Andrew Grant DeYoung Part Two

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 21, 2011

Ever since he has written about the death penalty in Georgia , PG has wanted to “make the scene” at an execution. The poisoning of Andrew DeYoung was delayed one day. Some wanted to make a video of the procedure, and some did not think this was a good idea. The Department of Corrections delayed the execution for one day to discuss the matter. PG had a previous engagement for Wednesday, but was ready for a road trip on Thursday.

The road trip part was a bit longer than necessary. Google gave PG some bad instructions. After driving around lost, and getting discouraged, PG stopped at a gas station and asked for directions. He had to good fortune to get a young lady who lived in the area, and spoke English as her native tongue. Just get back on 36, go through town, and the prison is right before you get to I 75, you can’t miss it. Soon, PG took a right on Prison Blvd.

The guard gave him a green ribbon of plastic to wear on his wrist … “we have some jewelry for you. It’s cheap. Keep this on while you’re here”. The guard was just as nice as he could be, as were all the state employees on the scene. PG drove down a driveway, and was shown where to park. After a much needed visit to the porto potty, PG walked into a roped off area. One man and four women, all white, were sitting at a picnic table.

The man came over and shook hands with PG. They were having a vigil. When PG mentioned that he wrote a blog, the attitude of the vigil man changed dramatically. There was a table, with a water cooler, where the media was supposed to sit. It was strongly suggested to PG that he go there. The problem was, the guard on duty said that the media had already left, and PG would need to go back in the enclosed area with the vigil people.

PG walked around the enclosed area for a few minutes. A lady pulled up, and came into the area carrying a collection of signs. The lady went over to talk to PG. The lady was a staunch opponent of the death penalty, whereas PG has a more pragmatic view. PG mentioned that this case was not likely to get much sympathy. The lady agreed, but mentioned that the aunt of Mr. DeYoung was sitting at the table. (Since Mr. DeYoung killed his parents, this would make the aunt related to the victims, as well as the guest of honor.) Soon after this, a lady came over and started to give PG dirty looks. Again, it was suggested that PG go sit  at the media table.

Before long, a guard waved PG to a spot outside the ropes. PG had to give up the green plastic ribbon, and wear a yellow plastic ribbon. He was introduced to a lady in a black pantsuit, who worked for the DCOR. The lady gave PG an information package, and told him to stay at the media table.

There were three areas, separated by ropes and distance. The media table, with a compensating water jug, was the place for PG. The anti death penalty crew had a roped off area. There was a third roped off area, for the pro death penalty witnesses. Two fat white women were at that picnic table. Five Corrections Department guards made a fourth group, along with a police dog. With the exception of Mr. DeYoung, a good time was had by all.

It was a good bit before the scheduled seven pm execution, and PG needed a way to pass the time. The information packet was read. The last meal for Mr. DeYoung was pizza, breadsticks, all fruit strawberry preserves, concord grape juice, and vanilla ice cream. A sheet of paper listed the drugs that would be used to terminate Mr. DeYoung. The 36 point type read Pentobarbital, Pancuronium Bromide, Potassim Chloride, and Ativan (sedative).

The information package had a report on inmates under death sentence. The report said that Leeland Braley “died of natural causes in 2010”. Mr. Braley committed suicide.

The time spent at the media table went smoothly, if a bit boring. The front part of the prison complex was green, with a lake behind the vigil area. It was as if it were a gated complex for luxury living. (Actually, it is a gated complex.) The sun went down, the air cooled off, and the crickets got caught up on gossip. At one point, the anti death penalty people got in a circle and held hands. Someone sang a song that sounded like “Amazing Grace”.

After a while, the two pro death penalty ladies left. The lady in the pantsuit walked up to PG, and said that the time of death was 8:04. According to the fishwrapper, his last words were “I’m sorry for everyone I’ve hurt.” The body was loaded into a black van owned by the Butts County Coroner. This van passed PG on I75 on the way back home.

Photography was not allowed at the vigil. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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