Cat Furniture Part Seven

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This is a rendering of Cat’s Cradle. Parts one, two, three, four, five , and six are previously published. Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

90-only one catch John finds out that if he becomes the President of San Lorenzo, that he will have to marry Mona. She is the most beautiful girl on the island, and the reason John came to the island. PG suspects this will not have a happy ending.

91-Mona John proposes to Mona, and they seal the deal by performing boko-maru. This is the Bokononer act of rubbing bare feet together, and is 180 degrees away from the alleged Eskimo custom of rubbing noses. In Afghanistan, there is much talk about the odd customs of the natives. The girly men of Afghanistan are greeting soldiers with kisses, and offers to braid their hair, and are rebuffed by the freaked out privates and sergeants.

92-on the poet’s celebration of his first boko maru This is a poem by Bokonon. PG is not a poetry person, although he has heard a few things lately that makes him reconsider this. He is a prose man, and deals with cons as best he can. He has never taken prozac.

93-how i almost lost my mona John did not want Mona to do boko maru with anyone except himself. Mona was upset, because this goes against the Bokononer religion. John was without religion, making him a fine fellow to PG, but a degenerate to Mona. As is traditional, the woman said that if you want me, you want my religion.

94 the highest mountain No one has ever wanted to climb Mount McCabe. This tells PG that Cat’s Cradle is a work of fiction, because if you put a huge mountain in plain Caribbean view, someone is going to want to climb it. Men are like that.

95-I see the hook While preparing this text, there is the question of whether to use capital letters, or small letters, in the chapter titles. This chapter is no different, but there is something magic about the word I. It is said to be the shortest, least important word in the language. I represents first person singular. I does not look right when it is rendered in lower case. There is nothing wrong with lower case i, and the adding a tittle to the top is terrific. For representation of the egomaniac in control of the keyboard, there is nothing like the capital I.

96-bell, book, and chicken in a hatbox We are back to all lower case in the chapter titles, doesn’t that feel better? The informality of lower case is most appropriate for this tale. e.e. cummings would agree. The action in this chapter involves a waiting room, outside the chamber with the dying dictator. A spiritual adviser is present, along with the chicken in a hatbox. This is not a new menu item at KFC. The spiritual adviser has a phd from Western Hemisphere University of the Bible. WHUB is located in Little Rock, AR. The spiritual advisor learned about WHUB through an ad in Popular Mechanics.

97-the stinking christian “Papa” Monzano is the dictator of San Lorenzo, and he is dying. He wears a necklace, with a pendant on it, that contains a bit of ice nine. In other words, he is being murdered. “Papa” is sorry that he did not kill Bokonon. He might be pleased to know that this version of Cat’s Cradlehas changed the practitioners of the outlaw religion to Bokononers. This sounds a lot like boner, which may have been the original intention of Mr. Vonnegut. Book censorship was a reality in 1959, and the postal authorities may have looked with disdain at a book about boners.

98-last rites PG was brought up in the baptist tradition, and the notion of a priest giving last rites has always seemed a bit odd. Evidently, the Bokononers feel otherwise. It doesn’t matter if the delivering official knows what they are doing. Do Catholic priests ever get last rights confused with educating alter boys?

99- dvot meet mat In the Bokononer last rites, there is a dialog between the priest and the almost departed, between the dim and the doomed. They talk about mud, or mutt in German, or mat in Island dialect. Some mud gets to be human beings, and the humans should be grateful to G-d they are not being wiped off someone’s boot. There is no mention of coffee in this ritual. Or the mudd club. The ramones had a song which went jacky was a runt, judy was a punk, they went down to the mudd club and they both got drunk. Allan Sherman has a song, which starts out, hello mudduh, hello fadduh, here i am at camp grenada.

100-down the obliette goes Frank Yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ronald Reagan. This is thirty years after he was President. When he was running for the office, a lot of people thought he was too old. He made it through two terms, although his mental capacity was suspect by the end. There was a joke…Ronnie and Nancy go to dinner. The waiter asks Nancy what she wants, and she says a steak, cooked medium rare. The waiter askes, “What about your vegetable?” “He will have the same thing.”

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  1. […] is a rendering of Cat’s Cradle. Parts one, two, three, four, five , six, and seven are previously published.Pictures are from The Library of Congress. 101-like my predecessors, I […]

  2. […] is a rendering of Cat’s Cradle. Parts one, two, three, four, five , six, seven, and eight are previously published. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. They were taken […]

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