Five Hot Blogs Four Years Ago

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 25, 2011

Four years ago, Atlanta medium Creative Loafing published a cover story about Five local bloggers who matter. At the time, there was some gnashing of teeth, mostly from those who were not included.

PG is stuck inside, on a rainy christmas day, with nothing to write about. Maybe it would be fun to go back to the blogs featured in CL four years ago. CL, at least, is still in business. The feature about blogs was written by Andisheh Nouraee , who has moved on to other things. Mr. Nouraee first came to the local attention by writing witty commentaries about American foreign policy. Recently, the punch line was delivered in Babylon.

Without any ado, let’s check in on the top five blogs from 2007. Peach Pundit is thriving. Head peachpit Erick Erickson has a radio show on WSB, and is a big dog at Red State . If you wanted the latest Herman Cain dog story, Red State was the place to go.

Inside the Oversexed Mind of Gloria Brame last posted yesterday. She has a facebook fan page, lots of naughty pictures, and writes books. Peachtree Screed is no longer published. The name isawitonponce is still in use, and you can get there from the CL feature, Instead of transhookers and Blondie, the current ISIOP covers “Sports for the Outdoor Persona”. The last post starts off ” Building owners are assured of receiving an array of environmental and aesthetic benefits by purchasing louvers.”

Cable & Tweed last had a post on June 26. Chamblee54 moved to WordPress, produces content everyday, and is ignored by the masses. Pictures today are from The Library of Congress .

Before we leave this behind, there are the comments for the CL feature. “As I mention over at DTTG, making lists is not journalism, Andy. It’s just pretty bullshit, and has nothing to do with the state of the social media community in Atlanta. You’re a snotty little dipshit reporter who can’t tell a story without layers of baby snot blown all over your silly copy, to disguise the fact that there was simply nothing newsworthy in this cover list.” “To each their own, I suppose, but the point you’re missing is that you and others in the MSM are no longer the arbiters of what is and isn’t important to people. And you never will be again. Get used to it.”

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