What Movie Is The Story Of Your Life?

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on February 18, 2011

There is a theory that messages are always going to be playing catch up to the medium that transmits them. Evidence of this is the concept of the internet quiz. The question for tonight is “what movie is the story of your life ?”. Google has 1.9 million results, with the ten on page one sufficient for this post. Pictures are from The Library of Congress

Gotoquiz is at the top of the heap. They have 12 multiple choice questions, like “11. What kind of bra do you wear? Push Up!!!//Normal//Sports//None”. The header ad is from Trans Union, offering to reveal your credit score. The answer was “Legally Blonde” “You will strive to get what you want. NOBODY can judge you based on your looks. YOu are independent and you can forget about any guy who tries to abuse you. (like the professor) You are a good friend and you definently know Prada.”

My Yearbook, a division of My Space, tweaks the formula a bit. The question here is “What Movie is the Love Story of Your Life?”. The header is an ad, featuring Jennifer Hudson, promoting Weight Watchers. After five multiple choice questions, you are invited to join My Yearbook. You click on some fine print to get around this, and find out that the movie of your love life is…”Casablanca”. “Your love is classic, like an old black and white movie. Though it is tried and true, some times–as we learn in this movie–it is just not meant to be. We have to make great sacrifices in our lives, especially for the ones we love. Some times life gets in the way of love. It’s tragic, but true. Nothing will ever replace the love you feel, so you must not be afraid to let go and move on. The love, like this classic movie, will always be there in your heart.”

Quizazz has six multiple choice questions. It advertises Trans Union and Doctors Foster and Smith bird supplies. To hear them tell it, PG’s life story is “Twilight””Your life is complicated at times but 2 people are fighting for your love you may just not know it.”

Quiztron thinks you want to buy an Xbox game called “Dance Central”. The answer page ad is Goodyear Tires, with a video of the Bonneville Salt Flats. PG answered ten multiple choice questions to find his life in celluloid…”Revenge of the Nerds”. “You’re not the coolest kid on the block, but does that mean you can’t take on the jocks? Watch this movie and find out your destiny.”

Quibblo takes another angle to this mystery. “What actress would play you in a story of your life?” ( Do males take internet quizzes?) This is a capitalist crowd here…”Because you aren’t a Quibblo member yet, we aren’t going to save this result for you, so make sure to grab it now! If you’d like us to save your results, please become a member.” The answer here is Alexis Bledel.”You are quirkey and beautiful. You are really smart and some might think you are a nerd. But you dont care at all, you couldnt care less about what people think. You have cute little habbits, and everone loves them. You are a very nice and generous person but some might not ever take the time to get to know you so they will never know that, there loss.”

Quizilla seems to promote anti drug programs instead of credit scores. That might account for this question…”You blow your nose. What might you expect to find on the kleenex? Umm… snot? //Nothing- I never get sniffles //Kleenex? What kleenex? I use my hand!// Blood. Lots and lots of blood. //I don’t look at the Kleenex afterward because I heard that that’s when the demons strike// Umm, like, boogers and stuff *giggle*// I have more important things to do than examine my kleenex! //The eraser I shoved up there last week” The movie of choice here is “Psycho”. If your life was a movie, it would be Psycho, a horror flick about a man who goes around killing random people. You’re probably a bit strange, and harbour a burning rage that you try to hide but that will someday explode and result in the deaths of several innocent people.”

Before you can start the quiz at LOLquiz , you get this disclaimer…”When you sign in, we’ll have you follow @lolquiz. You can always unfollow us. :)”. PG does not do twitter, but thinks this is a bit pushy. There are only 1,949,994 results left.

Quizfarm shifts to the semantic differential…a statement that you agree or disagree, mildly or strongly. Some of the statements are “7. You’d sell weed to get your friend out of jail//8. You dig driving around town and getting stoned //9. You like getting your dog high // 10. You let your undead friends crash at your place “// The flick of the hour is “Idle Hands””You got Idle Hands. You’re a pretty lazy person and your friends usually mean well, but they always seem to mess up. “

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