Herman Cain For President

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Atlanta radio whiner Herman Cain announced yesterday that he would be running for President. PG has heard his show, and finds it difficult to listen to. The job of POTUS is different from radio whiner, or corporate player, and Mr. Cain may be a good choice.

A debate between Herman Cain and Barack Obama would be highly entertaining. Mr. Cain is the real African American deal. He is the descendent of slaves, and graduated from Morehouse University. Mr. Cain proudly uses the speech patterns of African America.

Much has been made about Mr. Cain serving as the CEO of Godfather’s Pizza . His resume shows employment at the Department of the Navy. (His record shows no military service. Mr. Cain graduated from Morehouse College in 1967, at the height of the Vietnam War.) There was a job with Coca Cola, and a position with Pillsbury. Mr. Cain moved into the restaurant industry, and worked in Burger Kings for a few months. He took over a division of Burger King, and his restaurants did well. Pillsbury then offered Herman Cain the job of CEO of Godfather’s Pizza.

Rising through a corporation takes hard work, as well as a talent for office politics. It is as good a background for POTUS as Illinois state senator, state governor, or the Gipper. As for the pizza company, Mr. Cain was replaced by The Godfather.

The radio show was a different story. Mr. Cain loves the sound of his voice, and makes speeches, shouting much of the time. He trashes “liberals”, and says a lot of things that do not stand up to scrutiny. ( PG was driving when listening to this show, and could not take notes. PG usually turned the radio off before too long.) In the winter of 2008, Mr. Cain insisted that the “metrics” of the economy were strong. He also says we did not ask to go to war in Iraq.

Mr. Cain is a conservative. He supports a smaller government, while maintaining 100k soldiers eight time zones away. Mr. Cain supports the Fair Tax . He is a Republican, and says that the Democratic party wants to “keep me on the plantation”. (Again, PG was trying to drive when he heard this drivel.)

PG clearly remembers the first time Herman Cain made an impression. He was discussing immigration. If you are going to a-sim-a-LATE, you need to lunn ENGLISH .

Pictures today are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library” . The Rich’s in the background of the first picture was the probable site, of Mr. Cain’s childhood realization. The water in different drinking fountains tastes the same.

Are You Going To Be Raptured?

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There is either some confusion, or clever marketing in the phrase, are you going to be raptured? A new movie, “Be Raptured”, is set to open tonight. Details are kind of sketchy at this point, but a facebook campaign is running strong. The most popular answer is “No, thank G-d”.

There are other rumors of a Jesus Worship event for tomorrow. When you google the title phrase, an ad appears. It is an impressive graphic, for some kind of media event called After 05.21.11. PG will click on it after he updates his antivirus.

A radio whiner named Herman Cain is making noise about running for POTUS. There is going to be a rally tomorrow morning in downtown Atlanta. Mr. Cain will “share” his “final decision” about this career move. The scheduling of this event is curious.

Some see this event as being a motive for a cool deal. Are you going to be raptured? Well, good news for you. I am willing to buy your house for $2000 sight un-seen. This will allow you one more major blow out party before the big man upstairs comes with his vacuum and sucks everyone up.

An animal lover has another plan. I’m going to go around and collect all the Christians’ puppies! Those puppies will never be bored on Sunday mornings again. Yay puppies! What are you going to do on 6:59:59 a.m. on Sunday, May 22nd in the hedonist new world?

Pictures for today are from The Library of Congress.

Brookhaven Burger

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There is an amusing discussion now at Peach PUndit about a proposed City of Brookhaven. The metro area has gone new city crazy recently. Unicorporated Fulton and Dekalb county land has been used to create Sandy Springs, Milton, John’s Creek, and Dunwoody. The latest proposal ( the boundaries have not been drawn yet) would use land between Atlanta, Dunwoody, Chamblee, and the unincorporated Dekalb territory to the south. It would probably include the Ashford Park area that PG lives in.

Brookhaven is called the first planned golf course community in Georgia. The Capital City Club anchors a spectacular neighborhood, with a loop road that is popular with joggers, bikers, dogwalkers, and somnambulists. There used to be a city called North Atlanta which was discorporated in the sixties.

With it’s location on Peachtree Road, just outside the City of Atlanta, Brookhaven has been a favored site for McMansions. In the “Indian Village” neighborhood, very few of the original shacks remain. Lynwood Park, the oldest Black community in Dekalb county, is another scene of gentrification.

The story in Peach PUndit is a lively affair. People with reservations about this new city are given links calling them liberal crackpots . The author tells the tale of seeing a young man walking away with his lawn mower. He was not happy with the police response, and feels that an new city police force would do a better job.

The story spawned a festive comment thread. Instead of discussing the merits of a new city, the commenters discuss the pros and cons of confronting the lawn mower thief personally, as opposed to calling the police. There is one comment that begs to be quoted. I agree, creating government is not conservative. It is a conservative reaction to liberalism gone awry.

In other neighborhood news, fishwrapper scribe Jim Galloway talks about the continuing saga of Jill Chambers. The former State Representative is being sued for some debts, and creditors covet her campaign contributions.

In a comment to the Galloway piece, Ms. Chambers writes “The interesting thing is all of this is on the hands of the Feds now – state law does not apply and this cannot be fixed during a special legislative session. That is why the Judge will not consider that the funds were seized illegally BEFORE the bankruptcy.” Two comments down from Ms. Chambers, her creditor’s attorney says ” Call me if politicians owe you money. 404.262.1425″

Mr. Galloway reports that Ms. Chambers is currently working for a private investigation firm, in hopes of getting her own P.I. license. Pictures for today’s adventure are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”.

