Clean The Gutters

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on November 27, 2011

The plan was to go hiking in Sweetwater Creek state park. The problem is, the weather radar showed serious rain moving in from Alabama. Last night, the storm had been over the Mississippi River, and now it was in east Alabama. It was just a hop skip and jump from Douglas county. PG called the friend he was going to ride with, and cancelled.

The next move was to go on the roof, and clean the gutters. It turns out a limb fell on the roof, and tore up a roofing shingle. PG walked up to Lowe’s, got the roof glue, and a package of latex gloves. (NEVER apply roof shingle glue without gloves.) A few minutes later, the roof was in better shape. The rain had not arrived, and the storm seemed to stall at the state line. The people who went hiking are having a great time. You make your decisions, and you live with them.

It has been a while since sticker pictures were posted. PG makes faux stained glass pictures. For the colors, he uses sticker paper and tape. The hobby gives him a great deal of satisfaction. Trying to sell the images is a good idea for a later date.

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