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Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 25, 2011

A facebook friend displayed an application for a Trivia Question of the Day. When you type TQOTD into google, the nifty algorythym produces 1.6 million results. There are a few suggestions for the next word of your search. You can find the TQOTD for kids, get an email, or get results with funny and sports. Google does not care if you have too much free time.

The top result is Trivia Company. Apparently the need for trivia is such that a proprietary company can warehouse useless knowledge. The top of the web page boasts “Trivia Company: The Correct Choice for Content…The World’s #1 Supply of Original Trivia Content…Supplying Engaging Content Since 1995…Trivia Company now does Iphone Apps.”

Trivia Cafe has a colorful page, with an ad for AT&T. Their QOTD is “Q: In the same way that humans are identified by their fingerprints, dogs are identified by what kind of prints? A: NOSE PRINTS ” The result is sponsored by a cartoon banana, telling you about foods you should not eat.

If your salary is trivial, you might enjoy the Workers’ Compensation Discussion Forums / Trivia question of the day. The question today is “If a baby chicken is a chick, A baby goose is a gosling, What is a baby turkey called ? I believe it’s called a poult! ” The people in this forum all have inspirational messages at the bottom of the answer window. An example is “PRAY FOR PEACE – PRAY FOR AMERICA – PRAY OUT OBAMA.” It is tough to tell the difference between trivia and motivation.

An Irish venue called The New Republic has a “Demographic Trivia Question Of The Day” Today the query is “How much, in percentage terms, has the white population of Detroit declined from its high in the mid-1950s? Answer is in the comment section.” If you really care, you can use the link. This page advertises the xfinity triple play, from comcast.

Cool Quiz is a pastel colored return to serious trivia. It informs us that “Today is: Pecan Day in the USA. ” It explains the meaning of mufti, which is non uniform civilian clothes. And, in a trivia tour de force. it reminds us that this is the birthday of Elton John.

It turns out that March 25 is quite a day for singers. In addition to Reg Dwight (1947), today is the bd of Aretha Franklin (1942) and Anita Bryant (1940). Other arrivals include Jack Ruby (1911), Howard Cosell (1918), and Flannery O’ Connor (1925). The sad news is the loss of Buck Owens in 2006.

To get the Public CEO daily trivia question, you have to sign up for their daily email. ( BTW , that is now the correct spelling of email. The dash is no longer appropriate.)

A radio station has the Country Music Trivia Question Of The Day. Q: What artist was recently made a lifetime honorary firefighter in Tennessee? A: Craig Morgan.

A blogspot facility called Oodles of Fun contributes a toughie. ” On this day in 1888, what troubled artist chopped off part of his own ear? Vincent Van Gogh ” This is sponsored by the DogBreedStore.

Office Tally is “the top fansite for NBC’s hit comedy, ‘The Office’!” The trivia question here regards where one of the characters went to college. A commenter named Bill Buttlicker says “I could picture Jim going to PSU. He seems like a state university guy. Nittany Lions FTW”.

The first page of google results has only one more listing. If you can’t stand it anymore, you can skip ahead to the pictures. ( ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library” ) An establishment called My Football Facts has a daily trivia question. ” Q: Which club has been relegated the most times from the Top Flight of English Football? A: Birmingham City have been relegated 11 times (1896, 1902, 1908, 1939, 1950, 1965, 1979, 1984, 1986, 2006 and 2008).

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