Play Beethoven At Stonehenge

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“Haiku Ambulance: A piece of green pepper fell off the wooden salad bowl: so what?” /// What follows is a twitter assisted conversation with ghost of Richard Brautigan Pictures are from The Library of Congress. These men fought in the War Between the States. Both Union and Confederate are represented today. /// Angels fly in some mighty polluted atmospheres. You should be careful to wash those apples before you eat them. /// “We both smiled across the darkness. It comforted us as dark-night smiles have been doing for thousands of years” /// The legend is that George Washington never smiled because he had wooden teeth./// “We meet. We try. Nothing happens, but afterwards we are always embarrassed when we see each other. We look away.” /// Baptists should be careful when they go to the liquor store. You never know who you will see. The liquor store in Chamblee was a seafood restaurant, when Dekalb county was dry. It was then sold to a Braves baseball player named Rico Carty, who had a barbeque place . Then the sale of alcohol was legalized in Dekalb County, and failed food vendors started to sell liquor./// “She was still a little awkward, but now instead of treating it as a handicap, she treated it as a form of poetry”/// Maybe we should have special parking spots for poets, like we do now for handicapped people. That would encourage people to write poetry. /// “She is the shadow of another planet being photographed in a totally white room” /// Cream wrote a song, about a white room with black curtains. PG looked for a youtube video, to go with this discussion. The video he found had a comment…Track 12 of the “Very Best of CREAM” album. I dont own the rights to this song. Gay ass copyright/// “Let us pretend that my mind is a taxi and suddenly (“What the hell’s coming off!”) you are riding in it.” /// Skipping over the ride, there is going to be a problem paying the fare. You should forgive your rider before you call the police. /// “Red sugar, golden sugar, gray sugar, black, soundless sugar, white sugar, blue sugar, brown sugar.” /// this is a powerful reason to drink coffee black, like it came out of the pot. /// “Lions are growing like yellow roses on the wind and we turn gracefully in the medieval garden of their roaring blossoms.” /// If you take L out of blossoms, you get bossoms. It sort of changes the meaning of the word. The only trouble is, you have that extra s to contend with. It is a dumb s. /// “It’s a hard decision whether to start at the top or the bottom of a girl.” /// Some people like to start at the back of a magazine, and read the weird little one inch ads. /// “Want to go to a cave and eat some popcorn, or would you like to saddle up a couple of goldfish and swim to Alaska?” /// The third option is to go to a book signing by Newt Gingrich, and dump a box of glitter on him./// “There is a passion here that would drive a deaf saint to learn the violin and play Beethoven at Stonehenge.” /// Or make a vegan eat at Mcdonalds. /// “He would very carefully, like cutting a diamond, clitorally masturbate her until she came. He could have gotten a job at Tiffany’s.” /// the next time you see a person, with a sign that says will work for food, be glad that you are not a jeweler /// “I want high school report cards to look like this: Computer Magic: A, Finding out about Fish: A, Marcia’s Long Blonde Beauty: A+!” /// There was an english teacher at Cross Keys, who might have appreciated the idea of that last comment. or maybe not. she lost a pop test that PG took, and gave him a zero for it. He got a D for the quarter, which he thought was very unfair. Forty one years later, PG is mad about that grade. /// “Sometimes when you meet people for the first time, they stare at the sky.” /// Maybe they think g-d is going to tell them what to do next. When you are making a sales cold call, this is very annoying. /// “I love baked apples hot and fresh from the oven with rich cream poured like the wings of an angel over them.” /// Angels fly in some mighty polluted atmospheres. You should be careful to wash those apples before you eat them. ///

“Pretty: except for the puncture bruises on her arm. Also, she’s a little thin.” /// Which came first, the song Maybelline, by Chuck Berry, or the line of cosmetics with the same name? /// “The road was an icy sword cutting starkly through country that wore winter like a suit of albino armor.” /// This describes the way Johnny Winter plays guitar, and has nothing to do with Edgar. Rock and roll hootchie koo. /// “What I said in the telegram was this: WORDS ARE FLOWERS OF NOTHING. I LOVE YOU” /// Don’t expect a tip if you deliver that arrangement. /// “I like to think (right now, please!) of a cybernetic forest filled with pines and electronics where deer stroll peacefully past computers” /// The friend of PG’s grandmother did not like the Beatles. If the Beatles played across the street for free, I would not waste the energy to walk over there and see them. /// “If you love a statue start a mirror. Your friends will admire you. If you love a mirror start a statue. Make room for new friends.” /// If you love a mirror, then the only friend you need is yourself. /// “So much of America, even what were once unspoilable beautiful towns, look as if Los Angeles had overflowed on them like a toilet bowl” /// Then there is the Buford Hiway, a putrescent passageway of petroleum, putting past perverts parading popsicles. /// “With the rain falling surgically against the roof, I ate a dish of ice cream that looked like Kafka’s hat.” /// The spoon of the ice cream dish turned into a roach, but Mr. B continued to eat it. Too much alcohol does terrible things to once bright minds. /// “There is so much lost and so much gained in these words.”/// Funk and Wagnall used to have a lost and found section of their dictionary. It never got used, and was discontinued by the time of the second edition. /// “It’s snowing in New York with great huge snowflakes like millions of transparent washing machines swirling through the dirty air” /// This is what the angel mentioned above has been flying through. Be sure to wash the apple product before consuming. If it is an apple computer, you don’t want to eat it anyway. /// “Who needs electricity anyway? I did OK in Oakland without electricity. I read Dostoevsky” /// Erica Jong had a dog named Dogstoevsky. She paid her power bill on time. /// “The man who owned the bookstore was not magic. He was not a three-legged crow on the dandelion side of the mountain.” /// Men who own used comic book stores should not review bands. /// “Pity the morning light that refuses to wait for dawn and rushes foolishly with its mercury pride” /// Someone bring that cake back in. It is going to rain, and the recipe is lost. /// “Have you ever felt like a wounded cow halfway between an oven and a pasture?” /// This is why the spores from outer space chose cowpies as a home for their mushrooms./// “In those days people made their own imagination, like homecooking. Now our dreams are just any street lined with franchise restaurants” /// Except that those streets go out of style, the restaurants close, and people of a different ethnicity move in. If you use your own imagination, this will not happen. /// “I took her hand in mine. Her hand had a lot of strength gained through the process of gentleness” /// If you wish in one hand, and poop in the other, one hand will get full faster. We do not know which hand he was holding, but it is to be hoped that it has been recently washed. /// “Will you remember that we are fragile gifts from a star, and we break?”/// He didn’t object to washing, he just had other priorities for his time. /// “I awoke under the apple tree, to hear a dog barking and the rapid sound of hoofs. An invasion of Russians all wearing deer feet?” /// Bonie Maronie lived under an apple tree. She did naughty things there. She was as skinny as a stick of macaroni. /// “The largest ocean in the world starts or ends at Monterey, California. It depends on what language you are speaking.”/// Or maybe it goes from Alaska to penguin land. California is a side dish. /// “You will have unreal recollections of me like half-developed photos for all the days of your life, even though you have never met me” /// Donald Trump, you are fired. /// About @Kool_Aid_Wino 261Tweets 832Following 951Followers 70Listed

