You Talk Too Much

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on June 28, 2011

This diavlog on religion and science was fun to listen to. I was (of course) multi (spell check suggestions:mulch,mufti) tasking, and suspect that I missed a good bit of the show by not seeing the expressions on the two faces. Mr. Martin especially seemed to be chewing on a plug of tobacco. In a case like this, I wonder what we could learn from the body language, the way they conduct themselves out of the sight of the camera.

This was between two proponents of the Catholic path. As a recovering Baptist living in the south, this is not the viewpoint I am familiar with. The type of Jesus that gets shoved in your face in Georgia, on a daily basis, is more emotional, less intellectual, and with even less appreciation of silence.

Yes, the modern Jesus Worship church is in dire need of silence. Many of these people are, imo,(spell check suggestion:imp,limo, moi ) afraid of silence. They keep shouting, as if they were afraid of what will happen when they no longer have the floor. It is good to remember that prayer is talking to G-d, and meditation is listening. This has a chicken and egg relationship with our society as a whole…people love to talk, but don’t like to listen.

Another difference with these two men, and the Jesus mongers that poison our society, is the emphasis on G-d rather than Jesus. Up to a certain point in the diavlog it occurred to me that neither man had even mentioned Jesus, and in the next minute someone did mention J-boi. It should be noted that the first commandment says to have no other G-d before you. This does not say anything about a so called son of G-d. At the very least, the hysterical shouting about Jesus, and his death, takes attention away from G-d. It also creates ill will, both for G-d and Jesus.

I may recycle this comment on chamblee54, along with some historic pictures. ( More than once. ) The pictures from the last hour were taken in depression era California by Dorothea Lange .Since they were sponsored by the US government, they are public domain. Anyone who says big government is good for nothing should check out the pictures collection at the The Library of Congress. . Or just look at this blog, for a few tweaked shots a day.

Addendum As previously noted, the text here is a recycled comment from another blog. There was a charming bit of dialog posted later. AemJeff: Good grief, Florian. You’re about twice as bright as most people and one-tenth as good as you think you are. But you’re also a humorless prick, and you always look bad when you engage in this sort of back and forth exchange of online insults. Let’s see if you can find a way to say something with more actual semantic content than “Jeff is stupid,” this time; because, after you’ve exhausted your repertoire – asserting that your interlocutor is dumber than you, name-checking Kant, and complaining about the quality of your opponent’s grammar – you generally begin to sputter and repeat yourself. Florian : You said nothing. So what more can I say? I am always willing to engage in an intelligent discussion with an intelligent interlocutor. Alas, you do not qualify. AemJeff: Florian not think him smart. Jeff have a sad. Florian:Mildly but only mildly amusing, aemjeff, but you should be sad for littering this forum with your inanities.

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