Typing With Mr. K Part One

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This is the PG notes edition of Satori in Paris by Jack Kerouac. The slim volume was published in 1966, and has a drawing of the Eiffel Tower on the cover. The idea is to read a chapter, and record the reaction. The pictures in part one are from The Library of Congress. The pictures were made between 1861 and 1865, and document the War Between the States.

1- Jean-Lous Lebris de Kerouac is the full name of the author. There is supplemental punctuation for the last name, which may or may not find it’s way into digital manifestation. The best way to use foreign punctuation is to find it somewhere and copy it into your text. The best way to use this name, for our purposes, is to call him Kerouac. If the spirit is there, a mister may be added. The other real name in this first paragraph is Raymond Baillet, the cabdriver who delivered the satori of the title.
The first impulse was to call this man Jack. This is such a versatile word. Money, masturbation, and car lifting devices are all referenced by this name. When the book was published, the cash cow of the tabloid press was Jackie Kennedy, soon to be Jackie O. Her husband was also a Jack, until it became inconvenient keep him in office. He was hi jacked, or maybe low jacked.

2- The copy of SIP that PG works with is old, produced in the fifth printing of the book. ( How appropos of the drunken Kerouac to have a fifth printing.) It was owned by a man who is now deceased. When he quit living, a friend cleaned out his apartment, and some of his books wound up in a box. This box went from the apartment to a van, where it remains to this day. One afternoon, PG helped his friend move a chair into this van. To make room for the chair, the box of books had to come out. PG looked through this box, found SIP, and decided to read it.
This uneven storage, over a period of 45 years, has worked a hardship on the glue that binds the pages. The sheet of chapter 2 is now loose, and can be picked up, waved, examined up close, and inserted upside down in the book. This does not help this chapter any. It is two paragraphs long, and ends by mentioning adults who don’t like to look in a mirror if they are insane.

3- What about Mr. K? It is short and to the point. K is a great letter, used for a thousand and a strikeout. Mr. K might have enjoyed Special K. When you talk about a person like Mr. K, who was at once the king of the beatniks, and got a headache from the crown, a faux hip expression like Mr. K might or might not be appropos. As we get further into this venture we can make further adjustments.
Chapter 3 is about the arrival of Mr. K in Paris. We will be looking for clues when the action takes place, but there is an indication here that it was the early sixties. He mentions the landing going off “without a georgia hitch”. On June 3,1962 , a Boeing 707 crashed at Orly Airport, with 130 fatalities. Most of those on the plane were part of a Museum tour of Europe, from Atlanta GA. PG saw the TV reports, with a list of the dead scrolling down the screen. Malcolm X said that it was a gift from G-d.

4- Mr. K gets adjusted to life in Paris. He goes to a spectacular church, and spends the night with a lady he met in a gangster bar. The lady wants to marry Mr. K, but that is not going to happen.

5- Mr. K gave the lady from the gangster bar $120, which was real money in 1962. She tried to call him at the pension, and he let the pederast desk clerk shoo her away. Mr. K is going to get drunk now instead of having sex.
The english language is full of oddities. The concept of calling a small hotel a pension is one of them. What does a reduced salary for your old age have to do with a little hotel in Europe? PG stayed at a place in Berlin once, that his fellow traveler “P” said was a pension. One morning, PG took over the breakfast room, and watched German music videos on tv. One had Adolf Hitler moving his hand in front of his face, and someone put a toothbrush in that hand, so he was brushing his teeth while making an inflammatory speech.
One problem with working on a computer is the distractions. An email just came in, announcing a comment at Chamblee54. This is usually cause for celebration. However, this was a spam announcement, from some kind of weight loss blog. The comment was about a post titled “fat tuesday”, which is understandably fodder for the weight loss industry. The only problem is, the post about Fat Tuesday was taken down a couple of days ago. It was about Mardi Gras, and a few memories that Georgia boi PG has about Carnival. It was posted on the Tuesday a WEEK BEFORE MARDI GRAS. Like we said, PG is a Georgia boi that does not know much about Carnival, such as the day that it occurs in 2011. He quietly took the post down, only to be reminded of his mistake by a spammonger at weightlossnetworks dot com.