Herman Cain Tax 2011

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It started at Peach Pundit, with an open thread about the “fair tax”. PG felt obligated to make a couple of comments.

“One of the good things about writing a blog is you can express yourself. You can write something longer than a few words. No one will interrupt you…a major problem in vocal conversation. And, once you have expressed yourself, you can move on to something else.
Back when my blog was still on Blogspot, I wrote a piece about the “fair tax” . A certain loudmouth radio entertainer is still flogging this donkey, but some of us have moved on.”

“So much for being consistent. The miracle of advanced search has found another “fair tax”post . This one compares the FT to a Presidential candidate. The candidate is living in the White House.”

To the second comment, Lady Thinker added “Scary isn’t it?”.

OK, reader(s), we have a treat for you today. We are reposting three commentaries about the “fair tax”. To help with the eyestrain, we are publishing pictures from the ” Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”. The pictures are better focused than most of the chatter about the “fair tax”.

There is an issue these days called the “fair tax”. There are lots of folks in favor of this, and at times I wish I could join the party. However, there are many things to think about.

The Camel Syndrome A camel is a horse made by a committee. This is how laws are made, by committees and general assemblies. The process is often compared to the procedure that converts hog parts into sausage.

The “fair tax” might sound like a good idea at this stage. Congress has not enacted it into law, however. If this were to happen, there would be amendments. There would be a house version and a senate version, which would be cobbled into a single entity. The Frankenstein stitches would be in full view, though probably ignored by the media. At all stages of the journey, the lawmakers will be hearing from those who finance them, with “suggestions” about this new tax scheme. If the “fair tax” ever goes to the President for his signature, you can rest assured that it will be very different from the proposal that Squeal uses to sell books. In fact, it will be as different from the original proposal as Joe Camel is from Secretariat.

The law of unexpected consequences The American economy is a marvel of history. Our economy has given the United States a lifestyle unique in the history of the world.

Now, free market “conservatives” don’t want to tell you this, but the role of the Government in this economy is huge. Many business decisions are guided by the tax implications. Government spending, often with borrowed money, is a driving force behind many industries.

The truth is, we don’t know how the “fair tax”would affect the economy. And we won’t know until it is put into place, at which point it will be too late.

Who do you believe? Neal Boortz, aka Squeal, enthusiastically supports the “fair tax”. An Atlanta based talk show host with a national audience, he co wrote a book about the “fair tax” with republican congressman John Linder.

Squeal has a disclaimer on his web page:
ALWAYS REMEMBER Don’t believe anything you read on this web page, or, for that matter, anything you hear on The Neal Boortz Show, unless it is consistent with what you already know to be true, or unless you have taken the time to research the matter to prove its accuracy to your satisfaction. This is known as “doing your homework.”
Squeal is an entertainer, and a cynic. I cannot prove it, but I don’t think Neal Boortz really believes in the “fair tax”. This is the star he has hitched his wagon to, and it has taken him places. You can always get attention by trashing the taxman. But can you provide a good alternative?

There is a blog called Deer Hunting with Jesus , where Joe Bageant shares his view of the world. He compares the world view of the media to a hologram…you can see it, it appears real from a distance, but if you try to slap it your hand keeps on going.

Squeal, much as he may deny it, is a creation of main stream media.(Cox Enterprises is mainstream media.) He is a creation partner of the hologram, and I think he knows this. This smokescreen talk about a “fair tax” is just another game.

The following was originally posted January 7, 2008.

The original concept was for this post to be about either the “fair tax” or Barack Obama. The more I think, the more similarities I see between the two.

I can start with Mr. O. With his rock star looks and charisma, and the fact that he is not Hillary, his train seems unstoppable. It would be a symbolic moment if a dark skinned man were elected President, even if he is not the descendent of slaves. Yes, he has always been opposed to the War in Babylon.

Maybe he is just a photogenic front man, without any substance. The same could be said of Ronald Reagan, and America really didn’t do too badly under him. Just who is pulling the strings on this puppet with star quality?

My main question with the man is how is he going to deal with the military machine. We now have an agreement with the Iraqi Government. This treaty that isn’t a treaty has our troops supporting the Iraqi Government, in exchange for first access to the vast oil riches in Mesopotamia. What is the Junior Senator from Illinois going to do about that?

There is also the matter of this video. Do women really dance out of his mouth?

An Obama Presidency is a great idea, with some serious questions about the implementation. Which brings us to the “fair tax”. (We are awaiting a call from the Umpire whether it is fair or foul, or maybe a sacrifice bunt).

Nobody likes the I.R.S. Calls to do away with it will always find an audience. Maybe the “fair tax” will be enacted, and maybe it will do all that it’s supporters claim.

I suspect the “fair tax” is a good idea, with serious questions about the implementation. And no, I have not read the book.

1- I only have so much time to read, and I prefer to read fiction. OK, some of you say the “fair tax” book is fiction.
2- I don’t trust the men who wrote it. One of them is a radio whiner who says every day, in effect, Don’t believe anything I say unless your own experience goes along with it. The other is a Republican congressman. I suspect that neither of them really believes in the “fair tax”, but know a good gimmick when they see one.
3- I am aware of the power of rhetoric, sophistry, and the clever word processor. (See Mr. Obama above). You can make grand arguments in favor of a lot of things that are not completely true.

