The Herman Cain Party

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 3, 2011

PG read in the fishwrapper that Herman Cain was having a party. The event was the grand opening of his campaign headquarters. While there, he announced the suspension of his presidential campaign.

The story said that the headquarters was on Dekalb Technology Parkway. This was next to I85, about two miles from PG. He decided to go. You go through a stop sign, and see a dead end sign. Soon, you see cars parked on the road for the next half mile. The HQ was in a old sales building, with a few TV satellite hookup trucks parked in front. PG drove on, past a shuttered business that designed fountains, and parked in front of a building housing a ministry. This was on the other side of I85 from an office park, where PG once worked. ( The replacement in that office space when redo blue moved out was a Ralph Reed consulting firm.) (The fountain builders refused to set up an account with redo blue, and always paid cash for their work.)

As might be imagined, the people at this event were fun to look at. A man was in Revolutionary War costume. Many t shirts, buttons, and bumper stickers were on display, almost all critical of the current POTUS. The crowd was estimated to be 79% white, 19% black, and 2% other. It was not known if anyone in the crowd was an unauthorized foreign national.

When PG arrived, the announcement had been made. The former candidate was working the crowd, with three unsmiling men behind him. He seemed to be in good spirits, and was talking the entire time while shaking hands. He took a phone call …“yes pastor, I know you are praying for me, because you are a praying kind of guy.” The three men standing behind him wore shades, and kept their eyes on the crowd.

PG saw blogger/tv reporter Doug Richards . “It’s my fellow blogger. I write chamblee54, and I have left a couple of comments at your place””It’s good to know that someone has read it” “Why would I regret it?” ( Here is the Doug Richards view of the rally.)

Mr. Cain was once the front runner in the Republican race for POTUS. The dog stories started, and he had problems. A few days before the latest dog story… about a 13 year affair with Gloria White … Mr. Cain made an appearance at Holy Land Experience . He was quoted:
“They don’t like the fact that I’m not afraid to say God Almighty Jesus Christ!” … “One of the biggest crises in this country is a moral crisis, We’ve lost our moral compass. We need to get it back. One of the reasons I’m running is because I plan to bring that moral compass back to this country.”

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  1. Anonymous said, on December 4, 2011 at 2:51 am

    I want to have Doug Richard’s babies…

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