Christmas Is Over

Posted in Uncategorized by chamblee54 on December 26, 2011

The holidays had peaked. In a few days, it would be 2012. PG had stumbled through the day, without thinking of anything to write about. There were a few word documents on his desktop, each with a link or two, and maybe a line of text. The internet was bubbling over with content, as usual. Maybe there is a post in all this mess. If nothing else, there are the pictures, from The Library of Congress .

Typically, PG has a football game playing in the background, with the sound cut off. Saturday, he turned it on, at the start of the fourth quarter. The announcer said, “It is time to start the comeback music”. Tim Tebow dropped back, and threw. The defender intercepted the pass, and ran it back for a touchdown. PG laughed in delight.

Another place where the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition is running aground is Israel. Recently, a group of settlers attacked the Israeli Army, or IDF. Some say the settlers got the best of the army. ““the words of scared soldiers who hid in their rooms at the army base out of fear of the invaders, the lack of arrests of the rioters and their departure from the base unharmed, should all raise a red flag.”.

Apparently, the settlers have been treating the West Bank Arabs poorly for some time. ““It is no secret that the Samaria and Judea District Police are not effective enough against the Jewish sector in the West Bank. The army tries to keep a low profile, and the legal system is forgiving because not enough evidence is brought before it. The result: Four torching of mosques were recorded in 2011, along with dozens of other violent acts, and none of these generated even a single indictment.”

To some, this is an image problem. ““We should not allow this anarchy to go on — an anarchy that is shamefully blackening a magnificent Zionist enterprise. It is neither moral nor genuine, and most importantly, it derails the tremendous efforts of many good people who believe that the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria is vital to Israel’s future.”

There are jocks for Jesus. There are illegal settlers who think they are above the law. And there are people who OD on heroin, with a baby girl watching. PG read a facebook comment by his cousin, and saw that her son writes a blog . The man works with medical emergencies, and has stories to tell. The latest is a doozie. It is a good story, and was easy to read. PG would rather read a story like that, than live through it.

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