I Need Help

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 30, 2011

As you may have noticed, PG likes to take pictures, and then warp them. (He has been looking for a term to describe this, and is going to try photowarping.) A week ago, he noticed that he had fallen behind on this, took an inventory, and saw that he had 1453 pictures in the warp line. After a week of intensive labor, this number is down to 613.

As this is written, it is 1:30 am, on the last Sunday of October. This is probably the heaviest party night of the year. PG did know of a party, but it would mean driving fifteen miles and paying twenty dollars. This cover charge includes an open bar. PG is a retired drunk, and does not relish paying for other peoples legal drugs. Sometimes, the best way to enjoy life is to warp pictures, and listen to entertainment on the internet.

The first round of eartickling was an episode of bloggingheadstv. This feature is a discussion of life in Russia. Those of a certain age remember when Russia was the baddest boogieman to haunt the planet. Today, some things are different, and some are the same. A certain amount of dissent is permitted on the internet. The television outlets are kept under control.

In the early nineties, PG talked to a lady from Soviet Georgia. She said something that makes more sense the more you think about it. “In our country, the government and the secret police run everything. In this country, the banks and the computers run everything.”

The main audio event tonight was a seven part video series by Og Mandino. The series was captured in 1990, six years before the death of Og Mandino. (Og is short for Augustine.) It is his basic motivational speech.

PG first heard of Og Mandino when PG was working at Redo Blue. A co worker, who we will call Freddie, carried a book by Og Mandino for his first year at Redo Blue. Freddie was a fan of motivational authors. Freddie was also the laziest person PG has ever shared a payroll with. PG has not kept up with Freddie. To be fair,  that there is a chance Freddie is doing well these days.

In the years after that, PG heard the praises of Og Mandino sung by Neal Boortz. In spite of this, PG was curious about the message of Og Mandino. When PG has the misfortune to be exposed to motivational speakers, he tries to learn one or two things from the entertainer. PG does not consider this type of message to be entertaining, in contrast to many in our culture.

PG was not impressed by Og Mandino. PG felt like someone had been trying to manipulate him. There was one moment of irony. One of the concepts that Mr. Mandino espouses is that you are not doing anything by yourself. You must be willing to say, ” I need help”. When PG heard Og Mandino say “I need help”, a picture of a drag queen named Mary Edith Pitts was on the screen.

Another thing that Og Mandino says is that you should read. PG agrees with this … moreover, PG reads. Only difference between PG and Og Mandino is in the choice of reading material. The entertainer says you should go to the library, and find more motivational writers. Right now, PG is reading a ghost written autobiography of Bing Crosby. It is tons of fun to read, and has no motivational value at all.

The last speaker on the hit parade tonight makes the same point. Kurt Vonnegut appeared on a taped episode of the Charlie Rose show. (The archives of the Charlie Rose show are available for listening.) Mr. Vonnegut talks about making your soul grow by writing short stories and poems. Whether this is the same success that Mr. Mandino talks about is in the eye of the beholder.

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    […] pet bible, and started to carry his own book around. His display item was a motivational book by Og Mandino. This book was carried around for about a year after the DIM went on the payroll. In the story […]

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