Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on March 30, 2011

The note from blogger central was explicit. If chamblee54 does not produce 600 words on the new and improved war in Libya, then his license is in danger. So, in no particular order, here goes.

1- There is no shortage of commentary on this mess. Most of it is more heat than light. It would be great if people quit comparing BHO to GWB, Iraq to Libya, or Qaddafi to Hitler. Liberal and conservative has very little to do with this. Everyone is, to some degree or another, a hypocrite.

2- Muammar Qaddafi is a name brand villain. There was talk of sending a hit man to Libya in 1985 to take him out. If that had happened, some no name functionary would have taken over, and things would be the same today. It is easy to aim your rhetoric aat a person. This was the case with Saddam Hussein and Yassir Arafat. The pain of the Palestinian people did not go away when Mr. Arafat died.

3- Who are these rebels in Libya? If they oust Mr. Qaddafi, might they not turn out to be worse?

4- The United States is broke. We spend over a trillion dollars a year more than we take in. We don’t want to raise taxes. We cannot afford another war.

5- There are reports that the government in Bahrain is just as bloodthirsty as Mr. Qaddafi. Of course, they are not led by a brand name villain, and they are friendly to the USA. We probably will not intervene there. Ditto Saudi Arabia, multiplied by 12 million barrels of crude oil a day.

6- The troubles are spreading to Syria. This is on the border with Israel. To the USA, Israel is the only country that really matters. An armed intervention in Syria would endanger the refugees from Iraq. There are over a million Iraqi refugees in Syria. A war would have refugees. Will Israel take any in?

7- This is not 600 words. It is more than nothing at all. If you can’t say anything good, you should say nothing at all. The pictures are from The Library of Congress .

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