Gonzo Part Two: The Revenge Of National Book Week

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on April 26, 2011

It’s national book week: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don’t mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your status. That is what the man on facebook said. The book in question here is Gonzo: The Life of Hunter S. Thompson. It was not the closest book to the work station either… it was on the marbletop table by the front door, sincerely hoping to be returned to the library before PG leaves town.

Rules are being violated. Oh Lord, call the meme police. Before you snitch out PG, remember this is Dr. Hunter Stockton Thompson we are talking about. Breaking the rules was hard wired into his DNA, even when it was to his advantage to obey the regulations. Tell ya what, we will compromise, and post the correct sentence,from the proper page. As to the technicality of whether it is the fifth sentence, the fifth complete sentence, or a sentence referring to a fifth of a gallon of Chivas…you just have to trust the author to tell the truth.

” I moved to San Francisco in ’59, and Hunter came out shortly after that, and then Sandy joined them a little later”. HST wound up living on a tract of land near Big Sur. The site became the location of the Esalen Institute. Joan Baez lived nearby, but did not approve of Hunter hunting.

The meme is *reproduced* at NBW . In the spirit of lazy, copy paste blogging, here are a few.

“And joyfully laughing, he continued to lead her along toward the dining room” /// “Gross anatomy provides the medical student with what is very often his or her first exposure to a dead body; as such, it has long been considered a vital, necessary step in the doctor’s education.” /// “It was a Thursday, the first time, I was wiping down the kitchen table and mother was standing by the window.” /// “Harry, your eyesight really is awful,” said Hermione, as she put on glasses. “/// “I also found some rum in the great cabin, of which I took a large dram, and which I had, indeed, need enough of to spirit me for what was before me.”

Another tumblr facility adds frosting to the cake. “The blind stenched out their arms, looking for each other, though not the girl with dark glasses who made it quite clear that she had no intention of walking in front of that shameless creature who had touched her up, at last the line was formed, the thief changing places with first blind man, with the doctor between them.” /// “He went on with his tea.” /// “makes me not fit in, and is it…world, or is it in my head?” ”

There is actually a blog called Good Reads . That must be like the packs of ketchup you get, which always say “fancy ketchup”, even though it is the same squalid tomato mush as plain ketchup. Or, in the spirit of TV shows with canned laughter, so you know when something is funny. At any rate, the meme metastasizes, until it cannot be ignored any longer.

“I looked up at the blind poster eye in the ceiling. “// “Colette tried to avoid our lesson this morning by complaining of a mysterious illness,” tattled Jeannine. “/// “You’re IPCA?’ one of the vamps asked.”// He si pretty hot. /// “Some rich gentleman lives out there.” /// “Hello there, young Cassandra.” /// “Well, lamb, she did not feel very well for a while yesterday, but that is all over and she was never in any danger of dying this time.”/// “No looking ahead.” /// “He looked at his ripped sleeve and his grazed hand and his torn trousers. “/// “Oh, the lawyers and solicitors, Messrs.”/// “And he was her family, or he soon would be.”

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  1. […] fan of Mr. Thompson. In the past few years, a few books have been published, resulting in one, two, three blog posts at Chamblee54. Towards the end of the second book, PG just felt tired. Towards the end […]

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