Give This Woman A Lesson

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 22, 2011

Andrew Sullivan has two posts today about Israel. He is a lame duck at the Atlantic,  before moving on to greener pastures. The two posts today have a yin yang dimension.

The more thoughtful post is a link to a podcast featuring Gideon Levy. Mr. Levy is an Israeli journalist who regards the Palestinians as human beings, and is not well regarded by many as a result. The discussion regards the tiger that Israel is riding. It will be very, very difficult to continue the status quo situation with the Palestinians. On the other hand, if they climb down from the tiger, and give some freedom to the occupied people, they will be the recipient of revenge. This  happened when the settlements in Gaza were taken down.

Mr. Levy says he is a friend of Israel, who is telling the unpopular truth. He compares it to the keepers of a drug addict, who can either continue to finance the addiction, or force the druggie into treatment. There are no easy answers, and the podcast is thought provoking, and might cause brain damage.

The other post is about the P lady. This blog has tried to be a Palin free zone. The lady is getting way too much publicity, and chamblee54 is protesting. However, this story is  just too funny to ignore.

It seems that the P lady is on a visit to Israel, with photographers at every turn. ( There is a picture at the ynet site that delights body english readers. It shows Sarah and Todd Palin, posing with Sara and Benjamin Netanyahu.) The story is that the Palins went to visit Bethlehem. The problem is, they did not get permission first, and were turned away at a checkpoint.

The ynet site is commercial, and has numerous ads. If you click on the page, there is a real estate ad in Hebrew. Other ads include Jewish dating services,  Alaska cruises, and the Jesus trail walking tour.

The real fun to the story about Sarah and Todd ( is he afraid to let her go out by herself?) is in the comment section. Yes, Israel does have a free press. Try not to read these while drinking beverages.

2. She missed nothing …Bethlehem is a shithole, crowded, dirty, full of heckling, aggressive merchants – and I say this, despite being a Christian. The PA is welcome to it. There are far better places in Israel to tour. Linichka Gdynia, Poland3. What is it with xtians and their plunging necklines … can someone give this woman a lesson in “decent” dressing. This is the HOLY Land not Las Vegas. Sarah Esther, Israel7. Sarah Esther….what are you doing looking at YNET pictures? Shame on you, Sarah Esther! If you think her neckline is too low, then you shouldn’t even be on Ynet in the first place! The two pictures in this article show her decently dressed, unless you’re a closet lesbian with the hots for ornery shicksas from Alaska? Does your rebbe know you are surfing the web? Brian Cohen , Judean Peoples Front 8. Sarah Esther – you been to Tel Aviv beach recently? SD , Londonistan12. This reinforces the impression…that Sarah Palin is a simple woman. If she truly neglected to make special arrangements to acquire permission to enter Bethlehem because of her ignorance of the status of Bethlehem, it’s just another example of her simplicity. Unless there’s something else that we’re unaware of, and assuming the article is accurate, then this story shouldn’t really surprise any of us who’ve paid at least some attention to Palin over the past few years. In other words, she’s not the brightest candle on the Hannukiah. Gabriel , Jerusalem17. I just hope the Republicans don’t put her up as their candid … If they do they will be handing the election to Obama. American voters don’t care if she has visited Israel or not they care about her domestic track record which other than being the champion of the Tea Party and governor that didn’t even complete a full term isn’t much. zionist forever

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  1. Morgan K Freeberg said, on March 22, 2011 at 1:52 pm

    There certainly is a lot of irrational hatred being aimed at her. It’s rather impressive how long it’s been going on, given the intensity.

  2. chamblee54 said, on March 22, 2011 at 8:37 pm

    Thanks for stopping by.
    WordPress went on strike for a while tonight. I suspect it is because I broke my rule, of not discussing the P lady.

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