Forgive Is A Verb

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on August 4, 2011

The facebook friend posted a link about forgiveness.
“There is a simple practice we can do to cultivate forgiveness. First, we acknowledge what we feel- shame, revenge, embarrassment, remorse. Then we forgive ourselves for being human. Then, in the spirit of not wallowing in the pain, we let go and make a fresh start. We don’t have to carry the burden with us anymore. We can acknowledge, forgive, and start anew. If we practice this way, little by little we’ll learn to abide with the feelings of regret for having hurt ourselves and others. We will also learn self-forgiveness. Eventually, at your own speed, we’ll even find our capacity to forgive those who have done us harm. We will discover forgiveness as a natural expression of the open heart, an expression of our basic goodness. This potential is inherent in every moment. Each moment is an opportunity to make a fresh start. (From The Places That Scare You) “
This is a different approach to forgiveness. It can be easier said than done, if you even make the effort to try. It doesn’t matter whether or not your neighbor practices forgiveness. It doesn’t matter who talks about forgiveness, but never seems to practice what they preach. It begins with you.

The fun today starts with facebook advertising. This is different every time you click on a page. The featured ad when PG first saw this message was for fish 104.7. This is a Jesus worship radio station. They have billboards on the roads with their fish logo. Every time PG sees one, he is reminded of the times Jesus wordshipers have humiliated him.

Jesus has put a hurtin’ in PG’s life. The arrogance of Jesus worshipers … and, by extension Jesus … is something to behold. If you were to tell a Jesus worshiper that you forgive them for their nasty religion, they would be offended. You would probably be told that you need to be saved.

Forgiveness for sin is a central concept of Jesus worship. The way they see it, when you are “saved”, then G-d forgives you for your sins. This is different from the concept we are considering today, where the forgiveness comes from within. Maybe forgiveness comes from a place in your heart where G-d and man are one. Jesus is busy posing for pictures.

Mainstream religion teaches that forgiveness is a noun, and that it is presented by an outside force. It is part of the scheme for life after death. People ask G-d to forgive them, so that they can go to heaven.

Maybe we should see forgive as a verb, and do it yourself. Instead of hoping for life after death, forgive to make life on earth better. Instead of demanding forgiveness of others, we should practice it ourselves.

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