Dennis Prager And Conor Friedersdorf

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 17, 2011

PG was driving back from Alpharetta, and turned the radio on. Dennis Prager was on, and his guest was Conor Friedersdorf. PG has heard Mr. Friedersdorf on Bloggingheads, and even saw him drink from a beer bottle. This should prove interesting.

Mr. F recently posted an item where he said kind things about Mr. Prager. There had been an article about travel that Mr. F liked. ( A broken clock is accurate twice a day.) For some reason, Mr. F added this comment:
“It’s nice to be reminded that I shouldn’t fall into the bad habit of disparaging the whole “talk radio right.” There are a few thoughtful voices in that grouping.”
The article praising Mr. Prager was not well recieved by all. PG was just barely paying attention. To him, the terms liberal, conservative, the right, and the left are misleading terms, used to divide and conquer. These terms are nothing to boast about, and should not be used as insults. Mr. Prager seems to disagree, and is proud of it.

Mr. Prager asked Mr. F why he thought conservative radio whiners are a bunch of poopy heads. After all, it is radio, and you cannot see if their lips are moving. Mr. F said something, and was quickly interrupted by Mr. Prager, who then went to a commercial break. This is another thing with talk radio…with the commercials, traffic monitors, and news breaks, the talkers seldom get to chatter for more than ten minutes. (Whether or not this is a problem is left to the individual.)

At one point, the subject was race. When you don’t have anything to say, talk about race. Mr. Prager asked if it was “the right” or “the left” that was making more of an issue about race. The next sentence, it was black people or white people…which one flogged the color donkey more? PG found this odd…which one of the four groups is the man talking about?

After yet another ad, this time for people who owe too much on their credit cards, Mr. Prager played an inflammatory quote by Mike Malloy. Where is something like this to be heard on conservative radio? PG supposes that two wrongs do make a right in talk radio land. Mr. F said something about Glenn Beck, or maybe it was Rush Limbaugh. Mr. Prager interrupted him before he finished.

It should be noted that this piece was finished without the aid of a transcript. It was something heard on the radio, while driving with the crazies on highway 400. While it gets the spirit of the broadcast, it is not an verbatim account. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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  1. Conor Friedersdorf said, on February 17, 2011 at 6:42 pm

    This account made me laugh. It definitely captures the annoying nature of the commercial interruptions. In fairness, however, I was able to read damning passages by both Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh – and I think that’s a victory, because talk radio listeners are seldom forced to confront the odiousness of what those men say. I still hope to persuade Mr. Prager about that. Also, he is far better about letting guests speak than most radio hosts, political or not.

    • chamblee54 said, on February 18, 2011 at 11:16 am

      Thank you for stopping by.
      When you consider the nonsense that Rush Limbaugh talks, you should consider the size of his audience, and the way many people (dittoheads) believe every word he says. While Mike Malloy may say rude things, he does not have one percent of the audience Mr. Limbaugh has.
      I have never listened to Mr. Levin. I will take your word for it.

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