Andy Warhol Was Listening

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on June 28, 2011

“The returning path to my room was made comfortable by thoughts of flowers, America and Vida sleeping like a photograph”/// Photography woke up a long time ago, and can’t go back to sleep. Photography might benefit from a nap, even if chemical assistance is required. /// “It’s good to name creeks after people and then later to follow them for a while seeing what they have made of themselves.” /// Every time I see stuff like this, I can only think that the culture that has shoved tolerance down our throats for many years is winning everywhere. /// “You certainly look pretty this morning. You look like a dream I’ve never had before.” /// Dreams are reality. /// “So perfect and beautiful as not to be with us, as to be alone in some different contemplation of the spirit” /// So my dog jumps up on the bed and plops down right against my foot. needing my space, i move my foot. she then proceeds to look at me dead in the eye and then scooch to again be against my foot. /// “The awkward joy of trying to keep one lick ahead of an ice-cream cone on a hot summer day.” /// There used to be a law in some state, maybe Kentucky, that it was illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket. It doesn’t specify what type of cone is used. /// “Things are different at night. The houses and towns demand their beauty and get it in distant lights twinkling with incredible passion.” /// “The heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself.” is a quote from Republic The following isn’t: “Those who are too smart to engage in politics are punished by being governed by those who are dumber.” /// “I spend a lot of my life interested in little things, tiny portions of reality like a pinch of spice in a very complicated recipe” /// Trying to remember where you heard a tidbit of information is sometimes like pulling a coin out of a jar, and remembering what cash register it came out of. /// “This is a small detail right now but it could be very important a million years from now when archaeologists sift through our ruins” /// Post offices used to have change machines. It was illegal to use change from those machines for buying anything other than stamps. If you needed$1.01 worth of stamps you were in trouble. /// “When I am kissing you, I can look down on all things that are wonderful.”/// Sex is just an excuse for people to get together and kiss a lot. /// “Sand is crystal like the soul. The wind blows it away.”/// No artist I know would ever tolerate reality. /// “A woman told me that she once got so sick eating a hamburger that she fell off the front porch.”/// Christ died for nothing and the work of the cross is neutralized. We might as well eat, drink and party hard. /// “He was living the kind of hermit life kids dream about living. He was an ancient breathing statue of Huckleberry Finn.”/// He did not substitute “slave” for the n word. However, he did say fig when he meant fuck /// “I sometimes think that even our digestion is a soundtrack recorded in Hollywood by the television networks.” /// We encourage all users maintain secure and hard to guess passwords. /// “One must keep track of all the small victories.” /// Me and Annie went huckleberry hunting, she bent over and I saw something /// “In watermelon sugar the deeds were done and done again as my life is done in watermelon sugar.” /// Be afraid of someone who does not like watermelon. /// “I don’t care how God-damn smart these guys are: I’m bored. It’s been raining like hell all day long and there’s nothing to do.”/// Last night the deer came onto the front stoop and ate the potted plants there. Unfortunately the front door was unlocked so they let themselves in and drank all our beer, ate a whole package of Oreos and erased all the shows on the DVR. /// “It could grow dark in there instantly. Then you almost needed candles to fish by, and foxfire in your reflexes.”/// And you obviously don’t know what sarcasm means. Sarcasm would imply that you actually do approve of this. You really are not very smart. You’re just a big ball of fail. /// “I enjoy the sight of a woman’s body at play in the fields of intelligence.” /// ‘Trust is good, not to trust is better.'” /// “A lake flowed from the swan, answering for eternity that great question: Which came first the lake or the swan?”/// PG went to High School with a girl named Lake, and worked with a man named Swan. To his knowledge, the two have never met. /// “Let your soul have some room to get outside its marrow.” /// Marrow is a body part that produces blood cells. When blood gets outside of it’s facility, the results can be messy. The same might be true of the soul. While the previous thought might have poetic appeal, in the daylight world someone will need to clean up. /// “I am alone again. I’ve been there before in Japan, America, everywhere when you don’t understand what somebody is talking about.”/// It was a lovely place, had a great terrace, lots of space. It just happened to have a guest room with all that bondage equipment. ///