I hear a lot about the “fair tax” on the Whiners radio show. It seems like the more I hear, the more I don’t like. Here is an example from today. The concept of the “fair tax” is that a thirty percent sales tax would replace the income tax, and other Federal Taxes. (I know there is more than that, before you start to say, “Read the Book”. For today’s illustration, that nutshell is sufficient)

As our example, lets say that we have a book selling for Ten Dollars. The book was written by a bald headed radio whiner, and says rude things about Liberals. Now, on the surface, with the “fair tax”, the book would cost thirteen dollars, that is, the cost of the book plus the thirty percent tax.

Today’s whine was about embedded taxes. According to the whiner, there are embedded taxes in the ten dollars. These are the corporate taxes paid by the publisher, and other taxes that are passed along to the consumer as part of the ten dollar price. I understand this concept, and realize that this is a big reason why many American goods are not competitive in the marketplace.

But then the whiner said something that I simply don’t believe. He said that once the embedded taxes were removed, the cost of the book would go down. This cost would go down so far that the book would still sell for ten dollars, even with a thirty percent tax markup.

One, who is to say the publisher would not just keep a bit of those taxes in the form of added profits? Are the embedded taxes enough to lower the price so that a thirty percent markup wouldn’t matter? I am not an economist. Maybe the book has answers to this, and maybe they are not just clever words. Chanting “Read the Book” only goes so far.

Ok just one more repost . Promise, at least for today. The title is ” A fair tax for cigarettes”
Carl Hiassen takes timeout from writing novels about weirdos to produce a column for the Miami Herald. It comes out on Sunday, and lately has been every other week. He usually makes more sense than many can handle.

This week the subject is a proposed cigarette tax. Some grinches want a dollar a pack state tax added onto cigarettes. The tax would raise revenue, and hopefully some folks will quit the vile habit.

However, there is opposition. A legislator is looking out for the convenience store owners, who stand to lose a bundle if fewer people buy cancer sticks.

PG has smoked roughly two cigarettes in his life. That is, by his own choice. The second hand smoke adds up. There is also the “it’s legal” sense of entitlement that the tobacconists are well known for. PG has an answer to the matter of how much cigarette tax to assess.

Cigarettes should be taxed so that a pack of cigarettes costs as much as an ounce of marijuana.

Ciggies will still be legal. You will not have to be them from criminals, who will turn you on to “hard drugs”. You will not lose your job if you fail a urine test. Your house cannot be confiscated for possession.The cancer sticks would still be legal, but with a reasonable tax. This is a “repost”

The Great Southeast Music Hall

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The Great Southeast Music Hall was an important part of life in Atlanta during the seventies. It was located in the elbow of a shopping center, Broadview Plaza. A bowling alley was downstairs, a two level K mart next door, and Atlanta’s first hispanic neighborhood across the street. Like almost everything else here, Broadview Plaza was torn down, and replaced by a more uppity set of stores.

When you went into the lobby of the Music Hall, you noticed the walls. Performers were given a magic marker, and encouraged to leave a message. John Mayall found the ladies room, and said he likes to be near the ladies. The late Phil Ochs said “Impeach Nixon and Agnew”. What happened to those boards is a good question.

The auditorium held about 500 people. The stage was only three feet or so above the floor. There was an empty space in front of the stage, and a few rows of bench backs behind that. When the place opened, there were lots of pillows on this floor, with the Music Hall logo. The carpet in this front area was fresh when the place opened, and got progressively grosser as the years went by. Beer was served in aluminum buckets, and inevitably some wound up on the carpet.

The show the Music Hall is most famous for is the US debut of the Sex Pistols. PG didn’t make it that night, but has heard from a few who did. The performance was said to be horrible. There are stories of Sid Vicious wandering through the apartments around Broadview trying to find heroin. Years later, PG was reading about that night in Please Kill Me, when the train he was riding pulled into the Lindberg Marta station. This is across the street from the Broadview Plaza,  still standing at the time.

These days, the intersection of Lindbergh Drive and Piedmont Road (about a mile north of the park) is next to Hiway 400. When the Music Hall was in it’s prime, the land for the Highway was owned by the State of Georgia, which was fighting legal battles over the highway. The land had a network of dirt roads, one of which connected Buford Hiway to Lindbergh Drive. When you went from Chamblee to the Music Hall, the most direct route was over this dirt road. This dirt road is where Sidney Marcus Boulevard is today.

Eventually, the business model for the Music Hall did not work, and the facility moved to Cherokee Plaza. This Music Hall was in a movie theater. The Cherokee Plaza Theater was the scene for the world premiere of Son of Dracula . This move did not work, for a number of reasons. The parking lot was too small, and people who wanted a loaf of bread from the A&P were blocked out during shows. Cherokee Plaza is just outside the city limits, on Peachtree Road. In the late seventies, DeKalb county was aggressively fighting drunk driving, and had roadblocks. Many of these roadblocks were outside the Music Hall, which kept many people from attending. Before long, this Music Hall closed.

Many years later, PG bought a second hand typewriter, and needed a ribbon. ( Younger readers should ask an older person about this.) He went into an office supply store in Broadview Plaza, and soon realized that he was standing on the site of the Music Hall. He asked the clerk if he could have a bucket of beer, and got a very strange look in return.

One industrious afternoon during this era, PG made a list of shows he saw at the Music Hall. The memory cells are already protesting, but we are going to try and remember as much as possible about these shows. A big thank you to Wikipedia for help with spelling and names.

New York Rock Ensemble – PG walked into the auditorium during the last part of the first show, as the band played “A whiter shade of pale”. The bass player wore lace up boots, with the pants legs tucked into them. Before long, the second show came on stage. Keyboard player Michael Kamen was the central focus, acting out the lyrics to “Anaconda”.

