Chamblee54 Wins Something

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on August 24, 2011

Bloggingheadstv facilitates multitasking, among other crimes against humanity. Night after night, PG manipulates images while listening to pairs of people talk. This vessel has a feature called “amplifier”, where listeners are invited to send in clips from the conversations. There is a  contest to see which snippet gets the most clicks. Unspecified merchandise goes to the winner. Today, the winner is chamblee54.

The diavlog in question featured Ann Althouse and Rebecca Watson . (This conversation inspired a post by Chamblee54 ) Ms. Watson had been involved in an incident at an atheists convention, where a clumsy man hit on her. The incident sparked a blog controversy , with thousands of comments made. Ms. Watson said it was not her job to get men laid. Ms. Althouse said that there was money to be made.

PG heard this comment . He minimized his photoediting, went to the screen, found the comment, and made the clip. The comment was posted on amplifier, with the comment “Ann Althouse comes out as a capitalist”. A thousand clicks  later, and Chamblee 54 wins.

At the time of this announcement, PG was upset that another clip had not been mentioned. A certain neo conservative described someone as a total drama queen. PG said the man was talking about himself, and thought it was pretty funny.

Pictures today are from The Library of Congress . There have been one , two , three BHTV tributes at chamblee54. UPDATE The email from BHTV arrived at high noon Thursday. The prize is an item from the Cafepress Store. The item should be worth $25.00 or less. PG chose a khaki hat, with the BHTV logo.

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