“I have been awake all night. I will sleep all day. The streets are blankets, the dawn is my bed. I’m on my way to dreams.” /// The correct use of a semicolon is a big red flag for me. /// “I have emotions that are like newspapers that read themselves. I go for days at a time trapped in the want ads.” /// This worked very well, until he got to the craigs list ads that are written in ALL CAPS /// “I guess it’s all right,” I said, feeling a sudden wave of vacancy go over me, like a hotel being abandoned by its guests” /// liek i said i had to finish cleaning m y old mans pipes out. buddy buddy all over u daddys face. big daddy israel home boys. i dew want yall to remember soem things. woody wood to. isiah 50 home boys not even an extra drop of steroids or a good door man until they got there packages out of heere. i guess no one will ever fisn out if it was covered up gulp. and the little birdy goes gulp. there were so many lightning bolts for thse jacob and israel./// “When dreams wake life ends. Then dreams are gone. Life is gone.” /// The opinions expressed in this blog do not necessarily represent the views of all contributors. Each individual is responsible for the facts and opinions contained in his posts. Generally, we agree. But not always. /// “I lie here in a strange girl’s apartment. She moves about the place like distant gestures of solemn glass.” /// Faith is for that which lies on the other side of reason. Faith is what makes life bearable, with all its tragedies and ambiguities and sudden, startling joys.” ~ Madeleine L’Engle /// “He just stood there staring at her. All thoughts had fled his mind like robbers running out of a bank in the Depression.” /// You mustn’t force sex to do the work of love or love to do the work of sex. /// “We were the eleven o’clock news because while the rest of the world was going to hell we made love.” /// All writing is autobiographical, in my view, including scientific papers. He was a major alcoholic, and he always struggled for money. In other words, your basic serious novelist. But g-d yes, writing is still difficult and always will be. I’m suspicious of writers who go whistling cheerfully to the computer. /// “After a while Vida and I were so relaxed that we both could have been rented out as fields of daisies.” /// The only problem is finding a violet to collect the rent. /// “I failed all my courses and they blew up the college the day I left. They felt the place couldn’t be used for anything again.”/// The more I read this—which I can’t stop doing, for some reason—the more sense it’s starting to make. /// “There are trout that die of old age and their white beards flow to the sea.”/// When they reach the Gulf of Mexico, the beards will be smothered in the crude oil. The death certificate will say natural causes. /// “There is no worse hell than to remember vividly a kiss that never occurred.” /// “Details are the Life of Prose.” –Jack Kerouac—Maximum information, minimum number of syllables. –A.G.- – Which letter did you steal that from? – – Neal Cassidy /// “Her voice had a door in it. When you opened that door you found another door, and that door opened yet another door.” /// PG saw a door once with a sign on it that said “No Exit”. Six inches behind the door was a sheetrock wall. /// “Your alligator looks like a handbag filled with harmonicas.” /// A beeping kitchen timer is ignored at your peril. /// “He’s howling in the pines at the edge of your fingerprints” /// Some say that fingerprints are a myth. Some say that pine trees are too good at reproducing. You should not believe everything that you hear. /// “So now, instead of yelling some boring obscenity, he yelled, ‘Campbell’s Soup!’ at the top of his voice” /// Andy Warhol was listening. /// “It is difficult to keep the past and the present going on at the same time because they cannot be trusted to act out their proper roles.” /// Eff you has the same relationship to the future, that the past has to a pasture. The taxes should be paid on both. /// /// “I wonder if 84-year-old Colonel Sanders ever gets tired of traveling all around America talking about fried chicken.” /// The dialog above is a visit with The ghost of Richard Brautigan. Comments in green are by PG, or copied from various places. Pictures are Union soldiers from the War Between the States, from The Library of Congress Selah.///

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