Cat Furniture Part Six

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 18, 2011

This is a rendering of Cat’s Cradle. Parts one, two, three, four, and five are previously published.

76 Julian Castle agrees with Newt that everything is meaningless Julian Castle now says that he was just talking to hear himself breathe when he said Jesus was his hero. He takes a painting by Newt Hoenikker, of a cat’s cradle, and throws it out the window. This was not pleasant for PG, who makes pictures. Some people do not like PG, and like to insult his “art work” as a way of getting back at PG. Maybe something you made isn’t the greatest image the world has ever seen, but you don’t have to throw it away.

77- aspirin and boku-maru Julian Castle tells John that almost everyone on the island is a Bokononer. The fact that it is illegal makes it more fun. This is a compelling reason why we should not make murder legal. It would not be as much fun.

78 ring of steel Bokonon and McCabe invented this new religion, because they could not do anything to help the poor people of the island. So, they made up a religion of lies to make them feel better. It was Bokonon’s idea to have the new religion be against the law. Maybe that is the problem with Jesus worship in america. We have this notion of separation of church and state, and religion is legalized. On San Lorenzo, church and state are intimately connected, in the same way that the government here runs the drug trade. Maybe this is what Karl Marx meant by opium of the people.

79-why McCabe’s souls grew coarse So they had this racket. Bokonon was the outlaw high priest, and McCabe was the mean gummint man who crusaded against him. Eventually, they believed their own propaganda and went insane. Not insane enough for McCabe to actually catch Bokonon. He had to have a bad guy to stay in power. This is similar to what the American government faced after the fall of the Soviet Union. They had no enemy, no reason to scare the people and spend tons of money on the military. When 911 fell out of the sky, “radical” Islam was the new enemy. So far, the war on terror has been much less satisfactory than the war on communism.

80 the waterfall strainers Angela Conners, and her brother Newt Hoenikker, like to drink. Angela gets upset about things, and finds solace in playing the clarinet. It turns out that her husband is a drunk who likes to chase women. When John says something about her happy marriage, Newt spreads his fingers and says, see the cat, see the cradle. Things are not always what they appear to be.

81-a white bride for the son of a pullman porter This is where Angela Conners plays clarinet, with a jazz record in the background. Jazz was in bad shape in 1959. It was the music of hipsters and junkies, and respectable white people were not into that. Or so some say, PG was five years old, and they didn’t play jazz records at the ayers dale kindergarten. This kindergarten was run in the basement of a house on Mabry Road in Brookhaven, and the boss lady was named Dot Ayers. When her son went to Oglethorpe University, Dot became the fanatical supporter of Oglethorpe athletics.

82-zah-mah-ki-bo Franklin Hoenikker wants to talk to John immediately, but won’t tell him why. Maybe this is a good time to talk about a website that PG saw a minute ago. FengShuiShopper . “My name is Marina Lighthouse, and I am a certified Feng Shui practitioner of the fourth stage “Black Sect Tantric Feng Shui.” My intention is to support you by helping to create good Feng Shui in your personal and professional life. Find the finest quality products that will guide you to authentic feng shui cures and bring harmony into your environment.”

83- Dr. Schlichter Von Koenigswald approaches the break even point The dictator of the island is dying, in great pain. More drugs would kill him, but fewer drugs will not make him well. Suicide and euthanasia are discussed, and it is mentioned that Mr. McCabe kicked his own bucket. It seems as though the doctor looking out for the dictator is an Austrian, Dr. Schlichter Von Koenigswald. Copy paste is a wonderful thing. The doctor worked for the German government in the war, as a population control specialist. He saves many lives in his work at the San Lorenzo hospital. It is estimated that, if he continues to work at he present pace, the number of lives he saves will be equal to the number of lives he took during the war. It is estimated the break even point will be in 3010.

84 blackout When the power fails in a modern area, the result is a blackout. Like so many sayings, this is the opposite of the truth. It should be black in, because that is where the darkness is.

85-a pack of foma Foma is another of those Vonnegutian concepts. When you google Foma, the first answer is Florida Osteopathic Medical Association. A few stops down is a blogspot facility called Live by the Foma. It has a quote by Bokonon at the top of the page. Foma is defined as a harmless untruth. There is also Mona Foma , an annual festival in Hobart, Tasmania,

86-two little jugs In the foma blogspot place, there was a photo quiz about the golden globes. It shows pictures of breasts, with glamorous dresses over them. ( Some were more covered than others.) The idea was the match the pulchritude to the actress that was behind the display.

87-the cut of my jib Frank Hoenikker wants John to be the president of San Lorenzo. John is not sure that he wants the job. Looking at the way people talk about BHO, it makes you wonder why anyone would want to be president of anything.

88-why Frank couldn’t be president Some people think that 8 is a lucky number. It is one more than seven, which is the lucky number in our culture. Eight is the infinity sign at ninety degrees. Eight is two times two times two. Eight the number sounds the same as ate, the past tense of eat. In 1988, George H.W.Bush chose Dan Quayle to be his Vice President. Sometimes eight is not so lucky.

89- duffle This is the last chapter of this rendering for tonight. When today started, this project was up to chapter 44, which is half of 88. Sometimes writing this is fun, but sometimes it is not. PG heard about a man who made pottery once. He only worked when he felt passion for what he was doing. When PG heard that, he thought, If I worked that way I would never finish anything.

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  4. Robert Thompson said, on February 21, 2018 at 9:58 am

    I went to Dot Ayers kindergarten on Mabry Road in Brookhaven. I vividly remember it being in the basement of her house as you said. I still have my Diploma somewhere and I believe the year was 1960. I was born in 1955. I am curious how you know about her? What a small world! I found your blog by Googling her name. I’d love to know more about her if you have any connections. Thank you for posting this!

    • chamblee54 said, on February 24, 2018 at 1:42 pm

      I used to know an Ogelthorpe professor. He said that Dot Ayers was the hysterically fanatic supporter of Ogelthorpe athletics.

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