Silverman Deborah McColl fronted this drummerless band

Al Kooper PG has written about an unfortunate incident involving Al Kooper during this show. This would have never happened in “The Catcher in the Rye”…the kids always knew what time it was in that story. Mr. Kooper did a solo show, including “Sam Stone” by John Prine.

Ellen McIlwaine/ James Cotton Blues Band Ms. McIlwaine was pregnant, and played slide guitar. Mr. Cotton played harmonica. One of his players started to fan him with a towel, because he was hot.

Breakfast Special/ Doc and Merle Watson Breakfast Special was a local bluegrass crew, who did “The coming down song”. The Watsons did ” Deep River Blues” and “Thats All”, among other things. PG had a copy of their latest LP, and asked Merle to autograph it. He wrote his name on one side, turned it over, and signed Doc’s name on the other side.

Mason/Atlanta Rythym Section This show was the night Led Zeppelin played Atlanta Stadium.

New Riders of the Purple Sage When the Music Hall opened, a performer would typically play from Tuesday to Sunday. NRPS was a one night show. They worked well in the packed hall, and shined on “Glenville Train”. The next year, they did a tour with Commander Cody and The Lost Planet Airmen. Commander Cody opened, and raised hell. NRPS followed with a mellow rock show, and before long people were getting bored and leaving.

David Buskin / Loudon Wainwright III Chamblee 54 has written about this show before. Mr. Buskin talked about doing a show at Max’s Kansas City, the person sitting next to PG said “Gross”.

Steve Martin / Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Chamblee54 has written about the show by Mr. Martin . This was his last tour as an opening act. Nitty Gritty was a sight to behold. John McEuen played fiddle, and recited a poem about life.

Martin Mull / Melissa Manchester PG went to see Mr. Mull, who opened the show with a three piece band. ( After the show, Mr. Mull said the name of the band was the (your name) (draws a blank with his fingers) orchestra.) The headliner was Ms. Manchester, little known at the time. She was a knockout. While standup comedy has it’s place, for emotional impact there is nothing like a singer.

Texas Gary Bennett / Weather Report Mr. Bennett played acoustic guitar, and sang, as an opener for a packed house of jazz rockers. It did not go well. At one point, trying to get some rapport with the crowd, he said ” has anyone here been busted at the Omni?” ( The authorities had begun arresting people for smoking pot at the major concerts.)

Weather Report was amazing. Josef Zawinul had the loud keyboard sound, Wayne Shorter played his leads on soprano sax, and there was a drummer and percussion player. There was tons of rythym, to go with the electronic jazz sounds. When it was over, PG went up to Mr. Zawinul, shook his hand and, and said thank you. He was pouring a glass of beer from a pitcher, and looked a bit startled.

David Pomerance / Rahsaan Roland Kirk Chamblee54 has written about this show before. Mr. Kirk was a force of nature, the modern miracle of the tenor saxophone. He did not suffer from false modesty. This was the night Richard Nixon resigned, which pleased Mr. Kirk no end. The blind Rahsaan said that he did not want to see his audience, because we were too ugly. At one point, his band had been jamming for about ten minutes, when PG realized that Mr. Kirk had been holding a single note the entire time. The three saxophones at one time thing was a visual shocker, but he got sounds that way that you cannot get from a single instrument. At one point, Mr. Kirk pulled his sunglasses off, and made a face at the crowd. It was an amazing evening.

Chic Corea / Return to Forever This was a disappointment. Tickets were $4.50, which may be the most PG ever paid at the Music Hall. The band only played about an hour. It was all electric, ignoring the acoustic instruments set up on stage. RTF was a four piece, all star band. They had Chic Corea on keyboards, Stanley Clarke on bass, Al Demeola on guitar, and Lenny White on drums. That sounds like a great show, but it turned out to be four solo artists jamming. There was no cohesion, and the overall sound was less than the sum of the individual parts. Corea leaned over his keyboard, twisted knobs, and made faces, as if to say “look at how intense this is”. It wasn’t.

Mccoy Tyner The former Coltrane sideman played a very nice show. He had a percussion man, with several tables covered in exotic instruments. PG took a break after to first show to hang out at a neighborhood disco. When he got back, there was no doorman checking tickets, and anyone could walk in for free. PG took advantage of this discovery many times over the next few years.

Bill Crystal / Jean Luc Ponty Former Frank Zappa player Jean Luc Ponty played at the Music Hall, with a bass player who was a fellow Zappa alumni. The surprise of the evening was then-unknown Bill Crystal. A few weeks after this show, “Soap” would premiere, and make him a star. Mr. Crystal did a killer impersonation of a gila monster.

Between shows, Mr. Crystal had been entertained by a local musician. During the second show, he held his finger to his nose, made a snorting sound, and said thank you. PG heard this, and yelled “Locker Room”, the name of a “deooderizer” that some liked to get a buzz sniffing. Mr. Crystal said “Locker room. Jeez, I need to get the hecklers rosetta stone to know what he means”. Good times.

Keith Jarrett This is another show that might have been better than PG’s enjoyment. At one point early in the show, PG moved over to the front of the stage, to look at Mr. Jarrett’s hands. After the show, people told PG that the player had been giving him dirty looks when he did that. PG asked Mr. Jarrett about it, and he said that PG had interfered with his concentration.

This show featured a quartet, instead of a solo piano. The bass player was Charley Haden, who seemed a bit puffy faced. PG later learned that he had been addicted to heroin at the time.

Melissa Manchester Ms. Manchester came back for another week at the Music Hall, about a year after her first appearance. At one point, she asked the band if they were ready to do a new song, and then performed “I got eyes” for the first time in public. This was later the b side to “Midnight Blue”. One of the players in her band was a man named James Newton Howard. Part of the deal for touring with her was that he could play a solo number on piano, called “Newton’s Ego”. He later played with Elton John, and became wealthy writing film scores.

