The Best Of Global Warming

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 4, 2011

There was a hearing in congress about carbon pollution. One of the reputed effects of this “global warming”. Before getting into the results of this meeting, one thing should be noted. If the problem is hot air, the last thing you want is a hearing before a committee in Washington D.C.

One of the talkers at this hearing was Richard Muller, the chair of a study group called BEST, for Berkley Earth Surface Temperature. BEST recieves funding from the Charles G. Koch Charitable Foundation, and was considered to be skeptical of claims regarding carbon pollution. To the surprise of many, Dr. Muller testified “We see a global warming trend that is very similar to that previously reported by the other groups”

Anthony Watts makes a few points about the testimony. It is said that “initial assessment is based on only 2% of the 1.6 billion measurements that will eventually be examined.”The people who don’t think carbon pollution is a problem are good at having things to say.

Yesterday, PG saw a movie about tornadoes. . This regards a scientific study, with the collection of lots of data. The idea here is to see what weather events are likely to result in tornadoes. There is a lot that is not known, and wading through mountains of data is an inexact science. The same could be said about the impact of carbon pollution.

The atmosphere of the earth is a marvel. It supports an amazing planet full of life. It has evolved into what it is over an estimated four billion years. The changes in the atmosphere have taken place primarily in the industrial age, roughly the last two hundred year. What took four billion years to build has been severely damaged in two hundred. If you crunch a few numbers , two hundred years compare to four billion years like one minute compares to thirty eight years.

Pictures today are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

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