What Is Your Native American Name?

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 20, 2011

The facebook friend confessed that his “native american name” was crying bone. There was a link supplied, which naturally was connected to a Zuckerberglink (an application inducement, not a town in Belarus). A trip to google city showed an abundance of quiz sites, eagar to advertise product, and fix me up with an injun name.
There are issues of cultural appropriation here. They are summed up by a comment…
“I want to see the one where Natives can put their names in and find their white hipster names…” If you google that comment, you will be directed to a post, Baby Teepees are like, totally, in. Some toy manufactorer has the bright idea to make little tipis for backyard use. The comment here was ” All of these are from Design Chic , and there are more on the post, if you need them. So what do you think? Cultural appropriation? Cringe-worthy? Should we just be glad the benevolent design bloggers have deemed us cool for a minute? Should I fly into a uncontrollable rage? NATIVE HULK TEEPEE SMASH!! “
With an acknowledgement that some people will think this is inappropriate, PG is going to see what his native american name is. Blogthings asks two questions, while advertising Extended Stay Hotels. The answer here is
Langundo Howahkah, Peaceful One of the Mysterious Voice.
Quizopolis also promotes Extended Stay Hotels. The answer here is
Aponivi, where the wind blows down the gap. On a Publix sponsored sidebar, PG gets a Christmas Elf Name: Dingy Candy Lips.
Quizilla asks a few questions. The answer was
“Skipping rabbit: You are an honest, likeable person. You can be shy, and keep to yourself at times, but your true happiness shows when you are amongst close friends. You are reserved, but playful and energetic when given the chance.”
Gotoquiz advertises Neutrogena. The name here is
“Dog with Tail Between Legs … You seem to let people take advantage of you and it’s hard for you to say no. If you marry then you may very well wear the panties in the family, instead of the pants. You need to become more aggressive in standing up for what you believe. ” Maybe this is what you get when you play with native american culture.
Pictures by The Library of Congress.

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