To The Bombs Of Tripoli

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 27, 2011

“Thinking hard about you I got onto the bus and paid 30 cents car fare and asked the driver for 2 transfers before discovering I was alone.” /// PG drove 25 miles in the rain to a party. When he got there, the driveway was blocked by a police car. PG went home. ///”The silence of the snow in the mountains will be roaring in the creek by my house in a few days.” /// Spring is the earth waking up. When this happens, the snoring of the planet stops, the forests do a few quick stretches, and the rivers run down the hall to piss. /// “I lift the toilet seat as if it were the nest of a bird and I see cat tracks all around the edge of the bowl.” /// Tonight was earth night, and people were told to turn their lights out for one hour. This was supposed to increase consciousness of the use of electricity, and the excessive lighting of the planet. Some idiot on the east west connector decided to drive with his headlights turned off, and his emergency blinkers flashing. This will not increase consciousness about the sad state of the planet. ///”Television crippled the imagination and turned people indoors and away from living out their own fantasies with dignity.” /// Maybe driving on the east west connector without headlights, in the rain, was this man’s idea of a fantasy. This is not a crippling of the imagination, but warping it into something dangerous. And it might have been a woman, as PG did not discuss pronouns with this driver. ///”Your heart is like a sea gull frozen into a long distance telephone call.” /// When this was written, long distance was expensive. Today, long distance is free if you use a cell phone. In both times, sea gulls are vile, nasty animals that the planet would be better off without. /// “That is the last place in the world where you want to be but you have to be there, like a movie, because it features you.” /// Just because everyone else is going crazy about something , this does not mean that you are required to have an opinion. You just might have more peace of mind if you practice this. /// “I could feel somebody inside of her looking out as if her body were a castle and a princess lived inside.” /// At a red light, PG was behind a truck, from Fayette County, that either had it’s high beams on, or which had especially bright headlights. PG drove at 30 mph until this idiot passed him. Behind PG at this red light was the person driving without headlights /// “Half-children are playing in the street below. Their voices travel up to us like a piano with half its keys missing.” /// Kevin Sessums (spell check suggestion: Possums) had a quote by Elizabeth Taylor. The item was off the record until she died. Within 24 hours of her demise, Mr. Sessums talked about the item. Her fingernails were still growing. /// “It is against the natural order of death for a trout to die by having a drink of port wine.” /// It is even worse for the trout to drink King Cotton Peach Wine.  It was so foul, it could not be sold outside the state of Georgia.

“I just spent the last half-an-hour watching a Japanese children’s program on television… We know what we like.” /// Mr. B, will you ever get over your Japanese wife? Even death does not seem to help. /// “I always considered my body to be more possessions than I ever needed and so everything else had to be simple.” /// Even if a car was simple, it would still need a parking space and a gas station. On the way home from his aborted party night, PG had to stop for gasoline.The golfer Jack Nicklaus once said, the two biggest wastes of time were getting a haircut and filling your car with gasoline. /// “Japan begins and ends with Japan. Nobody else knows the story. / … Japanese dust in the Milky Way.” /// Japan has a cruel relationship with atomic energy. First the bomb was dropped, then the tsunami washed out a peaceful nuke plant. It is strange to get a karmatic blowback from receiving a nuclear bomb blast. ///”Mouths that kissed in the hot ashes of Pompeii are returning” /// The are lining up at the return desk to get a refund. They were not the correct size. /// “The thing that she was looking at was inside of herself. It had a shape that only she could see.” /// If she went on a diet, then that shape would be smaller. If the diet was communist, then the people would own it. If Yoko Ono was a man, she still could not sing very well. /// “We have the power to transform our lives into brand-new instantaneous rituals” /// If this is true, then the Jesus Worship church could use a bit more imagination in the Sunday Morning get togethers. Or maybe they could team up with weight watchers, to combat obesity in the church. /// “I can see at a glance, though, that you are something like me. You’re not at home in the world.” /// Just because you pay the property taxes does not mean you are at home. /// “Her face had that soft marble quality to it that beautiful women have when they are suddenly awakened and are not quite ready for it” /// PG is not a beautiful woman, and is seldom ready to wake up. /// “She loves flowers but she doesn’t have any windows in her hotel room, so she grows them by candlelight.” /// She also loves wisdom, but does not know how to read. She learns by watching Fox news. “Her lips are so red they make blood seem dull, a useless pastime.” /// There is a lot of talk about Libya these days. It makes PG’s head hurt, because he does not know what to do. Not that the leaders of the world asked him. /// “Cobalt Necessity: It’s just one of those things. When you need cobalt nothing else will suffice.” /// This is a conversation with the reputed ghost of Richard Brautigan . Part one was posted a few weeks ago. Pictures by PG.

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