What Hath G-d Wrought?

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 19, 2011

Every once in a while, the list of bookmarks gets too long. Some can be painlessly deleted. Others go into storage, on the chance that they will be useful someday. Some might be fun to visit often, and are moved into an appropriate folder. Today, we will look at some of the fun sites that Chamblee54 has stumbled onto lately. If you choose to follow these links, make sure your anti virus protection is updated and running. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

Banned In Hollywood seems to make fun of hetero losers, while appealing to them at the same time. This is not as weird as you think, when you consider the radio whiners who praise tax cuts for the wealthy, for the enjoyment of a blue collar audience. The pic at the top of the page shows a sofa load of people sucking face, while one guy drinks beer, by himself, in the middle. An everyday feature is the photo dump. It has dozens of fun images, some of which are safe for work.

Not Always Right is the dark side of customer service. As some of you know, when you say hello to a customer, you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. There are some dialogs here between sales help and those who alledgedly pay their salary. Here is one of the stories:

(A customer buys a medium popcorn and then spills it in the theater. We don’t usually give refills on mediums, but since he spilled it, we tell him we’ll refill it.) Customer: “I left the bag in the theater.” Me: “That’s okay, we can refill it. Just bring me the bag.” Customer: “Okay. Wait, do you mean a bag of weed, or the popcorn bag?” Me: “Uh, the popcorn bag will do.”

GINAA is a longtime favorite here. If you don’t have a high speed connection, this one takes forever to load. This site is like a drop of gasoline, in a bucket of water, that keeps spreading and turning rainbow colors. If you like to see the world in a grain of rice, you can waste serious time here.

La Boite Verte has no english text. For those who like to read our fine tongue, there are other places to go. There are lots and lots of pictures here. Art, history, and German barflies from 1967 are represented on the top page today. France’s BFF Germany contributes Das Kraftfuttermischwerk, another splendid waste of time and brain cells.

Cats That Look Like Hitler is what it says it is. The use of photoshop is suspected. As with many other sites, there is advertising here. A showtime feature called “The Borgias”, Caring Kitty Cremation, and Printable Cat Coupons are cheerfully promoted on this site.

Black And WTF , Buzz Feed, and Brain Pickings all start with B, and represent a lot of hard work by somebody. How much weirdness can you enjoy before you want to go watch a tennis match on tv?

Post It Notes From My Idiot Boss is another example of fine technology, used for less than steller results. A few years ago, people would set their VCR to record soap operas, so they could watch them when they got home. This is similar…the groundbreaking technology of self attaching note paper, used to deliver messages like “How often do we get the quarterly reports?”.

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