Living Walls

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on August 14, 2011

The Living Walls conference hit Atlanta again. A collection of artists hit town and created images for the public. PG got a map of the specific locations, and went south to see the results. Uzi rode shotgun.

The first image was in downtown Decatur, across from the old courthouse. It was on the side of a business called Squash Blossom. A tree was in front of the mural,blocking the view.

A dance studio, on the other side of a courtyard, was the site for the second image. It was in a narrow alley, with a locked gate at one end. It was a nice enough image, but you could not back up and get a good overall view. Visibility was also an issue at Twain’s, where a vehicle was parked in front.

After viewing the three images on Howard Avenue, the fun started. PG memorized the address of a location on W. Trinity Place, and drove by that location without seeing anything. After seeing several mistakes in the google map, PG figured they had just missed it. He turned around in a parking lot, with the intention of going to town on College Avenue. While in the parking lot, he looked at his list again, and saw the correct address on W. Trinity.

PG started to pull into a parking lot, but quickly noted that it was full of police cars, and marked “authorized vehicles only”. Not being in the mood to discuss authorization with a uniformed officer, PG turned his vehicle around, and drove in front of the police station. He noted the street number, 420, on the front door of the police station. This called for a picture. ( This was image -042 in the folder.)

The Beacon Hill Recreation Center, an old school house, was at 430 W. Trinity, and was the correct location. PG drove in back, and looked for a place to park. He turned a corner, and found a fence at the back of the police station parking lot. A fence is more effective than a sign for blocking access. PG tried to turn around in a rather narrow space, and wound up with a curb in between his front and back tire. Several delicate front and back moves, and the vehicle was free to leave. It drove by a group of people doing exercises in a back yard. The murals were in a space on the building formerly occupied by a window. One of them was PG’s favorite image, to this point. It was not technically special, but had a happy vibe, and used the space efficiently.

College Avenue runs by the railroad/Marta tracks, past Agnes Scott towards the city. A business had a mural on the side, with the painter still working on it. The journey went down East Lake Drive, past the home of the late Hosea Williams, and into Kirkwood. A very, very subtle display was on the side of a business. PG drove around the block three times, and was going to give up, when Uzi saw something. It was a collection of pasted up images of a man in a fantasy costume.

The next stop was the beltline. A building near Cabbagetown had a vibrant mural on the side. In East Atlanta, a Bicycle Co-op had a face drawing, to go with the security equipment of his neighbor. A run up Moreland took the explorers to Arizona Avenue, where some traditional graffiti graced a wall.

Uzi was getting tired by this point. A decision was made to visit the rest of the murals later. After a tasty dinner at the S&S cafeteria, the weekend was over.

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  1. Cal said, on August 15, 2011 at 7:01 am

    Wow, that’s a lot o’ driving for Art’s Sake – thanks for posting the images and saving me the trouble (my scooter is in the shop for awhile)!

  2. Living Walls Part Two « Chamblee54 said, on August 21, 2011 at 9:01 pm

    […] and Uzi went back downtown Sunday, to see the rest of the Living Walls. The journey started at Paris on Ponce, an antique store across from Green’s liquor store. […]

  3. Living Walls 2013 | Chamblee54 said, on August 27, 2013 at 4:16 am

    […] the last three years, PG, accompanied by selectively deaf Uzi, have gone out to see the Living Walls. The […]

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