Product Of The Day

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on October 30, 2011

PG found a picture on Facebook. It was a satire of We are the 99 percent. The cutie pie man is holding up a hand written sign.
The sign says “I am a child of the omnipotent everything. I represent a unique and luminous aspect of the shimmering entirety known as ALL THAT IS. I am responsible for and to all the other facets of creation who are experimenting with “Being”. The ides of “us” or “them” is meaningless to me. As I lift up my fellow creatures, I ascend. As I ascend, we are all together uplifted. I have the same creative and destructive power as every immaculate partide of the ecstatically united whole. I AM THE 100%.”
When you click on the picture, you go to the original post. If you look in the comments, you get a Link to some music. . The man is a musician, with product to sell. There is nothing wrong with this. Lots of people have product to sell, and if people don’t know about it, they will not enjoy it.

PG posted this link on facebook, and noted the marketing connection. It was said that this was a BUZZKILL, and that he was “raining on the parade”.(The spell check suggestion for BUZZKILL is BUGZILLA) PG responded with this comment: “The music is pleasant to listen to. He has a right to market it. I did not intend to “rain on the parade” with my comment. I think the satire of the 99% movement was rather tacky, and the message is a lot of nonsense. However, the music that he is promoting in this manner is fun to listen. Sometimes the end justifies the means.”

We live in a time when everyone is shouting. When everyone is shouting, no one is heard. If Mr. Brinkley wants to further his career as a performer, that is his right. ( We were going to say privilege, but that is an insult these days. Semantics can be funny.) The seminal post has 660 comments as this is written, and will no doubt hit the magic 666 soon.

Whether or not Mr. Brinkley agrees with the comment in the picture is beside the point. It would be nice if he is sincere, and really *believes. (One of the songs, “Not Hiding Now”, explores this dilemma.) You can still see his product here , there, and here again. Pictures are from The Library of Congress .

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