Roy Blankenship And Sarah Bowen

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The state of Georgia poisoned Roy Williard Blankenship last night. He was accused of causing the death of 78 year old Sarah Mims Bowen on March 2, 1978. There is little doubt that Mr. Blankenship was in her residence, after a night of drinking, and taking quaaludes. Ms. Bowen died of heart failure, which is said to be caused by an assault.
In addition to being the first execution for Nathan Deal, the Blankenship poisoning was the first time the state used Pentobarbital in the lethal injection process. Sodium Thiopental had been used before. The first drug in this cocktail is a sedative, to relax the prisoner before the more deadly second and third drugs are injected. The manufactorer of Sodium Thiopental no longer produces the drug, in part because of concerns about use for capital punishment.

There are reports that Pentobarbital did not work in the execution of Mr. Blankenship.
“Reports suggest that the first execution carried out in Georgia using pentobarbital may have been botched, with the prisoner experiencing severe pain as a result of a failure to properly anaesthetise him.
According to the Associated Press, Roy Willard Blakenship grimaced during the process, and kept his eyes open throughout. These indications that he may have remained conscious – and therefore would have suffered severe pain as the process continued – have recently been seen in botched executions using other anaesthetics which have not been properly assessed or tested.”

Pentobarbital is produced by the Lundbeck corporation. They have issued a statement expressing their opposition to the use of Pentobarbital for executions. It is also known as Nembutal.

Dr. Carlo Anthony Musso participates in Georgia executions. He is accused of buying Sodium Thiopental from a shady source, and illegally shippping the substance to authorities in Tennessee and Kentucky. If an unconnected citizen was accused of this, there would be serious legal consequences. Dr. Musso made a statement about these allegations:
“Musso said in a statement released to The Associated Press late Thursday that he is being singled out for “political purposes” and urged critics of the death penalty not to specifically target him. The statement did not directly address the allegations.”
As with most capital cases, there is a flood of information available. Here is the the court opinion of the latest attempt at clemency. Much of this information is available here as well.
Mr. Blankenship was an alcoholic, and he was high when he broke into Ms. Bowen’s residence. When arrested, he waived his right to silence, and gave several contradictory statements to the authorities. There are doubts as to his ability to become erect, as well as reports of other people in the apartment. Making statements like this did not help his case:
“When I put her on the bed and took her clothes off, I was drunk, I guess. I said I may as well go ahead and get some pleasure. That’s when I had the relationship with her. As far as I know, I thought I was in the right hole. After that I got up and was afraid that I might have hurt her. I thought I’d better get out of there. I left as soon as I did that shit.”
There was physical evidence linking Mr. Blankenship to the crime scene.
“Semen was found in her vagina, which tests demonstrated came from a blood type-O individual. Both Blankenship and Bowen were type-O…A fingerprint lifted from glass broken in from the balcony and found inside the apartment matched Blankenship. On March 11, an arrest warrant for Blankenship was prepared, as well as search warrants for his apartment. Inside the apartment, police found shoes belonging to Blankenship whose tracks matched those found in and around Bowen’s apartment.”
Pictures today are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

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