, before performing this procedure.

62- why Hazel wasn’t scared The wife of the bigot was named Hazel. She was not scared when she got off the plane, because San Lorenzo was a Christian country. This would not reassure PG. This story is set in 1959, when PG started Kindergarten. He went to a big church downtown and sang in the cherub choir. This was a big deal at this church, where the choir program started at two and a half.

63- reverent and free In this chapter, three people…the dictator of the island, Franklin Hoenikker, and his fiancee…get off a plane. This is the problem with a lot of short chapters, sometimes there is not a lot of action. That has long been a problem in media happy America, where the amount of time to fill far exceeds the amount of news. On November 24, 1963, all three networks reported on Lee Oswald being moved from one jail to another. They had been on the air since Friday, when the President was killed, and they needed to justify that time investment. So, they had the accused killer being moved to another jail. All of a sudden, a man burst in front of the crowd and shot Mr. Oswald. PG and his father were coming home from church, and just missed the first on camera murder in TV history.

64-peace and plenty The most beautiful woman on the island is Mona. She is the adopted daughter of the dictator, and the fiancee of Franklin Hoenikker. She was in the ad magazine that John saw about San Lorenzo, and John is infatuated with her. The book is now half over.

65 a good time to come to San Lorenzo PG went looking for a video of “Mona” by Quicksilver Messenger Service. He found a live version, with a film of the band, but the sound was awful. Another had better sound, but a tiresome light show for the visual part. And so it goes…hey, this thing is channelling Vonnegut, you have to say that every once in a while. So, the suggested next song was something by the Jeffeson Airplane called Airplanes. It was horrible!! Those guys should retire, go somewhere and snort their royalties. Fortunately, the youtube search engine can find anything you want to listen to. So, the original Jefferson Starship, Blows against the empire, which PG hasn’t heard in years. Even if the visual is a static picture of the album cover, the music is as great as ever.

66 the strongest thing there is While PG was rhapsodizing the glory of Grace Slick…talk about low standards…the dictator of San Lorenzo collapsed during a military ceremony. People were horrified, except for Mona. She rubbed her foot with the pilot, in a forbidden Bokonon ritual.

67 hy-u-o-ook-kuh! Lowe and Hazel Crosby are the republicans on this ill fated trip to San Lorenzo. They ask the cab driver who Bokonon is. The cab driver wants to stay alive, so he recites his lines carefully…Bokonon is a bad, bad man. The driver is probably a Bokononer in his spare time. Or maybe that is Bokononi, or Bokononer. The latter would account for the population problem on the island.

68-hoon-vera mora-toorz The other legend of San Lorenzo is the Hundred Martyrs to Democracy. It seems that after Pearl Harbor, San Lorenzo decided to join the war as an ally of the United States. One hundred men were drafted for service, and put on a boat the United States. The boat was sunk by a German submarine.

69- a big mosaic The Crosby’s and John check into a beautiful hotel. They are the first people to stay there. A man, with a smart mouth, is creating a mosaic in the lobby of this hotel. The mosaicist is the owner of the hotel, Philip Castle. His grandfather started a sugar company on this island. His father started a hospital, after he gave up being a playboy. Phillip Castle has a negative attitude, is a possible communist, but he owns the hotel.

70-tutored by Bokonon Dear Beloved one, I am Mrs. Oliva Baker an aging widow suffering from long time illness. I have some funds I inherited from my late husband, the sum of US$8,400,000.00 and I needed a very honest and God fearing Christian that will use the fund for God’s work, I found your email address from the internet and decided to contact you. Please if you would be able to use the funds for the Lord’s work, kindly reply for further details.Yours in the Lord, Mrs. Oliva Baker

71-the happiness of being an american H. Lowe Crosby is offended by Philip Castle. He calls him a pissant, which seems to be his favorite insult. (spell check suggestion :croissant) It is a low blow. Mr. Crosby complains about Mr.Castle to the desk clerk at the hotel. The desk clerk tells Mr.Crosby that Mr. Castle owns the hotel.

72- the pissant Hilton This has nothing to do with Paris Hilton. She was minus 25 years old when the story is set. It does describe an activity that Miss Hilton might find amusing, and that the authorities found illegal on San Lorenzo. Two hotel employees were sitting down with their bare feet touching each other. This was punishable by death, which made it that much more exciting. This is also considered a dire insult in the Arab world. Customs can be confusing.

73-black death So Mr. Castle, whose name is temporarily forgotten, came to San Lorenzo and built a hospital. Soon after that, a ship wrecked nearby, and a shipload of rats came ashore. The rats brought bubonic plague, which the hospital was helpless to treat. Finally, Mr. Castle started to giggle. They will welcome us as liberators.

74-cats cradle This is the title of the book. On August 6, 1945, Felix Hoenikker came out of his office, and put on a show for his youngest son, Newton. He took a string, wrapped it around his fingers, and called it a cat’s cradle. Newt ran off crying, and appears to have been traumatized. Of course, his trauma was nothing compared to the children of Hiroshima, but we won’t worry about that. Apparently, some kid, or some adult, somehow somewhere saw a cat in a cradle, where most people saw only a bunch of strings. This compares to other parts of culture, that some people get and others don’t. PG is reminded of the hysterical reaction of Jesus worshipers to talk about life after death. Supposedly, Jesus rose from the dead after a day and a half. If you believe this, you go to heaven. If you don’t believe this, you go to hell. PG has a tough time going from point a to point b. It doesn’t help when Jesus worshipers scream. It is the cat in the cradle.

75- give my regards to Albert Schweitzer The first name of Philip Castle’s father is Julian. He is not an admirer of Albert Schweitzer, even if he tried to do the same hospital building thing. The hero of Julian Castle is Jesus Christ. Those two words are commonly used together, as though Christ was the last name of Jesus. In fact, Christ is a title, given to the messiah. Some cultures believe in prophecies which predict the appearance of this messiah.. PG is not convinced that Jesus is the Christ.

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