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Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on May 29, 2011

I think we’re having a misunderstanding about what I mean by emotional truth aka “your truth.” It’s a new concept for me too. When PG copied this phrase, it was one left click away from a google search. This yielded 688 results. This is the same number as a rock’nroll club on Spring Street. One block over, on West Peachtree Street, 688 is a Catholic Construction Services office.

On this sunday morning before memorial day, it seems like a good idea to pursue some of these links. Maybe someone in result one through ten has the answer, or even can articulate the question. The first link is a lady who is under pressure. The second is about truth in game design.

The third link made PG stop, if only for a minute. Some guy named Jeffy is promoting a book called Get Laid or Die Trying . He has a video, of him speaking to one person, in a hotel conference room. There is a quote from Tupak Shakur about players and bitches. PG gets the impression that Jeffy is selfish and manipulative. At the end, the book gets one more plug… “Hate to be such an annoying ass (not really), but if you haven’t got a copy of the book yet, get it today. It’s really good! I swear! Excellent coffee table book and perfect for the bathroom.

The me me me meme gets a further workout in Saying “Yes” to Me … The Business End Of Things . The money quote:”Many of you read my chapter titled “Say ‘Yes’ to Me” in last year’s best-seller, Speaking Your Truth: Courageous Stories from Inspiring Women. When I wrote that chapter, I felt as if the very foundations of my life had shifted. I wrote that I knew that there would be ripple effects, but didn’t know what. Well, now I know!”

A Reality Sandwich is for people who cannot afford a drug burger. One of the most commented on stories  is “Lady Gaga: The Visionary Rebirth of the Divine Mother Monster”. The linked feature deals with flying saucers. “Carl Jung recognized that the flying saucer as an archetype represented a development in the collective Psyche — and the round shape of the UFO, like the circular form of most crop circles, made it a symbol of psychic wholeness. “

Naked Hunger talks about a woman who wants to lose weight. Nobody said that “my truth” was going to interest anyone except me! “In the dieting framework, our desire for food becomes the enemy – there to tempt us and thwart our efforts to be healthy and thin. We enter into a war we will never, I repeat never, win: woman against her appetite.”

World Rewrite is “Just another Fractal Computers Network site.” It uses a WordPress template identical to the one used by Your Body of Wisdom. This is another person who is greatly impressed by self. “I live inside the cave of crystals and I am turned inside out, but the people here who are still living all have separate illusions, so to one I’ll be a lover and the other a killer. That is just what happens when you reconfigure the field or take another name, your perception of it all continues to reflect to great extremes. So everyone’s your lover, everyone’s your friend, everyone has motives, everyone pretends.”

Returning to the Ancient Paths is the last site we will explore today, and the only one to quote the Bible. “For your grace is there before my eyes, and I live my life by your truth. Psalms 26:3 Here we can see that the author of the psalm used a hebrew linguistic resource called Synthetic Parallelism, meaning that the idea in the first part of a line/verse (grace) is expanded or developed into a fuller thought in the second part of a line (truth) or another verse. So we can interpret that as the Truth is an expanded thought of Grace. Awesome!”.

Pictures for today are from The Library of Congress

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    […] am somebody. I have my opinion. The commentary above is a repost . It goes along with the recent two part episode on the dodgy subject of truth. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. These men […]

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