Goddess Garden

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on July 28, 2011

PG went to the Goddess Garden Wednesday Night. ( No, that is not a euphemism for death. This is being written Thursday morning, in the usual location.) As any UGA fan can tell you, heaven is not located just off North Avenue.

The Goddess Gardens is an urban wilderness. There is a bit of land, which goes down hill towards a capped off spring. A pre war house is next to the entrance. The human part of the facility is Shasta Zaring, the Priestess. When she moved onto the land, it was ruled by kudzu. The gardens have reclaimed the land, a bit at a time.

PG arrived a bit before seven, and found a good parking spot. Another Atlanta native mentioned that drag legend Diamond Lil stays down the road. PG first heard of Diamond Lil when the Great Speckled Bird had a story about her. A few minutes after seven, Shasta led the group down the hill. The first sacrament of the evening, bug spray, was shared.

The first part of the evening was at Mary’s Grotto, an outdoor room with chairs and alters. Introductions were made, and Shasta told a bit about the Goddesses she works with. Two more priestesses arrived, and a few more “outdoor enthusiasts”.

The next part of the visit was a walk through the lower level. Tara’s portal is located on this level. Tara is the green Tara of Tibet, who went to Ireland, before being the home of the O’Hara family. The portal is built around an old ladder. PG is 1.96 meters tall, and he can stand up totally in Tara’s portal. Rumors that Scarlet O’Hara shot a Yankee soldier there are unfounded.

Walking past a few flowers and alters, the group found itself at the medicine wheel. The four directions were called into a circle, and everyone offered a blessing for the earth. PG asked for the sky to bless the earth with rain, rain, rain, and more rain. The next drought could be beginning today. The crickets chattered throughout, and no one was able to translate their comments.

The group walked through a kudzu tunnel, and up the hill to Mary’s Grotto. PG found himself in a lively conversation about current affairs, with all participants in agreement that things were messed up. There was a walk down a gravel road, to see a garden planted next to the beltline. After a bit more conversation at the Gardens, it was time to go home.

On the way home, PG passed by a LIQ store. The music embed is from dangerousminds.

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  1. Anonymous said, on September 3, 2011 at 10:01 pm

    This is lovely! Thank you so much! First time i have seen it. I loved having the Radical Faeries meet the Garden Fairies. See you in the Dream!

  2. […] nor any hidden shrubbery. At the North Avenue end, the troops went down Angier Springs, toward Shasta’s place. PG was reluctant to go on private property, and found a pair of 53 foot trailers. They provided […]

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