Flora Purim /Airto Moreira On PG’s 23rd birthday, Flora Purim played at the Music Hall. At the time, PG had a profound appreciation of her albums. The band had a nice sound, and was the equal of her records. The Chic Corea tune “Light as a Feather” was a standout. Her husband, Airto Moreira ( eye, ear, toe) fronted the band on some of the numbers, and had some funny routines. Ms. Purim held two microphones throughout the show, with one connected to some audio filters. PG found holding two microphones to be visually distracting. PG had known of the Jewish ancestry of Ms. Purim, but had not thought much about it. Then he saw her live, and realized that she does, indeed, look Jewish.

Hot Tuna Hot Tuna is a dependable, though not spectacular, band. On a previous show in Atlanta, they went on stage at 10:55, and played without a break until 2:50. This night, a fried of a friend was working at the Music Hall, and PG got in before the crowds, to get a prime spot, in the first row of benchbacks. At one point, PG was rocking back and forth against the benchback, and a neighbor asked him to quit.

Shakti This was an acoustic, Hindu oriented band fronted by guitar superman John McLaughlin. The numbers seemed to go on forever.

David Manion / Mark Almond This was a long awaited Atlanta performance by Mark Almond. (This is a jazz/blues band, totally different from the Soft Cell vocalist with a similar name.) They played two sets, which were only an hour or so long. This was disappointing to the people who could not wait for the second show. In the second show, they “took the shackles off” saxophone player Johnny Almond, and he played a wild solo during “The city”.

The incident we are about to describe may or may not have involved David Manion. What happened was, a small portable radio was playing on the edge of the stage. The spotlight was on the radio, which sounded like gibberish to most of the audience. Gradually, the chattering audience got quiet, and tried to listen to the radio. After a few minutes, a man came out, and stood in darkness behind the radio. The PA speaker announced “The new force of rock in Atlanta”. The man then dropped a large piece of granite on the radio, smashing it into bits.

Laurie Chapman / Stomu Yamashta Laurie Chapman was a singer/piano player, with some good stories. She told of a trucker, driving beside her and talking to her on a cb radio. ” You better get that drink out from between your legs before it gets too hot to handle”.

Stomu Yamashta is somewhat of a star in Japan. The show here was filmed for showing on TV there. His band, Go, was an all star collection, including Ava Cherry. She was a backup vocalist, and girlfriend, with David Bowie. After the show, PG was introduced to Spencer Davis in the lobby.

The next few shows were at Cherokee Plaza.

Martin Mull Mr. Mull was a solo star this time. He did a song about doing nothing, adding that dead people can do it too. The parking lot was packed, which was a major problem at the new location.

The week before the Super Bowl in 1994, Mr. Mull filmed a Comedy Central show in Woodruff Park. The Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders were kicking field goals. After the filming PG stood a few feet away from Mr. Mull, but could not think of anything to say.

Sun Ra PG went to a wedding, and a bunch of people from there to see Sun Ra. This was an entertaining spectacle, with a big band and dancers. After the show, PG asked Sun Ra how he could afford to take a band like that on the road. He said he was doing it for beauty.

David Bromberg This was another big band production. PG showed within a few minutes of the gateman leaving his post, and saw about 45 minutes without buying a ticket.

Lester Flatt/John Hartford One boring Saturday night, PG walked up to the Music Hall, and saw the two fiddle players jamming. A few weeks later, Lester Flatt passed away.

Blonde Stories

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The world is in turmoil. People are killing people for no good reason. The government is run by liars and scoundrels. Religion is a dirty word. It is time for blonde stories . Thank you FunnyJokes. Pictures are from The Library of Congress

A married couple was asleep when the phone rang at 2 in the morning. The very blonde wife picked up the phone, listened a moment, and said ‘How should I know, that’s 200 miles from here!’ and hung up. The husband said, ‘Who was that?’ The wife answered, ‘I don’t know, some woman wanting to know if the coast is clear.’

Two blondes are walking down the street. One notices a compact on the sidewalk and leans down to pick it up. She opens it, looks in the mirror and says, ‘Hmm, this person looks familiar.’ The second blonde says, ‘Here, let me see!’ So, the first blonde hands her the compact. The second blonde looks in the mirror and says, ‘You dummy, it’s me!’

A blonde suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her, so she goes out and buys a gun. She goes to his apartment unexpectedly and when she opens the door she finds him in the arms of a redhead. Well, the blonde is really angry. She opens her purse to take out the gun, and as she does so, she is overcome with grief. She takes the gun and puts it to her head. The boyfriend yells, ‘No, honey, don’t do it!’ The blonde replies, ‘Shut up, you’re next!’

A blonde was bragging about her knowledge of state capitals. She proudly says, ‘Go ahead, ask me … I know ‘em all.’  ‘OK, what’s the capital of Wisconsin ?’ The blonde replies, ‘Oh, that’s easy. Its W.’

Q: What did the blonde ask her doctor when he told her she was pregnant? A: ‘Is it mine?’

Bambi, a blonde in her fourth year as a UCLA Freshman, sat in her US Government class. The professor asked Bambi if she knew what Roe vs. Wade was about. Bambi pondered the question; then, finally, said, ‘That was the decision George Washington had to make before he crossed the Delaware.’

Returning home from work, a blonde was shocked to find her house ransacked and burglarized. She telephoned the police at once and reported the crime. The police dispatcher broadcast the call on the radio, and a K-9 unit, patrolling nearby, was the first to respond. As the K-9 officer approached the house with his dog on a leash, the blonde ran out on the porch, shuddered at the sight of the cop and his dog, then sat down on the steps. Putting her face in her hands, she moaned, ‘I come home to find all my possessions stolen. I call the police for help, and what do they do? They send me a BLIND COP!’

Another Bob Dylan Post

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There was a comment on the Bob Dylan webpage…
Everybody knows by now that there’s a gazillion books on me either out or coming out in the near future. So I’m encouraging anybody who’s ever met me, heard me or even seen me, to get in on the action and scribble their own book. You never know, somebody might have a great book in them. PG doesn’t write books. He did grow up in America, and has a few opinions about Bob Dylan. It ought to be good for a few hundred words here. (HT to dangerous minds ) (Chamblee54 has posted about Mr. Dylan before.)
The first time PG heard of Bob Dylan was probably at the record rack of Zippy’s dime store in Cherokee Plaza. There was an album of his greatest hits, and it came with a poster. The poster had a drawing of the man, with psychedelic waves of hair cascading in multi colored glory to the edges. PG never did buy the LP.

