Two Boxes

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on September 20, 2011

PG was suffering through jury duty. After a couple of hours, the worst was over. The drive to the courthouse, the speech from the judge (two of them today), the video…it was over. There was nothing to do now but read a magazine. (The video featured Amanda Williams , the drug court judge from hell.)

A man wearing a judge’s robe stood in front of the microphone. He was a Gwinnett county judge, who was helping out with a case. (All the Dekalb county judges had to recuse themselves. The man pleaded guilty anyway.) The Gwinnett dude wanted to say thank you for your jury service, but he had a story to throw in. The judge said he later found out that the story was true.

A young man was working at King and Spalding, and his mentor was Griffin Bell. Mr. Bell was the Attorney General under Jimmy Carter, and was a big deal in legal circles. The man walked by Mr. Bell’s office one day, and saw that he was reading the fishwrapper. The young attorney knocked on the door, and asked if he could talk.

It seems like whenever a neighbor had jury duty, they would seek out the young lawyer. You’re a lawyer, they would say, do you know how to get out of jury duty? This troubled the young attorney, and he asked his mentor what he should say.
Griffin Bell slammed the fishwrapper to his desk, and steam started to come out of his ears. “Young man, this country was founded on two boxes. The ballot box and the jury box. If you don’t jump into both feet first, then you don’t belong in this country”.

It was not much longer before PG was sent home. While waiting to get out of the parking deck, the radio told of a decision by the board of pardons and paroles. They refused clemency for Troy Davis . Pictures today are from ” The Special Collections and Archives,Georgia State University Library”

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  1. Anonymous said, on October 4, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    I’m new to your blog so I’m not sure I follow…can you help me out? The photos, even if they appear under a specific title, are random ones you like? Or do they relate to the rant? Thanks for some interesting choices.

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