Star Island

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on May 25, 2011

PG recently read Star Island , by Carl Hiaasen. (The name is pronounced h AY ah s ih n ) As always, it is a wild ride, the story of a girl who likes to perform. She also has a taste for getting high. Hobby number two interferes with vocation number one, and the gravy train riders are concerned.

There is a stand in for the performer. She is a young lady who looks a lot like “Cherish”, and plays the part when “gastritis” attacks force the singer out of action. A photographer covets action shots, and kidnaps what he thinks is the wayward singer. It eventually gets untangled, but the de weaving of the plot makes for hilarious reading.

Sometimes life imitates art. Back when PG was working for Redo Blue, there was a driver named Cherish. The driver wound up posing for a porn magazine.

Getting back to the story, readers of Mr. Hiaasen are familiar with his formula. There is a male hero, who has been forced out of his career in disgrace. He defends and befriends a pretty young female, who is in a world of trouble. About two thirds of the way through the story, the male hero sleeps with the pretty young female.

This plot device gets a new twist. The male hero is a part of the “maggot mob”, the photographers who prey on inebriated celebrities. The behavior, in this book, gives paparazzi a bad name. There is a female in distress, but she is a look alike for another female, who is in more serious trouble. As for the fooling around, it is a one time thing early in the book. No one believes the photographer.

Mr. Hiaasen is known for his weirdos. The legend is that he doesn’t make anything up, but tones down the reality he observes. As for the freaks in this story, it is tough to imagine a more far out version. The new bodyguard for the singer is six foot nine, and has a weed wacker for a prosthetic hand. The only person he is afraid of is the former Governor of Florida. He wears a shower curtain, eats road kill, and lives in a swamp. PG thinks he will stay in Atlanta.

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