The former Mr. Zimmerman was never big on top 40 am radio. Somebody somewhere was getting a headache over those lyrics, but Atlanta GA was not somewhere in those days. By this time, Mr. Dylan had crashed his motorcycle, and gone into hiding. As the counter culture exploded ( if only someone had disinfected that counter) the curly haired poet was in hiding, the subject of much speculation. At one point, people were stealing his garbage, and claiming to find evidence of investment in munitions firms. The neoscience of Dylanology continues to this day.

As PG got older and stupider, he heard more and more Bob Dylan music. In the summer of 1972, there was a performance at the Concert for Bangladesh. A couple of albums released during this era  sucked, and some people stopped caring about Bob Dylan.

At the start of 1974, a tour was announced. The Band was to be the backing group. The circus came to the Omni, and PG got some of the mail order tickets. He couldn’t find anyone to use the second ticket, and sold it to a stranger outside the arena.

The show was nothing special. Bob Dylan excels at writing, is ok in the studio, and blah on stage. Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter was at the show, and was said to look bored. Mr. Dylan was invited to the Governor’s mansion after the show, and talked to the Governor. A lot of people in Georgia were surprised that he would want to run for President.
As the Seventies went me me meing into sex and drugs oblivion, Bob Dylan regained both his writing touch, and love of the spotlight. The Rolling Thunder tour happened, he got back together with Joan Baez, divorced his wife, became born again, became more Jewish, counted money, and generally lived the life. PG did his own version of all that, without Joan Baez or being circumcised again.

In the winter of 1991, America was consumed by war fever. Saddam Hussein had been elevated to next Hitler status, and had to be taught a lesson. One night, Bob Dylan played on a music awards show, and performed “Masters of War”. He played a discordant version of that ditty, with the result that few understood what he had said. By this time, Mr. Dylan had assembled a band, and gone out on the “Never Ending Tour”. A Bob Dylan concert had gone from being a special event, to being another name on the festival roster. Overexposure will do that.

On the last night of the Olympics in 1996, Bob Dylan played the House of Blues downtown. PG won a pair of the $80 tickets in a radio station contest. It was his only trip downtown during the games, and had to wait in a security line to get into Centennial Olympic Park.

The only celebrity, other than Mr. Dylan, seen at the House of Blues that night was Bill Walton. The band was competent…they impressed PG as being like a bar band that did a lot of Dylan songs, with a strangely authentic lead vocalist. The sound in the room was not good, at least in the spot where PG stood. The only song he recognized was “All along the Watchtower”, the Jimi Hendrix classic. Mr. Dylan got a cheer when he put his harmonica appliance on.

Senator Typewriter Strikes Again

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That wacky libertarian, Senator Typewriter, is in the news again. He is on youtube saying that if you have a right to health care, then you can break into his office, and force him to wait on you. This may or may not be true, as we will examine in a minute. The first thing to occur to PG is, you might not get the best treatment from a slave doctor. Even an eye doctor like Senator Typewriter. Ok, you forced me to examine your eyes, now let me put these drops in your eyes. Oh, that was battery acid. My bad.

At this point, you may wonder, why does chamblee54 reefer to Rand Paul as Senator Typewriter. Well, there was a rumor that he was named for Ayn Rand, who got her pen name from a Remington Rand Typewriter. As for the Senator, he was Randy until his gf shortened it to Rand. As for the authoress, there are other, more likely, sources of her pen name. But, we are talking logic here, and as we all know, two wrongs make a right. If you multiply a negative number, by a negative number, you get a positive number. Senator Typewriter it is.

As for the substance of his comments, this is libertarian reductio ad absurdam. Once you start talking about rights, people get all sorts of goofy ideas. So yes, if you talk about a right to health care, on a certain level what Senator T is saying is true. On a practical level, the debate is not about the availability of health care, it is how to pay for it.

PG has compared health care to road building. Currently, no one disputes that building and maintaining roads is the job of the government. We collect a gasoline tax to pay for them. The system is not perfect, but works well enough to enable an auto based lifestyle. ( How this will work as economic and environmental factors dictate less use of gasoline engines remains to be seen.) Still, the point is that few dispute the role of government in road building.

How does this relate to health care? If we were to adapt the single payer system, it would be the job of government to provide health care. It would be an imperfect system, but many feel it would work much better than whatever we have in effect now. As for forcing Senator Typewriter out of bed to examine your eyes…there would be another eye doctor on duty then.

HT for this story to JoemyG-d . The blogspot server is having a hissy fit, and this post may no longer be available. Pictures are from a big government institution, The Library of Congress

Bankruptcy Burger

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Former Georgia House Representative Jill Chambers is having a tough time adjusting to life on the outside. She lost to a democrat last fall , which was quite an accomplishment in 2010. Along the way, some creditors of her ex husband saw her campaign funds, and decided they wanted some. A Judge seems to agree with the creditors.

PG has met Ms. Chambers, (He lives in her district.) and found her to be a pleasant person. There are those who disagree. In the attached video (not the one about in and out burger), Ms. Chambers says that politics is a mean, nasty blood sport. The campaign with Mrs. Brisendine was full of mailings and robocalls, and left many area residents eager to take a bath. Meanwhile, the creditors for a certain failed business are taking a bath. They want to dry off. The towel is money that people thought was being donated to a campaign .

The brief filed by the creditor’s attorneys is an interesting document. Ms. Chambers did not incorporate her re election campaign, which has implications about where the money will go. It also appears to be technically legal for a candidate to create a “non profit” corporation, and use this device to funnel campaign funds into a private bank account. The next time a politician ( or Political Action Committee) asks you for money, remember this.