6- The pages are starting to stay glued into the book by now, and PG is determined to be careful and not have any more fall out. This might not be possible while telling the story of Mr. K. It might be a symbol of his life, that the pages fell out of the binding. In chapter 6, he goes looking for the perfect bar, and a policeman points it out to him. He chats up various ladies, meets one who likes him, and then gets drunk and forgets about her. The pension is asking him to leave, but he is on a mission. He is determined to find the history of his family, whose motto is Love Suffer And Work . The next part of the sentence is “you dumb old bourgeois bag”, which is either a part of the motto, an ad slogan for a purse, or none of the above.

7- The original mission for this trip is to do research on the Kerouac family. He goes to a fancy library, and the lady tells him that the Germans burned all the papers when they were visiting. Mr. K takes a timeout to go to a bar, drink, and tell women they are beautiful. This doesn’t work out, so he sits at a sidewalk cafe and watches Paris ride by.
So it is a couple of days later, and facebook says it is the birthday of Mr. K . PG’s mother was born on July 23 of the same year, in Memphis TN. Her mother was from Washington GA, and her father from Paragould AR. 1922 was a different world from 2011.
Anyway, PG decides that the bd of Mr. K would make a dandy day to post the first installment of this rendering. We still don’t have a title, and a handle that would attract the attention of google would be hip. Or elbow, or ass, PG gets those body parts mixed up sometimes.

It is a lovely pre spring day in Chamblee GA, sun pouring in through the windows, a mug of coffee on the table, basketball on the tv, files of african american union soldiers streaming over the intercom… does life get any better? PG knows the answer to that, and is in steadfast denial, but then it could always be worse. Stream of consciousness is more fun to write than it is to read.
The next file to come through…these are big files, and you can do a lot of writing between clicks to download another one…is titled “Child named Carl who became a soldier; with handwritten note and lock of hair in case”. The note is legible and heartbreaking, even though this is a yankee we are talking about. “my beloved son Carl taken from me on April 1, 185 at age 18 killed at (unintelligible). In another week or so, the south surrendered, and the war was over.

8- In this chapter, Mr. K takes an Arab girl to a musical performance, goes to a bar, and leaves before a fight breaks out. There are a few paragraphs that are just a few words long, and they tell the bulk of the story. “I teach her Christianity…I just don’t know…You’re kidding…Paris is a rough town”. The page threatens to fall out of the book, but with gentle persuasion stays in place.
We now have a working title for this effort. Typing With Mr. K. You can’t talk about Jack Kerouac without mentioning the quote by Truman Capote. “That’s not writing, thats typing.” Mr. K was more butch than Mr. Capote.

9- This is a short chapter that does not advance the plot. Mr. K remembers his grammar school teacher, who went on to be a nun in New Mexico. How did this happen, or is it nun of my business? So, Miss Dineen, as she was known in the pre Sister Mary days, wrote that Jack and his sister were friendly children with unusual charm. Miss Dineen was told that the K kids were descended from French aristocracy. She believed. Later, Jack became a drunk, “Because I like ecstasy of the mind.”

10- The supertitle here is ( Strange Chapter) Below this is a thin line, stretching from border to border. Then there is a space, and then 10., with a period, centered in between the top line and it’s twin line, stretching border to border one space below the 10. This is the format used for all 38 chapters. There was not an ink shortage when this 5th printing was produced.
Mr. K is searching for the National Library, so he can research his family. The gendarme gave Mr. K bad instructions, and he got lost. While he is wandering, some men in uniforms give him unwanted attention, but do not arrest him. Finally, Mr. K goes into a bar, and the bartender gives him accurate directions to the Library.

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