15 Most Influenza Men Of 2011

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 21, 2011

While trolling through the archives, trying to avoid writing anything new today, a feature came up from this day in 2008. Influential Men is the first 15 of a list of the “49 Most Influential Men”. In the spirit of living in the present, we will take a look at the Top 49 Men of 2011. Like the 2008 version, this thingie is going to make you click on every page to see the winner. This is a lot of work for a slack blogger. To compensate, we will only examine the top 15, with inappropriate commentary.
01- Steve Jobs is dead.
02- Seal Team Six sent Osama Bin Ladin to paradise.
03- Larry Page is the CEO of Google. He is the top ranked man that PG has not heard of.
04- Warren Buffett has a lot of money.
05- Kayne West sang Gay Fish on Southpark.
06- Mohamed Bouazizi helped spark the revolution in Tunisia. He may be the only person on this list who did anything worthwhile.
07- Prince William has the good fortune to look like his mother.
08- Anonymous is a mystery.
09- Ryan Gosling is an actor with blue eyes.
10- Lionel Messi plays futbol.
11- Cadel Evans rides bicycles, and allegedly does not take drugs.
12- Jon Stewart is an entertainer. Why are comedians taken seriously for their politics?
13- Andrew Mason is the CEO of Groupon. He probably paid for this ranking.
14- George Clooney is an actor.
15- Jay-Z is a rapper, role model for Kayne West, and babydaddy for Beyonce’.
President Barack H. Obama is number 21. He was number one three years ago, when he had not been elected. BHO is ranked ahead of any Republican challengers. This episode of celebrity wallowing is sponsored by Gillette Fusion Proglide. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress.

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