There was a touch of wit in the layers of legalese.
“How Georgia law would treat the funds at issue in a garnishment is not the issue here. We’re not in Georgia any more. We’re in Bankruptcy Court.”
HT on the burger video to 22 words. Pictures are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library” .

Checkout Your Profile Stalkers

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PG was surprised to see a link on his facebook wall. It said, “OMG! Its unbelievable now you can get to know who views your facebook profile..i can see my top profile visitors and i am so shocked that my EX is still creeping my profile every hour” There was a link to “Checkout Your PROFILE Stalkers”. The contact who sent the link is a former college classmate. PG had not seen her, in person, in 25 years. That comment would be out of character to the person he knew.

The following message dialog took place…
This picture is a screen shot of my wall. If this is legitimate I apologize.///So sorry, I clicked but didn’t follow directions. The 2nd FB scam in 2 weeks. I thought Apples were free of viruses. Appears impossible to delete. Damage control?///I deleted the post from my wall. I avoid ( like the plague) facebook applications and gimmicks. There is no harm done at this end. The only suggestion I would have is to change your password to something really weird.///Thanks. Hope others will also delete. Passwords are in #$%^&* so I tend to think they are weird. I MAY have accepted a ‘false sound-alike friend,’ which could be the problem?///”‘false sound-alike friend,'”What a concept. I have been wary of calling contacts on Facebook “friends”, and of the verb friending. This new phrase takes that to a new level.
PG has long disliked the commoditization of Friendship at Facebook. The word can be taken in two ways. If you say ca MAH du ta za shun, then your associate becomes a commodity, like pork bellies. If you say ca MODE du ta za shun, then you make a commode out of a person. Neither is a compliment.

Before doing any google research on the phrase “Checkout Your PROFILE Stalkers “, it is a good idea to update your anti virus mechanism. ( PG is a pc user, so wariness about malicious code is everyday reality. The notion that apple products are somehow immune to viral issues seems far fetched.) Uncle google has 4 million results for that phrase. Makeuseof is the top result, with  a header ad for KIA automobiles. They say the Stalker Tracker is a fraud, a gimmick designed to get your password.

The other results on the first page say pretty much the same thing. Some say it started with MySpace, which allowed the user to incorporate all sorts of nonsense on their profile page. Included in this was a bit of code which allowed the user to track who viewed the profile. When people tired of the debris of MySpace ( or, like PG, never developed a taste for it), they went to facebook. FB has much tighter controls than MySpace, which tends to breed faux apps like the Stalker Stopper. The bottom line is to be careful with Facebook. This includes wonder apps, touted by long lost friends.

Pictures tonight are from The Library of Congress

Dementia For Modern Lifestyles

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PG has a friend named Uzi. They go for walks, eat at cafeterias, and exchange joke emails. Today, PG received this. By amazing coincidence, today is his 55th birthday. PG is now eligible for senior discounts at Kroger. It is a big deal whether he passes or fails this test.
This is going to be a three color affair. The test questions, and commentary, will be in green. The answers the PG gives will be in blue. The official answer will be in purple. PG also feels that dementia is a sexist phrase. It affects women as well as men. It should be called depeopletia.
The 2011 version of this is a repost. Pictures are from The Library of Congress. These pictures are Union soldiers from the war between the states.

Exercise of the brain is as important as exercise of the muscles. As we grow older, it’s important that we keep mentally alert. The saying; “If you don’t use it, you will lose it” also applies to the brain. Below is a very private way to gauge your loss or non-loss of intelligence. So, take the following test presented here and determine if you are losing it or are still “with it..” The spaces below are to give you time to decide before you see the answers. OK, relax, clear your mind and … begin. WELL MAYBE NOT THAT CLEAR!
1. What do you put in a toaster?


Answer: “bread.” If you said “toast,” then give up now and go do something else. Try not to hurt yourself. If you said, “bread,” go to Question 2.

2. Say “silk” five times. Now spell “silk.” What do cows drink?


Answer: Cows drink water. If you said “milk,” please do not attempt the next question. Your brain is obviously over stressed and may even overheat. It may be that you need to content yourself with reading something more appropriate, such as Children’s World. If you said “water” then proceed to question 3.

3. If a red house is made from red bricks and a blue house is made from blue bricks, and a pink house is made from pink bricks and a black house is made from black bricks, what is a green house made from?

A Loan from the Bank.

Answer: Greenhouses are made from glass. If you said “green bricks,” what the devil are you still doing here reading these questions? If you said “glass,” then go on to Question 4.

4. It’s twenty years ago, and a plane is flying at 20,000 feet over Germany (If you will recall, Germany at the time was politically divided into West Germany and East Germany) Anyway, during the flight, TWO of the engines fail. The pilot, realizing that the last remaining engine is also failing, decides on a crash landing procedure. Unfortunately the engine fails before he has time and the plane fatally crashes smack in the middle of “no man’s land” between East Germany and West Germany Where would you bury the survivors? East Germany or West Germany or in “no man’s land”?

You wait until they die, and ask the family.

Answer: You don’t, of course, bury survivors. If you said ANYTHING else, you are a real dunce and you must NEVER try to rescue anyone from a plane crash. Your efforts would not be appreciated. If you said, “Don’t bury the survivors”, then proceed to the next question.

PG’s feelings are hurt. But only a little bit. PG has lived near a small craft airport most of his life, heard one plane crash, and seen the results of about a dozen more. The chances of the average person…or PG…getting an opportunity to rescue anyone from a plane crash are roughly the same as being hit by lightning, while attending a home game for the Falcons.

5. Without using a calculator – You are driving a bus from London to Milford Haven in Wales. In London, 17 people get on the bus. In Reading, six people get off the bus and nine people get on. In Swindon, two people get off and four get on. In Cardiff, 11 people get off and 16 people get on. In Swansea, three people get off and five people get on In Carmathen, six people get off and three get on. You then arrive at Milford Haven. What was the name of the bus driver?

It depends on whether the department of labor is involved.

Answer: Oh, for crying out loud! Don’t you remember your own name? It was YOU!!